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  1. Hey guys, I wonder if a few will recognize my name, but here I am again. Back after years of inactivity. Stopped posting at 180 pounds, ~10% BF. Two kids, quitted smoking, married and a depression I am here. 55 pounds more than I left of four years ago. Getting back in it. Let's do it fam.
  2. It's crazy, when I sort something out, something else pops up. The MAC address of the PC keeps changing so it gets a new IP EVERY SINGLE TIME.
  3. not on whitelist anymore

  4. I've removed you from the whitelist and raeadded you, it's wierd. Come into the server.
  5. They must've changed something as I copied over all the files basically. I'll have to do more research,
  6. It's up again! Somehow, my local address changed from X.X.X.103 to X.X.X.101 and it was causing port forwarding issues. With that said, both 1.9.4 and 1.10 are now up and running. The existing IP I have provided users is the same the only difference is that the old 1.9.4 is on port 25566 and the new server is on 25565. With this said, the default IP is 25565 so you'll have the new server already added to your favorites if you had it added before, you just need to be on the new patch!
  7. I'm trying hard guys to put it back up.
  8. It's been up, but it seems like the IP might've changed, I'll have to look at that tonight, worst case I'll just post the IP publically since you need to be whitelisted anyways.
  9. Windows 10 struck. Let me get it back online.
  10. So the server is not at Normal difficultly, have fun.
  11. Hey, if you need help fixing yourself an attainable goal, shoot me a PM, I'll gladly help you find a milestone you'll want and can meet
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