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  1. Nara, tes dessins sont toujours aussi excellents !!!! Vivement la suite de tes aventures !!! I'll be glad to help you with this part of your quest as long as you feed us with these incredible doods until we cannot take it anymore, which won't happen... and go for the challenge ! we won't let you fail !
  2. I now wish I had played My Little Pony while younger !! Hahaha your comics !!!! Bad kitty ! bad ! playing mobile obstacle when ppl are trying to work !!!
  3. Here I go with with another round of "workout while fighting illness to the death" (no I'm not exagerating at all... I'm totally not this kind of guy who thinks he's gonna die because he has a little cough... or am I ?) Little Warmup with jumping, few push up, few chin ups - Almost got that 30 secs L-Seat !!!!! I tried it one of the first thing to be sure I have not exhaust my arms with other drills. At 25" my legs began to down, my back and core began to fail, I touched the floor at about 28" I think ! was so close !!!!! I'll get it soon !!!! - Tuck front lever : few secs. It real voids
  4. I finally manage to take the little bit of motivation that remains and did a little one About half an hour, very simplified workout Hip push ups, very slow tempo Chin ups, very slow tempo Planche, adv. tuck variation, less than ten secs... still because of equilibrium... I think I fear to lean forward Tuck front lever, was good I think I can try to extend myself a little bit Tried L Seat but my arms was shaking, I think I did too muche on planche kinda proud because of the circumstances even if it's a very little one
  5. Bit of the down of the hill for me these times... Had my mom at my place for a few weeks... And I find it really awkward to workout while someone's in the room So I have to give it all during my boxing / mma training, but last night I went to a concert (Wu Tang) and did catch a cold... So no boxing training for me tonight I'm more like Krilin than Vegeta
  6. Greetz for the progress ! And show the doodles ! I'm sure it's gonna be so much fun !
  7. Yeah that's quite adequate description Big city, lots of people, lots of stress, bad weather, but so great... I don't think there are specific tensions with maghreb immigrants, but with some poor surburbs... but I think it's kinda the same everywhere when poor neighborhood are next to big cities...
  8. Yeah but does this statement should drive your choices now ? It's like saying "ok I will learn Fortran, because there was a time it was used by the most competent programmers" Anyway, I was just saying, if it is for a purely fitness goal, weight loss, and self confidence, boxing classes are definitely better suited. (I could compare myself, also did martial arts - vietnamese - several years) If you want to do TaiChi because you love TaiChi and don't want to do anything else, then go for it ! Making something you love will make you stick with it, and that's the most important
  9. I sooooo agree with that. You can see every called genius... There is ALWAYS that much of a hard work. Inborn talent is such a tiny tiny part of what can one accomplish
  10. You want a good challenge you can try the 300 workout. It wasn't really the training program for the crew but the way they tested their progress. This one definitely humbles oneself !
  11. Come on ! Everybody's welcome ! The more we are, the more the Saiyan army will grow, until we take over the planet and kick Freeza's making him regret to have destroy our planet !!!!! The base is : push ups (for pushing moves) pull ups (for pulling moves) hanging and play on bars (to handle the bar and for grip strength) and core (plank, leg raises) (because strength always pass in the core) As a start you can design something around these few moves. I'd had squat to avoid having big upper body on chicken legs, but it's not mandatory for bar hitting and for the Saiyan requirements.
  12. Actually on Paleo, it would be ok. It's all proteins and fats. The only sugar you get is veggies and fruit. That limits insulin spikes, hence fat storage, making fat meat not that much of a deal.
  13. I would then advise boxing For fitness it would be the best. Even during "technical" which is often little sparring limited to specific moves, you still burn much calories whereas self defense and martial arts technical part are really more technical. So you will have to slowly and precisely repeat the moves, which is efficient in learning the art, but less for fitness. Hope it'll help.
  14. Arrhhhhh little fall on my path today ! Monday was that great of a workout ! I was a little easy today We were having a party with old collegues, having nice evening. Eating, drinking a little, no enough to make myself dance naked on the tables, but enough to make me skip the workout today. (it would not have been safe to try back levers while a little "happy" ) It would have been a light one, because of monday's workout, and because tomorrow I have MMA training So, thumbs up for the bonding and social life, thumbs down for the missed workout
  15. Hi there ! Monk also present here, but for thai boxing and not capoeira Hope you'll find inspiration like we did on NerdFitness. The spirit here is really different than the narcissist typical gym spirit. Looking forward to see your evolution.
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