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  1. Hi Heidi! I'm new to the druids too, but I wanted to say hi, and good luck! I hope you have the meditative, balanced challenge hoping for!
  2. Hello Druids! I'm joining you after some rough (read failed) challenges with the Adventurers and a one challenge break. I needed that time to clear my head and refocus, and I've determined that it is time to make some life changes that I have long put off due to fear. These changes most closely align me with the druids, so I wanted to join you as I start a fresh new challege, this time without fear. 1. Swim 3 times a week. I love the water and swimming is very peaceful and healing for me. My goal this challenge is to go to a lap swim 3 times a week. 2. Do my yoga and meditations daily. I u
  3. The week of my birthday included WAY too many sweets. I want to tell myself that I was just "too polite to turn my friends and family down", but I know by the fact that I didn't even bother tracking my food this week that I would be lying to myself. I didn't run this week or work out either, but I did study. At least I'm going to succeed in one category this time around. I went on a shopping trip with my Grandmother, mother, and aunt this weekend. My aunt whined and complained most of the trip about how she just couldn't lose weight, while sipping her diet pepsi (BAD) and eating a big plate
  4. How is the personal training going? Gym's aren't super intimidating once you get used to them so I hope you are enjoying it!
  5. Four weeks in? Hmm, things aren't looking real good. I was sick again at the end of last week, mostly better now but it really derailed food recordings and exercises :/ Then Canadian Thanksgiving and my birthday were one day right after the other. It was really nice to have the whole family together, but why do they even think we need that much food? Guess I just need to pick up where I left off and keep going!
  6. Proper summary for week 3! (Are 3 weeks really already over?) Foodiness: My food numbers are good for the week thanks to a CRAZY good day early in the week. This is leading me to believe that if one day can save the whole week my computation technique may be flawed. As such starting today I will be tracking calories in calories out as well. I want most of what I eat to be vegitables, and this ratio definitely calculates that for me, but if I'm going over calories most of the week one good day a week won't be enough in the long run. Study: I got in one extra hour of studying than I had requ
  7. Wow, it sounds like you are doing amazing! So busy and still getting everything in - super impressive! I hope your little one feels better soon and that the week goes the way you are hoping.
  8. Thanks Tefindeno, and you are right. He was a really nice guy, and I think that was why it took me so long to convince myself that even though he was good, he wasn't a match for me. Feeling better about it today, and am staying away from the snacks. I'd never had eczema before so I went running and that's when I first got the inkling that sweat and eczema don't mesh (it burned nicely). The alergic to hard work joke maked me chuckle. I shoot arrows, and that seems to help the most - unfortunately the club isn't open on Sunday. I will be going to shoot tomorrow though!
  9. How are things going this week Faervel! Is the spreadsheet getting lots of use?
  10. I ran my first 5 k today at the CIBC Run for the Cure (A breast cancer research fundraiser). This was my first 5k since returning from Germany in August, finished in 29:57, which isn't as good as I had in Germany (27:46), but better than the start of this challenge (34:30 ish).
  11. I finished with a time of 29:57! I was so close to 30 I sprinted at the very end to get it! Yeah! I'll see if I can get some pictures for you guys (my mom took some for me so I need to get them from her). Wooooooooo running! On a sadder note, I broke up with my boyfriend of almost three years after the run. It was a break up that should have happened long ago, so I'm not super pained about it, but I'm going to forgive myself the ice cream and cookies I am eating right now. Such a typical response.
  12. Thanks Tefindeno! The eczema has mostly cleared up so I should be good to run!
  13. *Sigh* So I need to make an allowance this week on the workouts. Gentle yoga will have to count since I'm not supposed to do anything to make myself sweaty until my face eczema clears up (I ran yesterday and boy did the sores burn after that sweating). I'm running on Sunday no matter what though as it is the CIBC Run for the Cure. I hope to be able to do the full 5k, but my shorter runs lately make me wonder if I will be able to. Outside of that the week is going great, I increased my distance from the target in archery and wasn't completely awful, I've got 2/3 runs in with the garanteed
  14. Thanks Faervel, someone on this forum (I can't remember who) kicked me in the pants once and told me to learn from my failures, not mope in them, so I try to always learn when things don't work the first time. I moved my runs to MWF on my lunch break at work. It fit in perfectly today, so hopefully this will work out better to make sure I get my running done.
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