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  1. So I've had a weird bumpy thing just above my stomach since December, and I finally went to an internal medicine specialist to get it checked out. While I'm still waiting for final test results, the doctor is 90% sure it's a hernia from lifting (I deadlift and squat at least once a week at my community center, in addition to doing kung fu). Have any of you experienced anything like this? The doc said while it doesn't hurt and it's coming and going, I should just take it easy and wait to see if it goes away on its own, but if it does start to hurt (which it doesn't at all right now, it's just a weird pressure sometimes), then I'll have to have surgery
  2. And since next month I have two weddings and a festival to attend, not to mention a boyfriend visiting and other friends in town later, I'll keep working on these goals rather than joining the next challenge, as I doubt I'll even have time to be online. Good luck to everyone, and I'll be back in September!
  3. Challenge complete! Though it didn't go quite as I had hoped. Here are the numbers: Fitness/diet goals: 1. Resume kung fu training - at least 2X per week (STR +5 DEX +2 STA +1): A- I only missed one session, and it felt great to be back. 2. "Eat real food. Not too much. Mostly plants." (CON +3): D Mostly a fail on this one. While I ate well at home, it was the meals I ate out that got me every time, or the drinks afterwards. Life goal: 3. Write 300 words. Every. Single. Day. (WIS + 4): F Epic fail. Though I did learn that I can't force fiction when I feel like just getting out my thoughts in a journal. Next time, I'll just write what I feel like, as long as I write that day.
  4. For some reason the entire Sucker Punch soundtrack works really well for me: https://play.spotify.com/track/0cBTbpSTj66GXHBE4eJWdv?utm_source=open.spotify.com&utm_medium=open
  5. Didn't make the green belt, but I did go from 22 to 32... well, 31.5 but I'm rounding up =)
  6. So today in kung fu we did well over a hundred push-ups throughout class, including some on kettlebells. Once my arms recover, I'm pretty confident I can reach that elusive green belt... or die trying
  7. Good job! I'm gonna follow your lead on Sunday. Here's hoping for 30...
  8. Well, it will be local to start, but who knows in the future =)
  9. It's kinda top secret, but it has to do with teaching languages in an unconventional way =)
  10. Week 3+4 update: Yes, I realize I haven't been on here much, but I'm still pressing on with the challenge! 1. Win/Draw After three weeks of full attendance, some unavoidable work meetings got in the way of me going twice per week, and that will be the case this week as well. I'll make it up in the final one hopefully, and I've added additional bodyweight workouts at home to compensate. 2. Eh... I've decided to not drink the entire month of July, to prepare my wallet and my liver for two weddings and a festival in August, so that should help. So far, I'm doing better than at the beginning, and staying away from social functions should help a lot in this regard. 3. Some hope, followed by fail. I banged out some 2000 words in one sitting the other day... then nothing. I'm going to have to rethink my writing strategy =/ On the upside, a friend and I are throwing all our energies into launching a start-up, and hopefully the motivation behind that will rub off into my workouts and other goals.
  11. Me too! There's a great iPhone app by the same name with a timer and everything.
  12. Though I would hold out on the knife throwing until she's at least level 5
  13. I know what you mean. After a brutal kung fu and kettlebell session yesterday, my arms are jelly and I could barely manage 10 when I did 22 last week.
  14. You should definitely have levels with built-in rewards to motivate her, like Buffy swag or movie tickets or DVDs or something once she reaches each level. You could loosely base it on the slayerette training in season 7, with a focus on strength, dexterity, and speed, but also a mental aspect where she improves her focus and is learning new skills. Perhaps if she levels up all the way, you could get her one of these (to pull out of a rock, of course): http://www.amazon.com/Buffy-Vampire-Slayer-Scythe-Replica/dp/B003TYELTU =)
  15. Ooooh, I love this idea! You could play the training montage from "Once More with Feeling" in the background during training sessions =D
  16. These are my thoughts exactly! One of the best parts of my kung fu class is that men and women are treated exactly the same - we train together, spar together, and have to meet exactly the same standards. I wouldn't want to do this challenge if there were different expectations for dudes and gals.
  17. Week 2 update: 1. Win! I've been going to kung fu regularly, and I'll probably start going extra days. I've also been going early so I can do an additional kettlebell workout for about 10 minutes beforehand, and that seems to be getting my strength back up (along with the push-up belt challenge). 2. Draw... again. I've still done more non-paleo than paleo days, even though I got one extra in there. As always, my problem is eating/drinking out, because at home I've been 100% thanks to having only "good" food in the house. If only every restaurant around were paleo... =/ 3. Epic Fail. I tried some prompts, but I'm mostly lacking motivation. It doesn't help that I've had barely any freelance work this week, so I spent more time in front of my XBox than my laptop... Goals for this coming week (yes, I know it's already Tuesday, I got a late start): - Continue going to kung fu, throw in at least 3 additional kettlebell/Angry Bird workouts - Get up to 25 push-ups in a row - Limit going out as much as possible - Find more freelance writing jobs during this slow time
  18. Oooh, that does sound awesome! That and a paleo chili and I'm set!
  19. Well at one point I had to do 60 in one minute to pass my kung fu exam, but I chalk that one up to pure adrenaline =)
  20. Yeah, I've been trying to write on a topic and so far it's just not that interesting to me, so I'm going to take your suggestions and just write any kind of fiction based on prompts. My fiction muscle is in serious need of a work-out, but I need to start with the 5lb weights, not the 50lbs as I've been trying...
  21. I think you're making it too complicated =) Just remember, if it's (naturally) green, it's good for you, and if it's reddish-purple like eggplant or blueberries or beets, it's also good for you, and if you're trying to lose weight, limit your fruits but feel free to go crazy on the veggies.
  22. 22, which is so far from where I was a year or two ago =/ Oh well, at least now I have motivation to level up a belt by the end of the challenge!
  23. Late to the thread as well, but glad to see I can give you a heartfelt congrats on the dream job! I'm curious about your diet - how exactly does it reset your insulin (and what does that even mean)?
  24. I love that and may steal it =) I'm with you on the daily writing and regular updating, because if I skip a day I tend to just want to skip more. Great work so far!
  25. Woot! It's nice to know I'll be starting out at yellow at least, and now I can strive to go up at least one belt by the end of the challenge.
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