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  1. I'll be curious to hear how shutting things down after 9pm goes for you Mulan. So far, for me it's pretty good. 95% of the time I don't really even have to think about it. And then there are other nights where all I want to do is curl up around a jar of peanut butter and a loaf of bread. Thankfully, I have a video shoot coming up soon, so that's helping motivate me away from carbs and late-night snacking. Haven't had much time for exercise at all this week. It started out kinda rough emotionally, and since I worked out so hard last week I decided to take an extra rest day. It's not even the emotional stuff that gets me, I'm just flat out exhausted. On the plus side, I've been sleeping like the dead. Then I had a painful Dr. appointment yesterday so I took the day off to take it easy and recuperate. Took a 4mi run today, and just for fun I removed all my running electronics and just went out there and ran. I felt a little blind having to figure out my pace by feel, but it was really nice to just be free from the gadgets for once. Dying to hit the road on my bike, but I don't have time the next couple days, so I put some work into cleaning and lubing the chain, etc. Anyone else feeling a week four slump? It's like I've lost all my motivation..
  2. Hey there, Here's an article with some basic advice for riding a century, but it could easily be adapted to training for a ride of any length. http://orbike.com/training-for-a-century-ride/ Also, most of these rides are organized in such a way that it isn't a big deal to decide on a shorter route the day of. Just listen to your body, have fun, and remember that you can do this!
  3. I'm pretty new to cycling, but this is not my first attempt to get into the sport. I was thinking it'd be nice to have a thread going here with a collection of our best cycling advice for the newbies! I'll start it off: Fit matters. Attempt 2.0 to get into cycling didn't start well. I was sold a horrendously undersized frame from a slick-talking salesman at a local bike shop. I adjusted the hell out of everything that could have been adjusted on that bike and no matter what it just felt wrong. Went back into the shop, they righted the wrong, and I can honestly say the difference is night and day. A bike is not necessarily comfortable, but it shouldn't be actively painful. That being said, it does feel weird at first. Especially if you're moving between bike styles (like...say, from a big steel beach cruiser to a road bike!) But don't be afraid to just ride. You might fall down. Get back up. There are jerks out there on the road. (Typically in cars, but pedestrians, dogs, and other cyclists can all apply.) Don't take it personally and do your best to ignore it. It probably wasn't about you anyways. Everyone said I had to get clipless shoes and pedals. I didn't want to. I'm riding with cages and toe straps, and you can call me a dork, and behind the times, whatever, all you want, but that works for me. If it ever stops working I'll be happy to try something else. I think that really sums it up. Cycling can be intimidating, but it doesn't have to be. Go with what feels right to you. And the only way you find out what feels right is by getting out there and riding your bike.
  4. phew, is it just me, or is week three flying by? I've been hitting it hard this week. Here's a recap of my workouts: 6/17: Active Recovery Run. 2.7 easy miles (I *may* have partied a little too hard during Pride. Whatever. Worth it.) 6/18: 9.5 mi solo bike ride. Had an awesome time. This bike feels better and better each time I get on it. Even had my first encounter with some random douchebaggy road rage. Gets your adrenaline going, that does. 6/19: Upper Body Workout. This was a good workout because I realized that I am not pushing this as hard as I could. Notes for next time 6/20: INSANE Low body/Core workout. My ex and I decided to get a good workout in before he headed off home for the weekend and I had forgotten how much just having a workout buddy can push you to do more. We hit it hard for about an hour total. 6/21: just about 10 mi bike ride with my boyfriend. He was handicapped by riding a 45lb monster hybrid complete with racks, fenders ...and aerobars? I don't get it, but it's not my bike. I have plans for a long run tomorrow and an easy ride on Sunday. Depending on how I feel after the run tomorrow I'll make up my extra strength workout. Then I think Monday will be a well-deserved rest day. The 10k is less than two weeks away! Eeee! I'm already excited! I think the solo bike rides have been helping a lot with my confidence. The bike is starting to feel a lot more natural and I can settle into the pain of a good climb without being totally miserable. Gearing makes a lot more sense to me, and I'm not having to think about it as much. I have even gotten a tiny bit faster. Handicapping the boyfriend for our rides IS THE BEST IDEA EVER (thanks Mulan!) I had no problems keeping pace today, and he even let me lead some which also helped. Still...I can't help but look forward to the day that he has to get back on his road bike because he can't keep up with me on the hybrid. Yeah, that'll be awesome. In the meantime...thinking about signing up for a metric century the end of August? Looks like a pretty easy route except for one major climb. The boyfriend said he would ride it with me at my pace, so ...I don't know. It'd give me just about two months to get ready. I'm not sure that's enough, but then again, I'm not a doctor and only barely a cyclist..
  5. I don't know if there's something wrong with me or what, but I love the way the foam roller feels. It just hurts so good. And I also need to roll in private because not everyone's comfortable overhearing the noises I make on that thing...
  6. FWIW, I don't think the 'fat kid' thing ever goes away. Some of my closest friends and I are former fat kids, and we still have to help each other realize that we're not those squishy out-of-shape types anymore. You're doing great, keep it up. =)
  7. I think the days when you get out there and work (even a little) despite not feeling it are sometimes the most important. Had one myself the other day. Good job for trucking through it! I think 150 calories for some quality time with your son is more important than sticking to the strict definition of a 'fast' day. Real life is sometimes full of trade-offs like this, and it seems to me that one of the most important changes we can make for our overall health and well-being is figuring out which ones are worth it. Just my .02
  8. Nice! That looks like a great ride. I hadn't seen that resource yet before either, thanks for the tip.
  9. Hey Skywalker, thanks for the cycling encouragement. I've also been keeping my eye out for other cyclists here, and I really appreciate your support. So far I've been taking it a little more slowly and trying to just really take it one skill at a time. The biggest challenge has been tempering my excitement! I think part of my issue might also be that I still haven't transitioned to clipless pedals. The bf tells me it's the difference that makes it. I remain skeptical. To update everyone on Week Two: It's going great! I did six miles on my long run this Saturday and felt like I could have easily done another mile by the time I finished, so I'm definitely on track to demolish my 10k goal. Been taking extra time to stretch and foam roll afterwards to ward off any injuries and take care of the tweaked knee. It's much better now, but I still feel some muscle strain in that calf. Thinking about trying KT Tape for it. A friend of mine swears by it, but it seems kind of expensive... I got two strength training sessions in this week which puts me at 3/12. Still have one to make up. I didn't eat after 9pm any days this week. Closing the kitchen is getting easier and easier. Although I do admit, I had one day where I really had to work to keep myself from going after a late-night snack. I have purposely been avoiding the scale, but I'm starting to notice some changes in my body already. I seem less "puffy," although that may be a result of the serious tan I'm starting to work up, what with all the being outside cycling and running. Decided to let the budget goal sit and qualify as a pass. My life is too crazy right now to add anything else to my plate. I think I will expand upon this goal in future challenges though. =) Hope everyone else had a great week!
  10. No waterfront run today, but I got an early 4.5 mi bike ride in. I decided I wanted to see how this whole "going-it-alone" thing would feel. The verdict? Going it alone took all the pressure off, and I think getting some quality training time in alone is going to do wonders for my confidence. Some of this technical gearing/pedaling/bike talk stuff was actually starting to make sense. I also dropped my saddle by less than 1/4". I don't know, I just had it in my head that would be the sweet spot. Felt like goldilocks this morning, but we'll see if that holds up on longer rides. Decided to make up for missing the downtown run by getting a good core workout in (That's 2 already this week!) Now it's time to eat something healthy and get ready for my sexy date tonight!
  11. I'm brand new to cycling. Right now I average about 30 miles a week, but like I said, I'm new and hoping to slowly ramp that up. I also run 3-4 times a week, anywhere from 3-6 miles a go (training for a 10k on 7/4!) and do bodyweight workouts at least twice a week. Some friends of mine are doing this ride! It sounds like a lot of fun, I hope to join in someday.
  12. Great progress! Having a kitchen cut-off time is one of my goals this challenge too. Hopefully we can both make it work!
  13. So much love for that little story. I hadn't heard it before. You're making me miss art school!
  14. Congrats on your first pull-up! That's awesome!
  15. Oh Mulan! Now we can feast on the tasty burrito tears! I think you're right about the knee: We did some hill climbs on Sunday and I ended up stuck about 250' from the top of the steepest hill mashing it hard in waaaayyyy harder of a gear than I intended. Seems like the learning curve on cycling is pretty steep... Seriously though, thank you! Haven't had a chance to really talk with the bf yet, but have broached the idea of handicapping him on any future rides. He seemed receptive and I think he's realized he was pushing too hard, too fast. He's just excited about the whole thing. And I am too, but I don't want to get ahead of myself. (Which is something that I'm great at, and has contributed to past fitness failures. Now I'm all about slow and steady.) Taking a few days off the bike to refocus on my goals here. So today I did a nice, hard run on some hill repeats and then to top it off I came home and did an upper body strength workout. The good news is that my knee seems to have calmed down and decided to stop hating me. Thank you knee! We need you! Tomorrow's plan is to do a good core workout, hit an appointment downtown, and then sneak in a run along the waterfront. I don't even care if the weather's crappy, running in the rain makes me feel invincible.
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