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  1. Last night was my final session of my current training block, which was essentially a new test for benching. I hit 115kg (253.5 Ibs) for one rep, which felt quite smooth and easy. It gave me the confidence to attempt 120kg (264.5 Ibs) which I attempted, but sadly failed. I'm unsure why I failed - maybe I was mentally intimidated by the weight, maybe I was fatigued, it could have been had poor technique or perhaps all of the above? I honestly don't know. Either way, it has given me a goal for my next block of training. I'm weighing in at 105.1kg (231.7 Ibs) which is oka
  2. I almost, always have a smoothie. - 100g of plain, quick oats. - 50g of frozen, mixed berries (raspberries, strawberries, blueberries and black berries) - 30g of isolate whey protein powder (low sugar, low fat and low carbohydrate) either chocolate or vanilla flavor - 100ml of full cream milk - 100ml of low sugar cranberry juice
  3. I think so, yes. Last year, I worked with a qualified strength and conditioning coach via online correspondence. We would catch up over the phone every two weeks and if I had questions, I would e-mail her, so our contact with one another was regular. Taking information from me, such as my current weight (at the time), body fat percentage, foods that I enjoyed to eat and disliked, and what I was capable of doing in the gym, she was able to construct a gym program for me that was tailored toward periodisation and progression. She was also able to create a diet and nutri
  4. Perhaps! My weight today was a bit questionable, but looks okay I suppose. 105.0kg (231.4 Ibs). Having a break from exercise until Monday, then I'll be back at the gym for my last session, starting a new training block next Wednesday.
  5. Thank you! My weight has unfortunately fluctuated a little bit these past few days, but I'm weighing in at 106.0kg (233.6 Ibs), as I have over-eaten a few times this week. On the plus side, today I went to the gym and did my final session of squats for my current training block. The plan was to hit 125kg (275.5 Ibs) for 5 reps, 1 set. Got it, felt so easy. I decided to try a few heavy singles. I attempted 140kg (308.6 Ibs) and that too felt really good and easy. I then tried 150kg (330.6 Ibs) for a final, single set and while I got it, my technique felt ro
  6. I've been a bit crook (sick) these past few days so my weight did a little bit of a yo-yo, but it has returned to a point of 105.8kg (233.2 Ibs). While sick, I skipped judo and gym, but I will hopefully be back at judo this evening and the gym tomorrow.
  7. Unfortunately, there is honestly no such thing as spot body fat loss. This means that you cannot dictate to your body where the fat loss will occur. For example, doing lots and lots of sit ups will not get rid of body fat on the belly. Sure, your abdominal muscles may become firmer and stronger, but the body fat will still be there. To get rid of the body fat, and to lose the "hourglass figure" as you put it, healthy nutrition is the key, along with a couple of other lifestyle factors. If losing weight/body fat is your goal, then your body must be a calorie deficit in
  8. My go-to breakfast is this: - Isolate whey protein powder (low fat/sugar/carbohydrate - any flavour you want, replace with vegan protein if dairy/lactose intolerant or vegan). - Quick, plain oats. - Some low sugar cranberry juice. - Some full cream milk (replace with almond milk if dairy/lactose intolerant or vegan) - Mixed berries, fresh or frozen. It's very quick and easy to make and you can have it either as a mixed cold porridge, a mixed warm/hot porridge (if you use a microwave) or you can put it all in a blender and make it into a smoothie.
  9. Thank you, Tobbe. I might ease off the "daily posting" and make it weekly or half-weekly, but I'll just throw down one more update before leaving it for a while. My weight is 106.0kg (233.6 Ibs) which isn't a surprise. My partner's birthday party was on the weekend, and there was a lot of beer and junk food, so I hit the F-It Switch and gouged pretty well. It's okay, I've still lost 1.6kg (3.5 Ibs) in a week, happy with that. This is my final week of my current gym block, which will serve as both a testing week as well as a deload week. I'll need to spend s
  10. Thank you for sharing my thread about my goals and progress, Tobbe. I really appreciate it.
  11. Super quick update. I nailed that 182.5kg (402.3 Ibs) dead lift. I could have probably achieved maybe one or two more reps, but it's okay. I think in my next block of programming, I may add in three sets of 182.5kg / 402.3 Ibs for maybe 3 reps each or something, a nice 3 x 3 to finish the next block off. Then perhaps aim for 192.5kg (424.3 Ibs) in the training block after that! It sounds like a long way away and a slow build up, but trust the process, I suppose. I am aiming to hit a 220kg (485 Ibs) dead lift later this year, perhaps around the July or August mark?
  12. Thank you! I really appreciate that. It's a fairly standard diet, for sure. The concept is to try and stick to my calories/macro-nutrients as best I can, while at the same time, eating foods that I enjoy and can eat repetitively without it becoming too boring. So... it's not quite "IIFYM" and it's certainly not paleo, keto, carnivore or any diet "type", it's just... food I like, macros and calories. As for the bone marrow broth, I buy it from the groceries. My coach told me that it can apparently assist with digesting food, good for gut health? It's unfortun
  13. Hi all. I'm sort of new here. I was active on Nerd Fitness a few years ago, then I stopped coming, but I'm here to give it another go. I'm a judo practitioner. I'm 32 years old and I've been training in judo for over 10 years now. I've also been coaching kids for about five to six years years and I've been coaching teenagers and adults for over two years now. I hold a brown belt and am hoping to receive my first degree black belt (shodan) this year. I have also trained in wing chun kung fu for nearly three years, but stopped shortly after receiving my red sash (going from no sash,
  14. I hope this response isn't TL;DR (too long; didn't read) so I apologise in advanced. I'm no expert either, but last year I employed the services of a qualified strength and conditioning coach. She helped me lose 22kg (48 Ibs) in 10 months, whilst rehabilitating my right knee from a late 2018 surgery. I have no ACL in my right knee, 70% of the meniscus is gone, cartalige is gone, yet I am capable of training/competing in judo, squatting and dead lifting as well. Thanks to her help, I was able to compete at a nationally sanctioned judo competition and win a gold medal as well as a s
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