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  1. Great work WCG! Shopping for new clothes.. double win!! Best of luck for your new challenge
  2. Hey thanks everyone for your input! I'm not taking part (online) in the new challenge, but that doesn't mean I'm slacking off! I wish you all great success with your new goals!
  3. Hey Gypsy wish I was able to spend more time online this challenge, as a result of not having internet I missed a lot! Well done on your results, you put in great effort and held it togetheg despite the curveballs thrown in your path. Best of luck for your new challenge!!
  4. Hey Gypsy wish I was able to spend more time online this challenge, as a result of not having internet I missed a lot! Well done on your results, you put in great effort and held it togetheg despite the curveballs thrown in your path. Best of luck for your new challenge!!
  5. WOW those are INCREDIBLE results Tateman!! Well done! You are on a roll, and I hardly need to tell you "good luck" for your next/current challenge. Go for it!!
  6. I'm a little late checking in, you'll have started your next challenge by now.. Well done on your progress! You aced your snacking goal, and like Steve says, a good diet is 80-90% of the battle won. Whole30 is going to bring you some fantastic results, both in mind and body. Sjoe, the discipline needed.. (I doubt I would manage) maar ek weet jy sal dit doen! You're the Mighty Blaidd, after all, and in heels like those you can conquer the world (just ask Marilyn Monroe). Sterkte for the next weeks
  7. First off, thanks for all you guys' support and understanding!! I can't believe I've been in Brisbane for a week and two days already! The time has just galloped away.. I guess because I've had so much to do. These last days I've managed to find us a good suburb to live in, a gorgeous house to rent, and schools for my brother and sisters. Very happy with that. Now I can start looking for a job, and think about what I want to study next year. Blaidd, I didn't eat koeksisters, but plenty of bobotie, Karoo lamb curry, biltong, droewors, melktert, peppermint crisp tart, Nik Naks, Simba chips, ... all the lovely SA food that I shall have to survive without, sniff :'( ... until I start making it myself! As for feeling like a fish out of water.. Yes, very much so! I'm used to Cape Town's crazy streets, not these ultra safe ones with special robots for the pedestrians at EVERY zebra crossing, which emit a beeping noise when you are permitted to cross. I should stop jaywalking I suppose, but hey when it's safe to cross, it's safe to cross! No need to wait for the road to empty first. (With that said, they are a very good concept for school kids etc, no disrespect meant, Aussies ) The difference in the cost of living is rather a shock to the system. I have to stop converting to Rands, or I will not buy anything! Food is double the price, and transport is triple, eish! But everything is relative - the salaries are higher here, with less of a range in the sizes of pay checks. Anyhow, onto the main point of my post... my Challenge Summary , but first my weeks 5&6 roundup: Goal #1: D, A Goal #2: C, B Goal#3: C, A I really cleaned up my act in the last week! I've been walking for 30mins minimum every day, started yoga too so doing that daily, drinking a lot of water, eating very healthily and generally keeping a positive outlook on life. Yay! (Mini accomplishment - I weighed myself for the first time since Feb this year and saw that I've lost 10 pounds! I dont like to judge progress by weight, but it was good motivation to stick on the path of healthiness.) The Challenge: I think overall I did ok, considering the circumstances. It was rather foolish to set those goals, when I knew that my life was going to be turned upside down... but that's typical abs for you. Goal #1 First week: {No sneaky snacking} ~ D. Next 5 weeks: {Eat everything off a plate} ~ D, C, D, D, A Average ~ D Goal #2 First week: {No snooze button} ~ C. Next 5 weeks: {Only one serving "bad" carbs a day} ~ C, D, D, C, B Average: C Goal #3 First week: {Drink 5 glasses water a day} ~ C. Next 5 weeks: {Take a Nature break each day} ~ A, A, A, C, A Average: A Life Quest ~ {Make a friend} ~ I did not make a friend, but my confidence has zoomed higher, I am becoming an expert at squashing negative thoughts, and because of this have become a much friendlier person and made a few new acquaintances already! I would award myself 75% for the goal, but count it as 100% success, progress-wise. I kind of messed up on the points scoring, so I'll skip that this time. Now I've got to dash - things to do, places to visit, people to meet - but I'll pop over to your threads later to read all your successes! :D
  8. Soaking in all the life here in Aus... So much to learn!

    1. Blaidd


      glad you arrived safely!!

    2. abs
    3. Bekah


      awesome :) let the daventures begin!!

  9. REPORTS: WEEK 3: Goal #1 ~ C Made more of an effort than the last week, but not really good enogh. Goal #2 ~ D Our house was upside down, so bread was often part of the meals. Not an excuse, but there it is. Goal #3 ~ A Made sure I spent time to rest and collect my thoughts, although not always outside WEEK 4: Goal #1 ~ D See next line Goal #2 ~ D Went on an "Eat all the lekker South African food while you still can" splurge (not a binge, note) Goal #3 ~ A* No problems here. Spent hours and hours out in the veld this week, hiking and drinking in the countryside.
  10. Wow these days have gone fast! I've popped into an internet cafe to update quickly... Still can't believe I'm flying out in 3 days!! Thanks for your support Mitch! and the compliment Thanks Gypsy! Well for me the fun part of moving is finding new places to call your own... but sometimes a candlelit bath works just as well to get thoughts flowing Thank you amazing how a GOOD haircut can make you feel like a million bucks hey? Good luck with growing your hair, I know how tough that can be.
  11. Joh it's been hectic! I leave in 3 days! Our stuff is already gone..
  12. thanks for all the compliments guys!
  13. Had my long hair cut off today, it feels absolutely fantastic! It's as if the long hair was hiding my personality.. I immediately feel vivacious and confident, which is all helping me progress towards achieving my life quest for this challenge
  14. No we were at Warmwaterberg.. not as fancy as Goudini but just what I needed! Thanks hey Hahaha yesss...still, could have done better. But thank you!
  15. Hey well done in Week 1 and don't let your Week 2 get you down. 2 steps forward one back is always progress!!
  16. .....POP! I really enjoyed reading about your last challenge (for the short time that I was there) so I KNOW that this one will be every bit as entertaining Your goals are fantastic, Wonder Woman
  17. Wow AgentK well done on your first two weeks thatIsomehowmanagedtomiss!! Keep on keepin' on
  18. Glad you had such a fantastic weekend! Kids are the most fun!Well done for Week 2, and keep going strong!
  19. Fantastic work in week 2! That mug painting sounded fun Well done, you are 1/2 way through the Whole30, keep on forging ahead!!
  20. Wow you are doing so well!! Good idea to take your sons walking, that's a win for them as we'll as you Congrats on getting halfway through the Whole30, stay strong!
  21. WEEK 2 REPORT: Goal #1 ~ D Did not hold back. Whatever I wanted,I ate. Goal #2 ~ C Well it was a holiday, couldn't refuse every single treat. Goal #3 ~ A* Spent hours outside everyday, even when it was pouring with rain. Heated outdoors pool! I'm letting the stress of the move get to me. Heck life is too short to waste feeling miserable. I'm going to make a concerted effort to be more optimistic about the whole thing, and take better care of myself.
  22. Jah it was busy, but that was just the movers making a list of all our worldly goods. The actual packing takes them 2 - 3 days, they say.
  23. Hey thanks for stopping by! You're right, got to stick to it, and I appreciate you keeping me on track because I really felt like throwing in the towel today. I mustn't let that happen! My favourite gym! So very true. When I'm feeling fed up with the mundanity of life I climb the koppie (rocky hill) behind our town. Sitting perched on the highest rock, with all the little houses stretched out before me, the dusty veld behind me and an awesome 360 degree view somehow "grounds" me, and I walk home humbled, my zest for life renewed. Where do you go when you need to think? I neeeeed to cut down on carrrrrbs! I'm getting there... Thank you! Week Two? Eish it has not gone to plan, report to follow... Ahh what kind of puppy do you have? Hi thanks for checking in! Not too good from my side, report below..
  24. Hey, finally having a look at your thread Well done with the calorie counting, even if you only manage to complete that goal then you've done amazingly! Keep on going I know exactly what you mean by needing to have a few more treats.. good decision Good luck for week 3!! Wow congratulations on being engaged!
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