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  1. Owie on foot status: Healing! Still hurts a bit, but I can work out. Yay!

  2. Abcess on big toe. Dr appointment today. There is a good chance this will suck. T-T On the other hand, it already sucks, so it's on its way to getting better.

    1. Annabelle


      Ow! I've had run ins with ingrown toenails on my big toes, I feel your pain (literally)! <3 Get better soon!

  3. Tonight, I am going to hide the vodka in the back of my lowest cabinet, and go back to drinking tea at night.

  4. Super stressed. >_< Exhausted, too. Trying to both stay positive without being untruthful, and slog through the day. Writing it down here because words make things seem more real.

    1. stonegirl78


      Hi! You can do it! Sending good vibes your way!

    2. Noname123


      Totally got this. Message me if you need someone to chat with :)

  5. When I'm at home, I usually snack on fresh produce. I'm a huge fan of sugar snap peas, carrots, apples, bananas, and berries. But those things either require refrigeration or create waste that I don't want to shove in my purse until the next time I see a trash can. I've tried a few different granola or snack bars, since they can go with me in my purse. So far, KIND bars are my favorite.
  6. Put food in a plastic container. Get a sheet of plastic wrap about 2-3x the size of the container. Put plastic wrap over the food, so it's directly touching it, then drape the remaining plastic wrap over the sides of the container and put the lid on. That will prevent freezer burn. I do really well with lunches: Cook a big batch of stuff, freeze, and throw it in a bag for work. Soups and chilis are great for that! My problem is snacks. I need a healthy, reliable, inexpensive calorie stick that I can throw in my purse so I don't get desperately hungry and hit up a drive-thru.
  7. You're doing well! I have trouble moderating food intake and alcohol intake as well. (Especially alcohol. I freakin' love beer and vodka.) Here is what works for me: 1. No sweets at home. They just straight-up don't enter my house. Same with white bread. 2. Alcohol is hard to get to, in the back of the cabinet (or fridge, for the beer) behind all the cans of beans and tomatoes. Herbal tea, however, is sitting out on the counter by the electric kettle and the mugs. And I've made a rule for myself that the only liquor stores I go to are the ones with "points" programs so I can save money...coincidentally, both of them are far enough away to be a pain in my ass to go to. So, I don't buy alcohol too often, and never on impulse.
  8. Strength trained (beginner bodyweight circuit) for the first time since surgery. Oh yeah, so THAT'S what soreness feels like! I remember now.

    1. LucentFrost


      Sometimes when I do the beginner bodyweight circuit I tend to overdo myself and regretting it afterwards because of the soreness. >_>

      But hey it feels so awesome!!! :D

      Congrats to you!

  9. Maybe the stress of changing your lifestyle is affecting your immune system. Maybe some other stress is affecting it. Or maybe there's just a REALLY BAD virus going around; my daughter had something similar a couple weeks ago (minus the death rattle). I will say that "Two days of straight sleep" was a GREAT idea. Seriously, sleeping is the best. Do more of that! And good job tracking your symptoms; if things get worse, you'll have a record of how the whole disease process is going down.
  10. I GET TO RUN TODAY!! (first run since October due to illness and surgery)

  11. Kinda stressed about things outside of my control. (Which is most things, tbh) Hoping a workout knocks the stress level down a bit.

    1. NeuroPunkNonsense


      I completely feel ya here. Good luck and happy work out!

    2. Jittersthe.Clown


      "If you can solve your problem, then what is the need of worrying. If you cannot solve it, then what is the use of worrying?"

    3. TheGreyJedi-Ranger


      Happens to me all the time.. Hope things calmed down!

  12. Make it as easy as possible. I go to a gym that is less than a block from where I work. I pack my gym bag the night before I go. If I really don't want to go, I throw a swimsuit in there so I can soak in the hot tub and reward myself. I choose exercises that I like (walking, running, and lifting!) and skip exercises that I don't like (spinning, swimming). And I schedule time to work out, I block out an hour to go to the gym so the time is there for me to use.
  13. 6 days until I can run! And lift!

  14. I've been on a huge video game music kick lately, mostly Retro Remix Revue.
  15. girljen


    YAAAASS! Huge fan of coconut oil in oatmeal. I also add banana if I want something sweet, or serve alongside scrambled eggs if I need protein.
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