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  1. Hey! I'll join your group! I am firmly in the "Life is to be enjoyed" camp. My goals are: 1. Track all food intake This helps keep me honest. If someone finds my journal (valid concern, because I lose crap everywhere), I want them to see healthy eating patterns, not junk food 2. Complete the Beginner Bodyweight Circuit 3x as written 3. Clean house for at least 20 min. per day Good luck, fairlybethy...let's do this!
  2. Two days in, so far, so good. My food is logged. My workouts have happened. My housework is done. Today has the potential to throw me. It's a hard day, and it's a busy one, too: Work, dentist appointment, friend's house for a birthday celebration with the potential for a little too much to drink....I'll be driving across the metro area at least twice, if not more. But, I can either use that as an excuse, or I can learn to work around it. I think I'll do the latter.
  3. Go to restaurants and eat veggies there. Seriously, it is SO much easier to try a new veggie if someone else is doing the prep work for you. That's how I figured out I like summer squash, acorn squash, bell peppers, and sun-dried tomatoes. Also, try green smoothies. Just google them or look for them on pinterest. You'll find some good stuff.
  4. I just got a drive-thru breakfast burrito. Not the healthiest choice, I know, but...I will savor the #$%! out of it. I will write it down, since I'm logging all my food. And then I will get on with my life.

  5. Commitment: Not adopting an adorable kitten because I'm planning on moving in with my highly cat-allergic boyfriend...in 4 years...and knowing it'll be worth it. :)

  6. Yay! Congratulations! Showing appreciation for the one you love is HUGE. It's something everyone in a relationship should do, every day. The grass is greener where it's watered, and it sounds like you know that. <3
  7. My aunt asked me to post a craigslist ad for her yard sale. I included a picture of a unicorn farting rainbows. It's the little things..... >:)

    1. Dirty Deads

      Dirty Deads

      false advertising! Unicorns only fart butterflies! They pee rainbows.

  8. Days since raiding the candy drawer at work: 21

  9. Hey, those goals sound good! I especially like the fact that you clarified what exactly fast food was in the "No fast food" goal. Your point assignment looks good, too, at leas to another n00b. Go get some!
  10. Here we go! Goal #1: Track all food intake I used to keep a food diary. It was a simple thing, just a notebook with the date and a list of the food that I ate throughout the day. Still, it felt much better to write "grilled salmon and steamed veggies" than "McDonald's double cheeseburger and fries," and that alone was huge motivation for me to clean up my eating. So! I'll do that again. A: All days filled out B: 1-7 days missed C: 8-14 days missed F: More than 14 days missed CON 2, CHA 1* * What I eat affects how my skin looks...better food, clearer skin! Goal #2: Complete the Beginner Bodyweight Circuit, as written, 3 times in a row Right now, I can complete the Beginner Bodyweight Circuit once as written, once minus the lunges, and then I am DONE. I will practice the circuit at least 3x/week, do cardio intervals, and take strategic rest days so I can complete the circuit as written, 3 times, with good form. A: Exceed this goal by adding more reps/weight B: Meet this goal C: Stick to the plan but do not meet the goal F: Do not stick to plan STR 3, STA 3, DEX 1 Goal #3: Spend at least 20 minutes per day cleaning house, at least 5 days a week My house is a mess. 15 minutes a day is enough time for me to do all the chores that I need to do on a daily or every other day basis (dishes, take out trash, laundry, litterbox, etc.). Even an extra 5 minutes of picking up will eventually start to show. One pile of crap on one surface can usually be picked up and sorted in 5 minutes...and if not, once I start, I won't want to stop when the job is halfway done. A: Meet the time goal and see marked improvement in the appearance of my home B: Meet the time goal C: Miss 1-6 days F: Miss more than 6 days WIS 3, CHA 2
  11. I put a coat of Banana Boat Kids SPF 50 on my face and my body in the morning, before I leave work (because I will get sunburned on the drive home, FML), and before going outside for longer than 5 minutes. In the summer, makeup is a special occasion thing for me. If I'm going on a date to an inside place, I'll wear it. If we'll be outside or it's just another day, I skip it. Or, if I'm going to a special occasion that will be happening outside, I wear Revlon BB Cream (SPF 30) and a floppy hat.
  12. So, that big glowing orb in the sky is trying to kill me. I am trying to not die of skin cancer. Unfortunately, I really like playing outside. Do any of you have any experience with UPF clothing? Does it work? Is it worth the money? Most of the time, my usual M.O. of wearing sunscreen, wearing a big floppy hat, and making sure I'm covering as much skin as possible without getting too hot works just fine. Sometimes, though, I want to go hiking or take my daughter to an outdoor pool and actually play in the water instead of hiding in the shade. I'd love to go on a 12-mile hike one day in August, but without proper sun protection, I just won't do it.
  13. Cherries are in season! OM NOM NOM NOM NOM!!! ptui puh puh ptui ptui!

    1. stevembk


      yay! +1 Hopefully WholeFoods has them on sale.

  14. Woah, I think my microwave just rage quit...

    1. porchcricket13


      I blew my boyfriends up with a bag of popcorn a few weeks ago, scary as hell!

  15. I don't have cheat days. When I see a good treat (one that I can truly savor, like cheesecake or beer or a breakfast burrito), I eat it. This usually happens once or twice a week.
  16. Yesterday (5/27) No planned workout, super busy day, ended up exhausted and it was good Today (5/28) One full beginner bodyweight circuit with 27 sec. plank One modified bodyweight circuit: 20 squats (GOOOO LEGS!) 10 pushups 10 dumbbell rows (10lbs.) 27 sec. plank 30 jumping jacks
  17. One full beginner bodyweight circuit with 27 sec. plank One modified bodyweight circuit, arms only: 10 pushups 10 dumbbell rows (10lbs.) 27 sec. plank 30 jumping jacks
  18. Pleasantly exhausted. x_x

    1. WriterGuy


      The best kind of exhausted.

  19. Finally, I have both free time and extra money. It is haircut time up in here!! :D

  20. Today (5/25) Rest day. Wait, does moving furniture for an hour count? What about a 30-minute dog walk? I guess it's a "No planned workout" day.
  21. Good day at work, good workout, good eating...now, time to pick up my lovely daughter for a good weekend.

  22. It's good that the city is trying to do *something* ... but putting the responsibility for stopping street harassment on women is the wrong way to go about it. That could lead to men saying "She didn't stop me" or "I didn't know I was bothering her," which would make harassment charges less likely to stick. The awareness is good; so is the public admission that, hey, catcalling women and creeping on them is wrong. But seriously, Philly, put the responsibility on the perpetrators, not the victims. I'd like to see a "Don't Be A Creepy Asshole" campaign.
  23. Today (5/24) One full beginner bodyweight circuit with 25 sec. plank One modified bodyweight circuit, arms only: 10 pushups 10 dumbbell rows (10lbs.) 25 sec. plank 30 jumping jacks Pretty proud of myself.
  24. The *last* thing I want to do is lay in my bed at the hospice care center, read over this list, and feel ashamed of myself for not ticking off every item. There are things I want to do. I can't exactly refer to them as an Epic Quest, either, because most of them involve home. I know... THIS IS HOW I BEAT THE GAME: --Own a home. Purchase date, sometime in 2017. I am saving $200/month that I am not allowing myself to see or touch. Tax returns go to savings, too. Once I pay off my debts, those payments will go immediately into savings as well. --Go to Australia. In the alternate version of my life where I can do anything I want, I'd live there. In real life, with a daughter whose father will never leave Colorado, and a boyfriend who'd only move if he could go back to Brooklyn, and a job and (soon) a house and a twin bro who only jokes about running away to Australia with me...it's not happening. But I'll visit, and I'll stay for a long time. --Retire. Seriously. Only two people in my family have ever retired. The others went on disability or unemployment. I'm the only 31-year-old I know who puts more than 10% of my check in my 401K. --Be someone my daughter can take seriously. I never want her to take care of me. I want her to learn from me, to lean on me, to want me around...I do not want to cause her stress. I do not want to make her life more difficult. So, that's it. When I can chill out all day in my own home, look at all the pictures of kangaroos and koalas and gum trees that I took on my trip to Australia, then give my daughter some good advice and a little money to treat herself to something awesome...I'll know I've won. There are other things I'd like to do, of course. I'd like to go to Scandinavia. I'd like to marry my boyfriend, eventually. (We're just starting out--it's only been a year and change) I'd like to have a clean and beautifully-decorated home. I'd like to plant a flower garden so awesome that strangers compliment me on it. There are so many other things, too...but I don't want to set them in stone. If I never visit Europe because I've taken ten trips to Australia, I don't want to feel like a failure. If I never have nice things because I always have destructive pets, I'm sure the pets will thank me and I'll have some wonderful friends in my life. Of course I can't put a marriage on the list, because I'm not the only one who decides that! I wouldn't put my happiness and my sense of accomplishment into another's hands, even another who I love and trust. I have many wants. They're my minigames. But if I can own a home, go to Australia, retire, and be a helpful and loving presence in my daughter's life until I die, I'll win. And even if I don't win, I'll be glad I got to play.
  25. HAY! One of my good friends is a nerd Marine! (he has left the Corps, but apparently y'all stay Marines forever because you earn that right) Thank you for your service! It sounds like you have some good goals and you're making good progress already. And about that beer...DO WANT I love beer, especially a good brown ale. Homebrewing is on the "eventually" list for me; right now, with a small townhome and a small child and not much disposable income, it's not in the cards...but it will be!
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