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  1. Today (5/23) Rest day! Sat around on my ass and played some video games...and had a cocktail to boot! Next: grilled chicken and steamed broccoli. NOM NOM NOM
  2. Days since raiding the candy drawer at work: 14

    1. Draken273


      congrats! wish i could say i had that kind of self control...

    2. milythael


      Two weeks of weakening the candy demon? Awesomesauce!

  3. Today (5/22) Two circuits of this: 30 jumping jacks 10 push-ups (on knees) 10 dumbbell rows (full milk jug) 20 sec. plank So, basically, the beginner bodyweight workout without the leg stuff. My thighs are still screaming at me and cursing my insolence.
  4. If a person hears something enough times, he or she is going to think it's true. Or normal. About ten years ago, I had the pleasure of working at an amusement park that hired international students as part of a work exchange program. Most of the girls I worked with were from Poland, the Czech Republic, and Bulgaria. I never heard any food guilt from any of them. In fact, when faced with a particularly delicious treat (like a raspberry brownie), they would squee like they had just seen a little puppy. It was amazing. They found food guilt completely absurd. "Why do you complain about eating such a good food?!" If we stop verbalizing food guilt, fewer people will hear it. Eventually, people will think it's a strange concept. Our daughters will not have a model for that particular thought process, which is awesome. I catch myself having guilty thoughts about food sometimes, moreso when I'm stressed or just not in a good place mentally. I have to remind myself, "This thing is delicious. I will enjoy it--no, I will *savor* it, and then I will go on with my life and make a healthier choice next time I eat." And then I savor my wonderful treat and continue my day.
  5. Food weakness: The FREE kind! Why yes, I'd love some, thank you. :)

    1. jmcna007


      Same Here! Its so hard to resist the tempatation, ESPECIALLY at work :(

    2. pantinaprovina


      a client brought us donuts at work yesterday T.T

  6. Wow. This evening has been WAY frustrating. I had to do my least favorite chores, and Murphy's Law has been in full effect. I'm done. I've done what I need to do, so I will now kick back and play video games.

  7. This is relevant to my interests! I'm getting over a vicious bout of endometriosis, and taking Mononessa (generic Ortho-Cyclen) in an attempt to keep my abdomen endometriosis-free. Unfortunately, I have weird random spotting (hopefully that'll go away next cycle?) and I spend entirely too much money on pads. So. Duly noted, much obliged! I have not tried Depo. I have tried: Ortho-Cyclen - works fine Ortho Tri-Cyclen - week before period becomes Hell Week, and I cry at Blue's Clues (srsly) Patch - turned me into a hormonal, migraine-having mess, but at least I got boobs (B-cup LOL) and hips out of the deal Mirena - punctured my uterus, removed laparoscopically Essure - NO MORE BABIES EVER OMG MY LIFE IS AWESOME but I need some hormones to keep the endometriosis at bay
  8. Today (5/21): 20-minute walk, 1.55 miles.
  9. Yesterday (5/20): One Beginner Bodyweight Circuit...and it damn near killed me. Hooray for establishing a baseline!
  10. I was right. It was totally a big day in my world. New workout, new smile, and new enthusiasm. Hooray!

    1. Ba'sini'on


      What kind of smile?

    2. girljen


      The kind that makes sense on my face. I had good dental work done to replace shoddy dental work. Yay!

    3. Ba'sini'on
  11. Today is going to be a big day in my world.

  12. Post-op appointment completed! Good news: Everything looks fine and I can resume normal physical activity. Bad news: The four-block walk between work and the doctor's office wiped me out.

    1. JonDixonYT


      Good news: you can fix that endurance right up, all your own without doctors!

    2. Ba'sini'on



      So get out there and be a BEAST!

    3. girljen


      That's the plan! :D

  13. The Bolder Boulder is one of the coolest things in the history of ever. Seriously. I have not run it; all of my work with the race has been behind the scenes...but the energy and the atmosphere and the silly costumes are epic. Speaking of atmosphere, though, run hills, and run at altitude.
  14. Oh, THAT kind of enemy foods. I thought you meant things like tomatoes and mushrooms and caramel--things that taste gross. My treats are: --Ice cream --Taco Bell, Del Taco, and Twisters (CO/NM nerds might know what I'm talking about, om nom nom) --Donuts And last but certainly not least--please imagine a chorus of angels announcing this one because it's huge: :*: ALCOHOL :*: I love margaritas. I love screwdrivers. I love a smooth, dark, malty, delicious beer (Dry Dock Brewery in Aurora makes the best vanilla porter EVER). I love frou frou girly drinks. I love Irish cream in my coffee. While I don't drink too much (4-5 drinks a week?), I have been drinking enough to sabotage any weight loss until recently.
  15. I am super picky, but here's what works for me: Try preparing your veggies in different ways, like others have said. For years, I was convinced that I didn't like avocados because I don't like guacamole. One day at a restaurant, I got a slice of avocado on the side of whatever I had ordered. I tried it, and it was amazing. I bought an avocado, cut it open, and ate it plain. Delicious! Now, given the chance, I will eat ALL THE AVOCADOS. [insert all the things meme here] I've found that I like carrots better raw than cooked, I'll eat cabbage on fish tacos and in coleslaw but nowhere else, fresh green beans are best when they're steamed, and peppers are best in chili. I've also discovered that sun-dried tomatoes are yummy, even though pretty much anything else involving a tomato (other than a sauce) can make me gag. (and now I'm making myself hungry) Also, I've found that going to a restaurant where other people do the work is a great way to try new veggies and new ways to prepare them. "Go to the store and buy summer squash? LOL I think not! But, hey, maybe I can try this chicken with a side of steamed summer squash, since I don't actually know what it tastes like..."
  16. Oooh! Bouldering! That used to be one of my favorite things. I was just starting to get the hang of it when I broke my foot (doing something totally unrelated). It has been a couple years since I've bouldered. Maybe a trip to the climbing gym can be a reward for me...once I can, you know, actually lift my own body weight again. Anyway, hi! Nice to meet you.
  17. Oh, sweet! Thanks! I just pulled up Stupid Easy Paleo, browsed through it...and now my tummy is growling and my shopping list has a few new items. OM NOM NOM NOM
  18. So, you know how on Kirby Super Star, when you first start playing, you watch The Beginner's Show? Kirby's on the screen, the narrator walks through the simple foundations of gameplay with a giant SNES controller, and eventually you get to practice moving and jumping and eating enemies on your own? That's where I am. This is girljen! She's a jolly fellow! (o>_<)o Seriously, though, I'm a n00b. I am 31 years old, mom to a six-year-old girl, desk jockey; and a nerd of the indoorsy, bookwormy, goofballish type. Give me a big ol' stack of nonfiction, a SNES, or a page full of cat gifs and I'm happy. I'm not in good shape and I know nothing about how to exercise properly. I know that real food is better than processed crap food, but I'm still not all that good at making real food (read: I do weekly accidental smoke alarm checks and my cooking has made me sick before). I've just gone through a hard reset in the form of laparoscopic surgery to get rid of some endometriosis. Tomorrow is my post-op appointment, which will give me a better idea of when and how I can resume physical activity. Right now, I'm just getting a feel for things: Reading articles, lurking, and making a few little tweaks to my diet. Time to learn the controls so I can start Level 1.
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