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  1. Honestly I can tell when I'm hungry but everything else was a bit ehhhhhhh. But I did learn a lot more stuff about nutrition so I feel like in hindsight it was a great idea to exhaust myself with tracking. I've definitely learned how to substitute unhealthy stuff for things that are good for you and that taste just as good. Also how to figure out my cravings better. These days instead of candy I feel the need to have lemon infused water for example lol But yeah, I think intuitive approach is the best. Things should be easier now that I don't have to overthink things
  2. Tracking everything has been very eye opening and exhausting. So I haven't had much energy to come here and do it again. Brief update: I did lose weight but meh. Now I'm too skinny again. Somehow I feel like I'm not getting any muscle definition at all and just keep adding and losing fat. I think I'll make a sort of a meal plan and at least try and eat balanced but tracking is driving me up the walls. Still need to figure out my training tho. I guess I've been switching things up too often and that's why I'm not getting results but ugh. I don't know what I should stic
  3. Hey and welcome back! Good to see you again How does working out feel like now? Hopefully a bit better. But even if it still sucks a bit it seems like your workouts are on point
  4. Didn't post anything yesterday cause I thought I'd start logging my foods too. I thought I'd try getting proper adds so I've been paying a lot more attention to what I eat. But ehhhhhhh.... I took pics? And it's not really the best idea cause I need to see my macros and if I'm being absolutely crazy. I thought I'd get off easy but now I want proper data lol. Anyway did a random YouTube workout again. Can't remember which one but it got me sweating and doing all sorts of crazy stuff. I think I'll stick to just doing some kind of workout for now. Especially since what I think look c
  5. This is so cute and also amazingly accurate to describe the feeling, yes
  6. Tried uphill sprints today and oh my god. Yes. This is the thing. The uphill part was mostly coincidence (better than downhill lol) but sprinting. So much yes. Jogging is boring and slightly painful, sprinting is flying. So definitely change of plans when it comes to running now. Gonna jog to warm up because I'm not a crazy person but I'll be sprinting like a crazy person, grinning like a maniac. Because it is amazing.
  7. Yesterday only walked 8000 steps and did nothing else but today managed a workout! I decided to get silly and try this: https://youtu.be/iAOwTTCe40w But turns out it wasn't silly at all. I did one round and skipped the sprinting lol. Still it was super fun and really got me sweating Also current goal is to get my abs back. They've completely dissappeared so I'll be adjusting my eating to get rid off extra fat and we'll hopefully see results :>
  8. Walked around 12 000 steps yesterday. My legs are still hurting and I think I might have maybe pulled my muscles a bit. But taking it easy has been helping! I'm so happy I decided to spend all of yesterday outside just enjoying the day though. Right now the weather forecast rain for the next 2 weeks. I love the fact it's getting cooler but going on runs will be a challenge I think
  9. Good news and bad news! Let's start with the bad cause it's not too serious and it's always nice to end things in high note. I played a lil "bet u can't do this" game with my 11 year old little sister and she was right once again. So I tried weird stretchy things with my legs and they still hate me. So I've skipped 2 days of exercise and might do the same tomorrow cause ouch. It's got a bit better but yesterday just laying down with my legs straight was super painful so that's not saying much. Good news time! A taekwondo place got their own dojo 7km away from my house
  10. Completely forgot to post my workouts here for 2 days. But I did start training again 2 days ago. I think I'll hang out here in the battle logs for a while longer and figure some stuff out by myself before going to do a challenge. I feel like it's easier to switch things up if I only log here for some reason Exercise 2 days ago: Kneeling pushups: 10, 8, 9 Beginner single leg box squats: 8, 8, 8 Horizontal pulls (tried something weird with a sheet. Was slightly weird and a bit scary. Not a fan) : 8, 8, 8 Angled bridges: 8, 4, 3 Incline pike pushups:
  11. Good news is, after a small break everything feels better From now on I'm going to have an actual schedule and have Sundays off. Should work better? Let's hope so!
  12. I skipped yesterday's workout because I was feeling super tired. Almost did the same today but I read somewhere that exercise could boost your mood. So I forced out 2 meh sets. I feel a bit better but the actual workout was a disaster. Bodyrows: 8, 8 (1 leg bent, 1 straight) Single leg box squat: 8, 8 Knee pushups: 8,8 Hanging knee raises: 8, 8 I feel like I'm getting no upper body strength and it's driving me crazy. Hanging sucks, pushups aren't going anywhere and the rows are stupid yay for leg strenght I guess but my legs have always been my main st
  13. Was supposed to have a small little jogging session but I opened pokemon go during cooldown and ended up spending almost 2 hours outside fighting against team rocket
  14. Oh wow aramis you went to the land of 1 legged squads 2 days before me it seems Good luck with the workouts and enjoy your holiday!
  15. Forgot to post yesterday's workout! Incline pushups: 8, 8, 8 Beginner shrimp squats: 8, 8, 8 Bent leg horizontal pulls: 8, 8, 8 Hanging knee raises: 8, 8, 8 I'm trying to find a good level of exercise where I can do 3x8 reps with clean form. Yesterday was maybe a bit too easy so I'll raise the level a bit with all exercises. Also I went back to inclines, just doing them as low as I can. It feels more fun than knee pushups and I'm still struggling a bit with regular ones. I think tomorrow I'll build some elevated platform out of books because I haven't fo
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