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  1. Pecs

    A Wild Pecs Appeared!

    Update on running: Still sucks. Sun was brutal today. Also I suck. Also my shoes are ugly and I literally spent an hour trying to style myself to look presentable enough for running. (My shoes still looked as bad lol. I need some extra money to buy some new ones. The current shoes look like bowling shoes... For all I know they might be bowling shoes? Still better than ballerinas or high heels which are the only other options) I got an ad from c25k and it tracked my distance! Honestly I would have been more happy if it didn't 1,7 miles in what... 20 mins plus 5min warmup & 5 min cooldown that I partly walked the route..? Oh, that's not good at all. Well I'm still super proud I went at all. I spent 5x the time I spent jogging dreading it and trying to think excuses of why I couldn't do it (Again! I need to stop this!)
  2. Amazing job! I love how you always have always managed a set of goals each time you have come here It's really motivating to see!
  3. Pecs

    A Wild Pecs Appeared!

    So I realized I wasn't having fun with my program anymore and I didn't see results like I wanted. So I spent the day researching/trying out stuff and made myself a new program. Well, I say new... It's pretty much the same thing I was doing when I first started. Expect today when I tried I was worse at everything compared to when I first started out..? Is it because I tried so many different exercises and was already tired, or because of the extra 8 kgs I have now? Ehhhhh, I don't know. I'm going to postpone my panicking until the day after tomorrow when I'll try again. If it's still worse than when I started I've backtracked so much. Ugh. Anyway! I can't begin to tell you what my exercise today was! Mostly just trying out like million different things. Now to cook and clean for the rest of the day. Yay. I can't believe I spent so much time on research that ultimately led me to do stuff I already did But at least now I know WHY I was told to do the stuff I was doing. Also tomorrow I'll be going on a run in a first time for forever, wish me luck!
  4. Pecs

    Well we have to start somewhere...

    Hello! Making your plan public definitely helps to stick with it! I really like your plan, and great job with starting with the running too! It's the one thing I still try to avoid at all costs
  5. Pecs

    A Wild Pecs Appeared!

    Abs/core is definitely a workout but also a rest day. Cause it's easy. It only sucks a bit and I at least never feel sore. I could do abs everyday probably So yeah. Active rest? Idek And hmmmmm so far doing stuff daily is working pretty well. Like I feel antsy if I'm supposed to be doing nothing. And the way the program is made is that some days it's just focusing on getting your heart rate up and making you sweat. So you could basically call it cardio? Only problem I've had really is that there's usually pushups and pullups on the same day so I can't exactly give 100% on both cause my arms will just give out on me :/ But yeah, I'm trying to listen to my body and so far so good. I feel like I could push a bit harder actually
  6. Pecs

    A Wild Pecs Appeared!

    Rest day today! That means just some abs and done! My program had.... Something? But I was deep in youtube looking at other people do abs and just did some ones that looked fun. Sometimes you have to rebel a bit Didn't even check the daily habit today because I decided it was time to start putting my apartment together. I was pissed off and stressed out no matter where I went/looked. So I spent the day putting stuff away and will start deep cleaning tomorrow. Hopefully I'll stay motivated and I can finally get to step 3 organizing/ getting rid of stuff. Also fun thing today! I've been feeling pretty bummed out cause I feel like I'm not seeing results. Like my weight keeps steadily going up but like... Is it a good thing...? Anyway. So I'm watching this fitness youtube trying to teach people how to get a body like hers and I'm like??? Why you flexing? I have a body like that! What even- wait. Oh. Turns out I might be in pretty good shape. Even without my back muscles showing properly and without a sixpack. So I should maybe be a little kinder towards myself... It's hard tho. I keep wanting to get better, measurable results and feel bummed without seeing any. (Speaking of, would it be too much to add running on top of 7 workouts a week????????? Is this crazy talk??)
  7. All the people who managed the elbow planks with EC today. Your bodies are made of steel and I admire you.
  8. Pecs

    A Wild Pecs Appeared!

    I was completely defeated today. Feels bad Today's workout: 10 jumping lunges 10 jumping jacks 10 jump squats Pushups to failure 20 side chops 20 infinity chops Set x5 with 3 min rest I was supposed to do minium 5 sets, max points at 10. So I was aiming at 7 like I've done always this far but no. I tried going for 6th round, did 4 jumping lunges and then my legs just refused to jump. I feel betrayed. Also defeated. And dead tired. Eff today and jumping lunges, always hated those anyway. Hmph! Habit today was supposed to be to go for a walk early but I woke up at noon instead. Argh! Tomorrow I'll do better, I'm so mad at myself!!
  9. Superb! You're making such great accomplishments and I can feel your energy through the screen! Glad to hear the body weight workout is working for you. And amazing job with the habits too
  10. Pecs

    A Wild Pecs Appeared!

    Haha, it's pain isn't it! Absolute torture
  11. Pecs

    A Wild Pecs Appeared!

    Today was easy! Just some sweat work and my sore arms loved the movements. More days like this please! Once again a screenshot cause it's way easier than trying to describe stuff. Doing it all nonstop was surprisingly easy. Did lvl 2 as always so 50 reps each Also did the 2x 2min planks I skipped on yesterday. Those were not so fun. Habit of the day: Keep track of your daily progress in your training log. Which is done right bout now :p
  12. Pecs

    A Wild Pecs Appeared!

    I'm super confused. I guess I'll just like do whatever feels best and try different things since I've had like 4 different people have differing opinions on this And thank you! The thing about planks is that it sucks and you feel like you can't do it but it's all in your head. You can force yourself to do it much longer than what your body tries to tell you
  13. Ugh. Hard pass on the pushups. I already did x7 times to failure with my regular workout and I'm not doing a single one more today
  14. Pecs

    A Wild Pecs Appeared!

    Today's workout: Pushups to failure 20 side chops 20 infinity chops 2 min rest Set x7 Pullups to failure: x3 (chair assisted because couldn't do negatives this time either) 2 minutes plank x3 through the day. (did only 1, might have to do the other 2 another day cause I'm staying over at friends today) So feeling a bit bummed. Turns out I did my pushups wrong. What I was doing was more like wide pushups and with my elbows all over the place So back to square 1 with pushups I guess. It's way harder the right way. Have a pic because it's hard to describe stuff: BUT!!!!!!!!! I'm gonna end on high note! I just did a 2 minute plank! I didn't think I could do it but since it was in my program I had to at least try! So 1 goal done, going to change it to 3 minutes next! Also daily habit today: warm up before workout. Done
  15. Pecs

    My way towards OCR

    I get being frustrated with not getting to run but I wouldn't call life happening excuses. You had different sort of workout just by being in the war games, right? It's still not the same as running but you've basically just skipped one day of being active. I don't know about you but I think that is still pretty awesome