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  1. Thanks for the welcome everyone. Goals are mostly on target right now. My diet is consisting of a slow carb breakfast and the rest of my day is paleo. Yesterday was the only slip-up so far and it wasn't a big one, so I'm doing pretty well. Starting BWW tonight as the past couple nights have been devoted to cooking and moving furniture. Sleep numbers on target. The first weekend will be a big one...
  2. Howdy Rebels! It's been at least 6 months since I've been on this site and a lot has changed between then and now...mainly my waistline (and not in a good way.) I decided on a whim to check out the boards today and saw there was a new challenge starting, so here I am. I was formerly a member of the 'Losing Machines' group as an Adventurer. I hope to continue the success I had with that group on here again. Motivation: To extend my life and improve the quality of life for me and my loved ones. My Main Quest: To drop down to 180 lbs (longer than a 6-week goal, obviously) Goals: Perform the Beginner Bodyweight Workout three times a week. Eat Paleo/Slow-Carb at least 6 days a week. Go to bed early enough to get 8 hours sleep each night. (I have a terrible habit of staying up too late.) Life Quest: Pay at least $250 on a credit card in the next 6-weeks. (I've cut my debt in half in the past 6 months and have improved my credit by 30 points in that time, so this is a continuation of an already existing goal.) That's what I've got for now. I'll post measurements and pics when I get them recorded. Good luck everyone!
  3. Ok...sooooo...I just figured out that the format for this has changed. I guess I'll have to change my goals and figure out how this works... :\
  4. Howdy, folks! I'm back again...hopefully with a better performance this time.
  5. Hello fellow Adventurers, I learned a lot on my first challenge and can set my goals accordingly this time around. I think when I started I was a little bit too aggressive in my goal setting, expecting myself to perform perfectly. This isn't realistic and caused me to 'fail' a couple of my goals, even though I had lost over 10 lbs. This challenge's goals will be set accordingly: Goal #1: Fitness (+3 STR, +2 STA) Finish three complete Beginner Body Weight workouts every week over the next 6 weeks increasing repetitions/weight by at least 25%. A - 6 weeks B - 5 weeks C - 4 weeks D - 3 weeks F - 2 weeks or less Goal #2: Career (+3 WIS) Find a new job within 6 weeks. Pass or Fail Goal #3: Diet (+5 CON) Follow a Paleo and/or Slow Carb diet for 90% of my meals. A - 90%-100% B - 80%-89% C - 70%-79% D - 60%69% F - 59% or Less Goal #4: Diet (+1 WIS, +1 CON) Eat 30g of protein within 30 mins of waking up every day. A - 38-42 Days B - 33-37 Days C - 28-32 Days D - 23-27 Days F - 22 Days or less Wish me luck!
  6. Is there a new challenge starting Monday? I haven't seen anything posted...
  7. OMG!! That's amazing!! Great job Xerla!!!
  8. It's not going well at all. Pretty much a downward spiral since the start of week 5. I will likely fail both workout goals, have a chance of failing the finacial goal, and will probably have a C or D for my diet goal. Not good.
  9. 105! Wow...that's hot. Too hot for me. I don't like it over about 70. It was only in the high 70s here today and I walked 18 holes of golf. Nice little workout...walked at least 4 miles carrying my bag, but probably more like 5 considering how badly I was spraying them on the front 9. haha
  10. If you refuse to give up dairy, then Tim Ferriss' Slow Carb Diet may be a better diet for you. This diet is a little less stringent on the dairy. My brother did this at one point and lost something like 30 lbs on it: http://gizmodo.com/5709913/4+hour-body-+-the-slow+carb-diet
  11. Very true, Hiraedd. I should have specified. Veggies are a free food. You can eat all the non-starchy veggies you want (no potatoes, no corn, etc), even though veggies do have carbohydrates of varying levels. As for fruit, I try to limit my intake. I'm not a huge fruit fan anyway, so it's not difficult for me, but the sugars in fruit are still sugars. If you eat a shitload of watermelon, pineapple, or other high sugar fruits, you're not going to see maximum results. If you're going to eat fruit, stick to low glycemic index fruits like berries, apples, pears, cherries, peaches, etc... http://www.marksdailyapple.com/best-and-worst-fruits/#axzz2XYgOR8c2 I also try to save fruit for post-workout as that's the best time for your body to process the sugars. (Unsweetened applesauce with spices is a fav of mine.) I have faith that you can change your diet, LostOne! Keep up the good work!
  12. Ditch the grains/sugars/carbs. Period. It may be the hardest thing to do, but it's worth it. As Steve (and others) has stated, 80% (or even 90%) of our results come from our diet. Get it locked down...like, right now. I highly recommend going Paleo. Again...not easy. Especially the first couple weeks. One thing that's good is you don't have to measure anything, you just have to have a general idea of what you're supposed to eat. Once you get into the groove of eating a certain way, cooking a certain way, saying 'no' to your enemy foods, it becomes a lot easier. Get all the shitty food out of your house and be prepared. Working out won't do any good if you're eating crap all the time. You need the nutrients, vitamins, minerals, fats, and proteins that come from a healthy diet in order to turn your body into an efficient machine. Make the decision that you're going to fuel your body more efficiently. It's a mental game. Stop making excuses. For example: Last week, I did zero of my workouts. ZERO. But I stuck to my Paleo diet. I lost 2.5 lbs. Monday of this week, I binged on donuts and muffins at work. I gained 3.5 lbs back and have yet to get all of it back off... Diet is everything. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Take one day a week and make all your meals for the week. I usually go to the grocery on Saturday and cook on Sunday. You can invest about 3 hours of your time (if that) once a week and have everything in place for you to succeed for the rest of the week. This can be really simple, easy stuff: - Make a big pot of chili and portion it out and freeze it - A roasted chicken with a couple lbs of asparagus (I can get a 3-4lb chicken for $8-$10 (sometimes less) and 2 lbs of asparagus for about $7...$17/4 meals - $4.50/meal) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EWLt6G85zC4 (If you have any questions or need suggestions in regard to the chicken, just ask.) - Keep the bones/carcass from the chicken. If you make one chicken a week, after a few weeks you will have enough to make your own stock for chicken soup (it's so much better than stuff in a can/box) - Keep bags of salad greens on hand - Invest in a high quality bottle of olive oil and a very good bottle of balsamic vinegar to use for salad dressing. It's worth it. - Pre-cook seasoned shredded chicken breast or ground beef and portion it out for salads and omelettes (my general rule is 1/4lb uncooked per serving) - Eat eggs in the morning (with veggies). It takes about 30 seconds to make scrambled eggs. There's really no excuse. (2 eggs or 1 egg with 1/4lb of other protein and lots of veggies...I like spinach, (grape)tomatoes, onion, mushrooms, salsa and guac) - Chop up a bunch of veggies for the week and keep them in the fridge for salads, omelettes/scrambles, etc. (I need to do more of this...chopping veggies first thing in the morning is a pain) - If you don't have any veggies prepared, use salsa. I use it as a shortcut all the time. Just make sure you buy salsa with no corn syrup or sugar in it...or make your own! - Make guacamole. It takes 5 mins, is delicious, and is a great source of healthy fats. If you want a recipe, just ask (I get compliemented on my guac all the time.) - If you get a craving for something sweet, keep a bar of 80%+ dark chocolate in the cupboard. Usually 1 or 2 squares will let the craving pass for me. Add a SMALL handful of cashews and it's kind of like eating chocolate covered peanuts. Just be strict on your portions. - If you have a farmer's market near you, you can usually buy grass fed beef and pastured eggs for a fraction of the price you would at a supermarket. I buy my eggs ($4.50/dz) and beef ($6/lb) from the same lady every Saturday morning. I may start buying chicken from her too. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Changing the way you eat is not easy. I still fight it on a daily basis. But it's easily the most important thing you can do to lose weight. The longer you do it (just like working out) the easier it gets. You just have to commit to it.
  13. Back on track with the workouts. Started doing jumping squats tonight (15 regular, 5 jumping per set). They are def a challenge. Back on track with the diet after I stumbled into a Panera Bread tray, it flipped over, and scones and muffins coincidentally went in my mouth. Silas, still no measurements. I keep forgetting to do it. I may just wait until the end of this week. Based on my weight tracking after my binge, the measurements wouldn't be that impressive anyway. Also, after reading up on some Tim Ferriss material, I may start trying his "cold thermogenesis" shower trick before bed for better sleep and increased fat loss. We'll see if it helps. It certainly can't hurt.
  14. Incredible!!! You're doing a great job!!!
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