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  1. My biggest challenge is usually getting my act together and doing all the planning that it takes to have a successful week of clean eating and sticking to my workout schedule. I can do it, but I really need to create structure for myself. Neglecting that foundation of setting myself up on the weekend so that the work week doesn't kick my butt will wheel me right off track. So how is everyone doing for week 4 so far? Ready to rock the second half of this beast? I'm thinking of all of you and wishing you success. And a special shout out to those of you dealing with injuries, grief, and bu
  2. So it was another pretty good week! I feel like I have some momentum for the last half of our challenge. I give myself a B+. Progress report: Main Quest: Eat cleaner! 1) No packaged, processed food--a break from that crap! CON +1. So I strayed this week...I strayed right into a terrific bakery for an almond pastry. Not something artisanal from a friend or loved one, but definitely artisanal, and it didn't trigger a sugar binge. And I went through a tub of tofu, as I did not visit my source of artisanally fermented tempeh last week. So not perfect on the non-processed foods goal. I
  3. How is you week 4 starting, Phutomaki? Any good progress? Wishing you all the best in the second half of this challenge.
  4. Hi there, Doodle! How is week 4 going so far? I think it is cool that you put your Meyers-Briggs type up. You are one of the rare personalities, and sometimes I think that is an important part of being a nerd. Have you seen this blog? It doesn't get too complicated, but I enjoy it. http://thephilosophicalboy.wordpress.com/2013/01/27/mbti-distribution-chart/ Rock on in week 4!
  5. Buggalo, I am totally impressed with your hard work! Your workouts are no freakin' joke, and the intellectual challenge of writing is pretty strenuous too! I have a lot of respect for the mental/physical balance you have going on. Best wishes for your week 4 of the challenge!
  6. That workout looks like a terrific start to another week in our challenge, Eddard! Wow, I should add a body weight matrix like that to my mix--you are inspiring me for goals in the next challenge already! Take good care of that ouchy back, and give yourself some tasty healthy food this week. I am thinking of you and wishing you the best!
  7. Yeeowch! Fussy knees are such a pill. Do you feel like you are getting the right care for the issue? It seems like health is something we have to fight for every day, and sometimes the mental challenge of it is harder than the physical one. Always another problem to solve in the body, all life long. And it seems like in the end we have a choice between being under the care of an orthopedist or a cardiologist. I think it's better to stay active and go with the orthopedist! Don't give up, Laureleye--I am cheering for you!
  8. Doodle, it looks like you got thrown some unexpected curveballs in the last few days. It is so hard to deal with unexpected expenses, and rough times at work can take all the energy out of you. It seems like you are being smart by reaching for your "inner strength" playlist and spending time with friends and loved ones. Self care is crucial! Are you looking for a new job? Or is the difficulty there temporary?
  9. That's right, Phutomaki--don't be discouraged! Everyone gets off track sometimes, and that is just part of being human. The most important thing is to take a lesson from the experience and get back on track as quickly as you can. So cool that you are trying out Crossfit. I want to give it a try soon, maybe when my schedule stabilizes a little in the spring.
  10. Doodle and Eddard, thanks for the shout outs! I am glad to hear from you. $100 startup is a really worthwhile read if you are interested in starting a small business. The case studies and stories from entrepreneurs are inspiring, and there are some nice suggested exercises to help you think about selling something of real value. I encourage anyone who is exploring working for yourself to check it out. Goals update for this week: 1) Nothing processed, unless it is artisanal--Pretty good! Through the work week I did a terrific job of shoveling down the local, organic produce. It was a f
  11. Hi there, Eddard--I hope those aches and pains are not getting you down. Working around injuries is a challenge, but it can be done, and it will help you recover faster. Keep up the good self care! Wishing you the best for week 3!
  12. Way to show that Tateman power! Great work, friend. Your progress inspires me.
  13. Hi there, Phutomaki! Looking forward to hearing how week 2 went for you, and wishing you success in week 3.
  14. Companions, I'm wishing all of you a terrific week 3! Also, I want to thank all of you for your presence and positivity. It is encouraging to have you out here working on self improvement and health with me. Little bumps in the road just don't feel as bad when your team is cheering for you.
  15. Good work this week! I appreciate the wisdom you are showing with self care around the twisted knee. Dialing back for injury prevention is so important. One of the best things about nieces and nephews--I learned a new name for them, "nibblings"!--is that they are such motivators. They are worth staying strong and healthy for.
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