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  1. Alright So an update on week 1. I stuck close to my plan, changed it a bit and forgot a thing or two. This is how it worked out: Monday: Got to the gym, BodyPump was cancelled. Ran for 30 minutes, did a couple machines (which I freaking hate) Left gym after 50 mins. Tuesday: Joined Boxing, Did my first class. Wednesday: Incredibly sore from first class haha took a rest day. Thursday; Boxing Day 2 Friday: Bodypump, forgot to do cardio for 30 Saturday: Combat Sunday: 2.5k Run for Brain Tumor Foundation. Friday was my weigh in day, and there wasn't a single change. I'm not going to lie, it change in my entire weekend, and I cheated on my diet more then I should have. This week I'm going to try my best to stick to a good meal plan, as well as make sure to get all my cardio in, can't expect results if I fudge the plan even just a little bit. This weeks inspirations come from 2 places; Fast 6 and Orphan Black.

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  3. CW: 78kg (172 lbs) Bust: 42" Waist: 35" Hips: 43" Thigh: 23" Calf: 16" Arm: 14" Ok so! Body Pump stats (approx) Warm up 7kg (15lbs) Squat = 12kg (26lbs) Chest = 7kg (15lbs) tricep = 7kg (15lbs) bicep = 7kg (15lbs) squat/lunge = 10kg (22lbs) 32min C25K prep The friday class is at 6:00 am... but no one said it would be easy On my off days I'm going to the hour long Combat class, because i'm nothing without a little fight in me. I'll weigh myself either friday morning before pump or saturday before combat Bodypump + 30min run on mon/wed/fri Combat 1HR tues/thurs/sat Sunday REST
  4. Brass Here! As of monday past I have started my routine/eating. My diet hasn't been too perfect, but my portions have been good. On monday I built a routine using a couple articles from here, but afterwards found that it wasn't challenging enough. As I mentioned in my introductory (did I? I'm not sure I did...) I have been going to the gym since December. I have yet to see amazing results because I can't stick to a routine. One week I go hard, the next I make it once, maybe twice. I have seen a great difference in my overall look however the scale, and my inches, betray that Anyway long story short, I think starting at the bottom now isn't good enough, because I'm actually doing quite well in the endurance and stamina department so I challenging routine is what I need. At my gym they have a weight lifting class. I hate to admit it, but I'm very nervous about going to the free weights part of the gym. Usually its filled with 30-40 giant males who like to stare at themselves in the mirror for 80% of it, and then stare at me while I walk by to the classroom. Now I find the weight lifting class boring sometimes, but as I've been reading its about the routine, the quality of it, and not about the fun. Workout sadly will not be fun all of the time, but if I stick to it and begin to get results, it'll be worth the boredom. So tonight I do Body Pump, the weight lifting class as well as a jog with my cousin (we're preparing for a marathon or two). After all that blah blah blah I'm going to run to the class, and add on my schedule when I get back! Stay tuned, and thanks for reading this far if you're still here
  5. Awesome story! Do you mean body pump as in goodlife fitness? They have a body pump class as well. I've been going there for a few months, but haven't set up a proper routine. Did body pump help you or free weights?
  6. Exactly! Time goes on whether we like it or not, and if I keep hoping for that someday... I'll never reach it. There isn't any other time like today, and right now!
  7. Thanks I really appreciate that! I've been looking for something like this for a long time, it'll be nice to have support and also see us all transform together. Autobots....roll out! Thank you! I figure Nathan drake is a good role model for scaling buildings, sometimes getting hurt but never letting that stop him, and for the 'play' aspect of being an assassin. I want to have fun with this as much as I can--otherwise whats the point? I really like Aikido, but I would say its not the most amazing workout. The warm up, and some of the base routine stuff is difficult but you will sometimes find yourself standing around just learning about things not really getting a work out in. BUT it will teach you great discipline, strength, and if you practiced these techniques daily it would definitely have an effect on your body and mind. On top of that the techniques you learn for disarming situations are incredibly handy and can be used in real world situations, like if someone pulled a gun on you etc.
  8. Thats a great idea, I think I have a few friends who'd be willing to give it a try! Terosx, I thought about that as well. I really want to get into the assassin side of things but as I'm just building a routine and a proper meal guide for myself perhaps adventurer would be best! I'll give it some thought.
  9. I signed up for Mudhero, a 6K, 18 obstacle course. I have never done anything like this before and its going to be a blast! But, even though it'll be a messy bit of fun, I want to train hard to make each obstacle. Has anyone ever participated in something like and might have a few pointers as to what I could do in the meantime to prepare? It would be much appreciated
  10. A quote from one of my biggest inspirations, David Belle. Hey there, my name is Rhayne, and I'm a 23-year-old 3D artist living in Winnipeg (Canada). I'm here to quit all my excuses and give my all to a life I've always wanted. I'm finally working in my field, and I want the rest of my life to reflect the success I'm slowly achieving and the obstacles I'm slowly clearing. Since middle school my weight has fluctuated, constantly rising at a steady pace. In the last five years I've gained 30lbs, dropped 15, gained another 45, dropped 30 and gained another 10. To say I've been consistently a mess is not even coming close to it. This is me coming clean so that I can finally build upon a good foundation, rather then add to a crumbling pile of reasons and excuses. For as long as I can remember I have been an eclectic nerd, and the things that motivate, inspire and drive my need to be fit are action films. Sci fi action, action adventure, hell even video games. Characters like Nathan Drake, Catwoman, Thor, Lara Croft, Kazuma Kiryu, Rambo, Ethan Hunt, James Bond, Ronda Rousey, Gina Carano, the list goes on... I look at these iconic characters/people and want to kick just as much... yea you got it haha. I've been checking out this community for a while, but anything I've been doing in the meantime hasn't been working. Its time for something different, to stay consistent, and to push myself harder then ever before and have a community who will push me too-- and won't look at me funny when I say I want to dress as the female Nathan Drake when I do Mudhero... Goals. 1. Prepare an arsenal of vegetarian recipes and meals and stick to it! (I've been a vegetarian for over a year now) 2. Create a routine that I stick to for 30 days AT THE LEAST. Document my progress as much as possible. 3. Join 6-week challenge. 4. Prepare for MudHero (help meeee, I don't even know where to start haha) 5. Get into Parkour 6. Yellow Belt in Aikido (I have 20 more hours to put in, but it doesn't start again till September) I chose the assassin class because if my life were an action flick thats exactly what I would be!!
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