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  1. Not running it this year. Too many half marathons already on the schedule. Did you run the BAA 10k? That's another great race.
  2. Goruck challenge was epic! I'd definitely prepare yourself to carry large, unwieldy things. Looking forward to my next one after my mind and body recover.
  3. I'm doing my first challenge tonight! Load is packed and tested but there's definitely a level of concern. I'll tell you all about it tomorrow (if I live).
  4. I always carry my own water. I don't care how large or small a race is, I'd rather trust my own supply.
  5. I love Rock n Roll races. Already did 3 in the past year and have 3 more on the calendar this year.
  6. I'd focus on running 2 miles each day to simulate the relay experience. When I run longer events I focus on running Thursday morning, Thursday night and Friday morning to get used to moving on tired legs. Either way, good luck and just have fun.
  7. Shin pain is generally an overuse injury when you're pushing beyond your limits. When I start developing shin pain, I'll start icing my legs after a run. Make sure you're doing a good warm up and cool down along with the run itself.
  8. That's most of my big races. Lots of other 5k/10k races in the mix as well. June 2 -San Diego Rock n Roll Half June 8 - Superhero Scramble June 28th - GORUCK Aug 10 - Spartan Race Aug 17 - Trail Animals Summer Classic 50k Sept 1 - Virginia Beach Rock n Roll Half Sept 13 - Reach the Beach Relay Sept 29 - Providence Rock n Roll half Oct - 6 Brooklyn Rock n Roll 10k Oct 26 - Ghost Train 100k Nov 17 - Vegas Rock n Roll half
  9. I usually wear cheap compression shirts for mud runs. They protect you from tons of scratching while playing in rocky mud pits and they'll usually survive a few runs. Spending $10-15 at target is an easy trade-off considering how nasty scrapes can be.
  10. I'll always side with undertrained vs overtrained so I take off when I need it. I'm mostly looking to push the distance instead of speed for these runs, so hopefully the lower intensity will help
  11. Definitely a topic I can relate to. I started my BJJ journey almost 4 years ago when I was 285 lbs. I was getting tooled by kids half my size and I didn't know which way was up. Warm ups killed me, drills let me catch my breath and then I'd sit out half of the open mat. I just didn't have the "mat wind". It was hard, but I pushed my way through and improved. Over the course of 2 years I dropped 80 lbs (most of which I've kept off) and I have mat wind to spare. I drilled and drilled on technique and started building some strong fundamentals. Suddenly I wasn't getting tapped and I could transition into the occasional submission. I learned to flow between moves instead of trying to force the first sub I saw. It's a journey with plenty of ups and downs. It's going to be hard but totally worth it.
  12. I'm surrounded by dragons! We're running 6 Rock n Roll halves throughout the year plus a 50k (13 weeks out) and a 100k (23 weeks out). I'm already on my feet and running slowly. Feel pretty good but the runs hurt a bit more than they should.
  13. I gotta say.... DOMS really is kicking in. Hopefully I'll be back to short runs by the weekend but my left calf is fairly strained.
  14. It happens. I had a few injuries that sidelined me a bit during my marathon training but luckily nothing too close to my race. Injuries happen and you can't beat yourself up. Look at your training and see where you can make improvements. Proper stretching, strength work and most importantly rest will pay dividends. Heal up, get stronger and look forward to running a healthy race next time.
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