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  1. Not an exemplary start to the third week, but I am going to kick it up a notch and finish the week strong! Improve 0/3: Eat 2/3 days (17/24): As I suspected, there was ice cream at my mom's on Saturday night. Also, I ate ice cream last night! I was home alone, and I ate ice cream. I can't blame it on any one, or any special visit. I just ate it. So, my score for this part of the challenge is still okay, but I need to keep myself in check if I want to get a passable score at all! Commit 1/3: Its already Wednesday night, and I was trying to wait until I had something good to report,
  2. Quick report! Improve 3/3: Swim 1700 yards!Deadlift: 7x115lbs, 2x7x125lbs, 7x135lbsPush-ups: 4x15Eat 3/4 days (13/18): I had to change my numbers, I totally forgot that I had a couple slices of pizza on Monday. I'm going to my Mom's house this weekend, so there is going to be a lot of temptation. Ruh-roh. Saturday will most likely be a bad day diet wise. My Mom will want to cook, and feed me dessert, and my brother already told me he bought a growler of beer.. I'd have to tell them to stop if I saw them a lot, but since I don't, I usually treat myself! But I'm hoping to get a run in and mayb
  3. Awesome job increasing the run and improving the speed on that run! Last week looks like it was great challenge-wise and really fun with the family color run. Hope this week goes just as well!
  4. Luckily I don't bike very much on large roads with zooming cars! I generally bike around the city and I'm usually the one zooming by cars in traffic. There are also lots of trails to go on! Roads with faster traffic are definitely daunting, and I try to avoid them. When I find myself in those situations I am very nervous and very aware and generally am enjoying the ride a lot less. I might be doing a spring triathlon in a couple weeks, which would be very very cool! The third week's update so far... Improve 1/3: Swim - 1700 yards! I did a few drills (floaty things for my legs to work the a
  5. Week 2 Summary: I'm late... Improve 3/3: Swim - 1400 yards 3 mile run - 29:41 - Definite improvement! Plank - 3 x 1:30 Eat 5/7 days (10/14 total): ​I could be doing better with this. I have been doing fine when I'm home, but I don't do well when I go out to eat or see friends or family. To be fair, I could be doing a lot worse. I'm going to try to step it up this week. Commit 1/3 posts.. Definitely didn't do well with this goal this week. I try not do get on Nerd Fitness while I'm at work, and then it is easy for me to get busy or distracted with other things in the evening. I
  6. What a fabulous start to the week! That's awesome that you jumped into a spin class after lifting weights, and that you got the Pack goal done and done early on. Even better that you liked Zumba and want to go again! Keep it up and Week 2 will be perfection!
  7. That's a fantastic first week!! And SO many burpees... That is extremely impressive that you are getting all that done with three kids. That is badass (do you have to do burpees if you type it?) to get the run in with cold and rain and generally crappy weather. And the The Challenge sounds brutal. How long was your chest sore for? Keep up the great work!
  8. Thanks! Maybe I should just keep "accidentally" adding weight to trick myself into lifting more... except my back probably wouldn't like the trick! I don't have any races definitely planned yet, but I have a few on my radar. I might do a shorter one within a month or so, and there is one that I am going to do a slightly longer distance in August. That's the one I'm excited for. I have my eye out for options though! Improve 2/3: Swim - 1400 yards - I swam this morning and had a pretty good workout in the pool. Pretty soon we are going to start drills. Right now it is basically just swim s
  9. Improve 3/3! Swim - 1250 yardsDeadlift - 7x105, 7x125, 7x125, 7x125... due to a miscalculation, I added a little more weight than I intended to, but I just went with it. Push-ups - 4 rounds of 13 pushupsI might go for a run today, so I might have even more improvements this week! Eat 4/6 days (so far): Thursday I had dinner with my boyfriend and his step-dad and I had pizza. I could've done a lot worse (I could've eaten the entire pizza, but I didn't) but I could've done better (I could've had a salad), so I won't get a point for that day. Last night my brother was visiting and I had a beer a
  10. Thanks wovercast! It's good to be back. Improve 1/3 (so far): Swim - 1250 yards, had a good swim. Didn't chat too much, did a few speed drills, but for the most part just paddled along happily.Run - 33 min. 20 sec. - This is definitely slower than I was a couple of months ago, but I'm not sure how it compares to my last run. My guess is about the same. Don't think I'll count it as an improvement, but now I have a time to improve on. Eat 3/3 days (so far): I've been doing extremely well with my eating so far! Not only have I been doing excellent at night (basically only veggies and protein a
  11. I really like your goals! Well rounded, especially the profanity one. I also like that you have to do burpees for each slip. Its a punishment, but as beneficial as it is sucky. Also, having your assignments done a day prior is AWESOME. I'm not sure if you are prone to stress, but that will definitely take the stress down. Well done! Can't wait to see how your progress!
  12. Great goals and Great theme! I'm excited to see what class you do for your pack goal on Friday. I also like how are aren't trying to restrict yourself, but just aiming for getting the healthy stuff in! An idea: muddydancer suggested omelettes with pre-cooked veggies. I think this is a great breakfast option, except take it a step further. I used to make little crustless quiche things in a muffin pan and then put them in the fridge/freezer. Scramble the eggs, put some sauteed spinach in each little muffin thing, and pour the eggs to fill each one. Bake and you have easy breakfast for a week!
  13. Thanks guys! Last week in preparation for the challenge, I tried to get an idea of where I was with my Improve exercises. Generally... Deadlift (7x85lbs, 7x105, 7x115, 7x115)Push-ups (3 rounds of 10)Plank (3 rounds of 1 min. 10 sec.)Distance (swim) (about 1100 yards, this will be more about not being late and not talking to friends while I swim...)Timed Run (3 mile) (my app didn't save my time, so I'm not sure...)
  14. Rowan with a Wolverine theme?! I knew there was a reason I decided to do a challenge.... Great goals! Can't wait to hear your updates! Throw all the cookies on the ground! Sorry to hear about your Grandmother. Good luck and hope all goes as well as it can.
  15. I've been away from the challenges for a while, but I'm back for another round! Going to keep it very simple. Last summer I did my first triathlon (a sprint) and I'm eager to do more (and go further!) this summer. Main Quest: Do more triathlons! And other physical events! It'd be great to stay in good enough form to say "Yeah, I'll do that race this weekend, I don't need any special training for it!" Goal 1: Improve! -Each week I want to improve at least 3 of 5 things DeadliftPush-upsPlankDistance (swim)Timed Run (3 mile)Goal 2: Eat! - I want to avoid eating lots of carbs (bread/pasta/ric
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