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  1. Go to Amazon and look up glove deodorizer. These are basically socks stuffed with cedar chips (as someone above described). I use a set on my gloves to absorb moisture and smell. Works to an extent. If you freeze your gloves, get one of those giant ziplocks to put them in. That will help with moisture getting into the gloves.
  2. Had a good year last year, but fell off track towards the end. I was focusing on maintenance in November and December, knowing that diet was about to be ruined. It wasn't actually that bad. I was at 15.6% body fat and was up to 16% during that period. Come January. Wisdom teeth extraction led to health complications, then a sprained ankle, then the flu. It's now almost the end of January and I've gained 6 lbs and I'm at 17% body fat. I'm starting again.
  3. Agreed with above. Kinetic chain is key. Punches start from the ground, so strong legs are crucial. Then hip rotation and through the shoulders and arms. That's simplified. I teach kids how a punch should feel by getting in front of a wall. With the left foot in front of the right, put the right hand/fist against the wall and push. I ask them how hard can they push that wall with just their arm. Not very and that's why you can't train a punch by just training the arms. The kids who have a natural understanding of how the body works begin to twist and push with their legs, too. Engag
  4. It's great that you are so focused on improving yourself. Body weight is a great starting point. I'm personally not a big fan of hyperextensions, myself. I've thrown my back multiple times. I attribute deadlifts and its variations to strengthen my back. Hyperextension isolate the lower back, but too much isolation can exacerbate problems, too. Instead, focus on strengthening that entire core without ignoring the lower back. I suggest adding to your routine some deadlifts. There are lots of resources here on Nerdfitness about deadlifts. For you, I suggest learning traditional deadli
  5. Oh yeah. Goals. That's important, too. Basically, I'm just looking to maintain health and reduce bf %. I'm lifting heavy because I enjoy it. Not really keeping track of what I'm lifting... just progressing and adding weight depending on what my body tells me.
  6. If you were able to get in touch with her, could you ask her if she had a trainer she could recommend? Similar trainers tend to hang out in the same circles.
  7. One of the trainers in my gym brought to my attention an error in my form which was causing pain to the outside of my knee. I am recovering from a sprained ankle and, as it turned out, I was pronating my foot to compensate for the weakness in my ankle. A slight adjustment in form really helped a lot. Another note about form... Make sure, when you squat, to be conscious that your knee does not bend over past your toes. Instead, keep them behind your toes as you squat and this will require you to point your butt further backwards during the squat. You should feel your hamstrings engage - t
  8. Okay... maybe it's a little more complicated than the title. Here's my issue: At the gym in our office building, I attend the lunchtime classes. These are mostly strength circuits, but the flavor of them depend on the instructor that day. Sometimes, class consists of 6-8 exercises in a circuit consisting of 8-8 reps. Other times, it consists of 3 or 4 super sets, but instead of reps each exercise is timed for a minute. Other variations depending on how they feel. In any case, because it is a class structure I don't lift super heavy. I will choose challenging weights that will make thes
  9. It sounds like the people who are telling you to lift heavy aren't really giving you the advice that you need. Plain and simple, ANY type of weight training at the level you seem to be in your post will give you added strength. Start with that bit of knowledge. This means, pick a weight that you're comfortable doing and push/pull/whatever to it for 10-12 reps. Begin to teach your body the muscle memory that it needs. Only then will adding more weight give you beneficial gains. Otherwise, lifting heavier than you are comfortable with will be detrimental both physically and mentally and ca
  10. How is it that you're making a plan? If it's following that you need to do, then find a WOD (Workout of the Day) to follow. Maybe a youtube video. Write down the 6-8 exercise circuit and make that your gym partner. Don't mind anyone else in the gym.
  11. Something went wrong here. Lean mass decreased in 1:1 correspondence with fat loss. An entire 8 lbs! I guess this is the consequence of a busy work schedule through the summer, not eating right, and too many barbecues. Body fat up to 20.8% from 15.6%. Weight stayed the same - I lost 8.3 lbs of lean mass and gained 8.3 lbs of fat. My only consolation is that my heart health has improved a lot. VO2 max is up ten points and is currently 56. Could also be explained by a new trainer who took the measurements. Not entirely certain how experienced she is conducting the caliper test. Since
  12. I can see that it took you a lot of effort and a bit of courage to post your high school photo and talk about it. I really hope that you find the strength to accept you as you were. You don't have to hate yourself past or present. Just know where you came from and where you want to go. What I'd be concerned about is what other people who may be overweight would get from your story. If they are large, should they hate themselves and let that be the motivation for their change? What happens to their self-image when they run into obstacles or struggle? It's a dangerous mentality, even if
  13. Uh oh... you know what I'm thinking? Tell me I'm wrong and a jerk.
  14. Just for your info, here's a snapshot of the U.S. market. http://venturebeat.com/2013/06/03/iphone-windows-phone-growing-faster-than-android-in-u-s/ Designing for Android and all their different versions is tough. Windows is really just making a rebound and iOS is probably the most stable and compatible platform still. I don't imagine Blackberry users playing many games on their devices - as most of them are enterprise company devices.
  15. Good advice already said. However, any direct confrontation with the fellow intern should be brief and to the point. Do it professionally and courteously. I'd take her aside, and tell her that she's affecting my ability to work. We're both here to work and get the most out of the internship... not to crack jokes at my expense. If she makes comments in front of your supervisor, don't even make a scene in front of the other intern. Turn to your supervisor and ask if he/she has a few moments to talk privately. Let the other intern hear that.
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