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  1. Second the taps and apps. Gnome or muddy pig would be good choices if you ask me.
  2. I would totally look into it but I live in St Paul now and LA fitness is just so close. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I747 using Tapatalk 2
  3. The Minnetonka one is also nice and has a squat rack. So does alexandria and Bemidji if you're out of town, like I frequently am for work. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I747 using Tapatalk 2
  4. I started at snap, the one in NE mpls on Broadway but the problem is only a few have actual squat racks. Really too bad since I like the 24/7 access. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I747 using Tapatalk 2
  5. Work out at LA fitness in St Paul, off snelling/University. Would love a smaller, lifting specific gym but right now LA is just too convenient. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I747 using Tapatalk 2
  6. http://m.active.com/running/st-paul-mn/beer-run---summit-brewing-company-part-of-the-mn-brewery-running-series-2013
  7. St Paul rebel here. Just starting to come back to forums. Doing the Summit brewery 5k in September, any revels out there doing that one? Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I747 using Tapatalk 2
  8. So busy, so behind in my updates! Although I am not behind in training or my goals. Weeks 2 and 3 have gone really well and life is good. I'm PRing all over the gym, eating all the meats and vegetables I can get my hands on and scouring the Twin Cities for a nice apartment. Here's a breakdown by goals: Goal 1 Train 4 days per week +4 STR No problems here. Lifts are all progressing well and I have added some lifts I haven't done before. Holy Shit jump squats kick my ass...Hurts so good. Goal 2 Gain 10 pounds +2 Con, +2 STR Upping calories has been nice and it's a so refreshing to not be cutting
  9. Upping my calories is no problem and getting in the workouts with all the time off hasn't been easier. Great week for fitness. Pumped to go eat big later today. I'm not using any tools for a budget but I definitely could benefit from some. Do you know of any or have tips? Right now I have a loose piece of paper with my income and some fixed expenses but that's it. Pretty rough. My routine looks something like this: Sunday - Back Squat, Deadlift, Row, Jump Squat, Bi Curls, Situps Monday - Bench Press, Overhead Press, Pull ups, Tri ext, Farmers Carry Tuesday - Treadmill, elliptical, whatev
  10. First week down and I'm off to a good start. Lifted 4 days last week, ate a good amount of food but not too much, and did some yoga. Went out and picked up some racquetballs for some other mobility exercises too. Apartment searching has been light but I need to kick it in to high gear soon since we're shooting for 1/1. Yikes. Goal 1 Train 4 days per week +4 STR Lifted Sun/Mon/Weds/Fri. Felt great lifting an extra day a week and mixing in some lifts I haven't done for a while. Goal 2 Gain 10 pounds +2 Con, +2 STR Upping calories is going fine I think. I went a little wild the first couple days
  11. Jabba's Challenge So up here in Minnesota it is starting to get cold and the snow will soon start to fall. That means people will retreat indoors and start to gain weight in order to keep the cold off their bones. For the first time in the past 2 years I will intentionally up my caloric intake and put on some weight. I've successfully cut from 327 to 215 and I'm just sick of it haha. So I'm going to attempt to go from 215 to 225 in the next 6 weeks in a healthy way. I'm planning on eating well, upping my protein intake and lifting as heavy as I can 4 days a week. New to gaining weight so I wi
  12. Week 5 Update Well things are still going okay. Last week I PRed on each lift last week, the only lifts still going strong with the Stronglifts program are deadlift and BB Row. The breakdown: 1) So PRed in Row and Deadlift. Other lifts are stalling but I added 5 pounds last week to Bench, Squat, Overhead Press. So i'm happy with it. Plus the weight is still melting off. Hopefully I can continue the downward trend and then start a bulk cycle and really improve those lifts. 2) Getting conditioning in and feeling resolved about it. Think I'll be attempting the 5K and see how far I can jog this w
  13. Week 3 and 4 Update Wow I've been busy, apparently too busy to post a quick overview of how the training/fitness has been going. So on with it! The breakdown: 1) I'm stalling out on my squats and overhead press but continuing to make gains with my deadlift, row, and bench press. I honestly think the stall is just do to the fact that I'm still eating at a deficit and cutting weight. Planning on trying to add 5-10 pounds on my squat and overhead press per week instead of adding 5 pounds per workout, 3x a week. That way I'm still PRing but just at a slower rate. 2) Despite the busy schedule I've
  14. Highly recommend the St. Paul/Minneapolis area. Cold in winter but gets nice and hot in the summer. Definitely fits your budget but it is definitely a metro based around driving. Obviously we have some public transport through bus and a very limited light rail (it's just starting out and goes like 4 places). Great place to live though.
  15. Week 2 Update So last week just really was not a great time for me. Crazy weird stuff with work really messed up the last half of the week resulting in almost no fitness time for me. I managed to maintain my diet, which is the most crucial, but I feel so lazy everyday I miss the gym. Just sucks. The breakdown: 1) Only got 2 of my 3 lifting days in for the week. I at least like to get all my lifting days in at the gym and usually don't feel so terrible when skipping the gym on non-lifting days, so feeling pretty crappy today. Gym this afternoon though and I'm gonna tear stuff up. 2) Again, the
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