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  1. Wow you are doing super-well. Keep it up and you are going to see some big results real fast!
  2. My second day is going great. I am not tracking what I eat nor how many calories I consume. I am just sticking to healthy foods and water. Made a delicious egg scramble with celery, tomatoes, peppers and avocado today alongside a cup of black coffee and coconut oil. Today will be my first workout, but I have been very active the last few days with kayaking and being at the park with friends. I want to start yoga but I have no clue where to start or what to do...
  3. What's going on everybody? Second day into the challenge how is everybody's goals going? We need COMMUNICATION!
  4. I have not completely picked out my workouts. I know I will be targeting many compound lifts and my weaknesses such as my shoulder girdle and my feet. I'm super excited to become very strong and lean. Maybe y'all could help me create some good workouts?
  5. Hey y'all. This is my first challenge, and it's going to be a major milestone in my life. You see, I have muscle dystrophy. Nemaline myopathy to be specific. Many people do not live very long with the condition I have. But me, I am super blessed... I have it very mild. It affects my life in big ways, such as: walking, raising my arms above my head, weak facial muscles, instability of my shoulder girdle.. etc. But FORGET ALL THAT! I have the power to defeat anything thrown my way.. "a calm ocean never created a skilled sailor". I am currently 19 years old, and live in Southeast, Michigan (Metro
  6. I am making my challenge thread today guys so you know my specifics. I have been doing a lot of kayaking, backpacking and fishing these last couple days. Mixed with some sports. Goals are going well so far! Talk to you guys tonight!
  7. WOOHOO! We got a team together! It's official! We all seem to be on more of a beginner level of fitness and health, so this is absolutley great. SelinaKyle, great to have you I see you are a level 2, so you have actually completed a challenge in the past. Good for you! I look forwards to pushing you along the next 6 weeks and being able to get to know you and your lifestyle. tanglebot what is up! How long ago were you in good shape? We're going to get you a lot stronger and healthier than you have ever been! Look forwards to getting to know you as well and see the big changes you have comin
  8. Great! Welcome to the team glad to have you! I look forward to getting to know you and serving you as an accountabilibuddy! I am full of wisdom and inspiration and look forward to giving and receiving motivation from you guys!
  9. sounds great! we are the first two people in this team we need to come up with a group name and make sure we start all communicating once we get all our members!
  10. What up rebels I want to start a small group of 4-7 people to hold each other accountable. Cross-guild is fine. Preferably people who are just starting out and ready to make BIG changes REAL fast. I'm starting from a broken body (muscle dystrophy) but I am going to become much stronger in this upcoming 6-week challenge (June 3rd). I am a ranger. I am going for very functional stregnth with a lot of endurance. Anyone interested just leave a reply and let's all get to know each other and get this challenge underway! THIS TEAM IS GOING TO BE ABOUT COMMITMENT! Team so far: futureBEAST (i will
  11. Ready to get STRONG

  12. What's up michigan rebels! I'm in Chesterfield/New baltimore on lake st.clair. Anyone ever go up to Stoney Creek Metro Park?!
  13. You're right... sorry. I should have asked some questions. I was looking at more of a welcome to the community but I guess I should have posted in the introductions section! I am going to start eating well and begin lifting. I will definitely check out the Mitten thread rock on guys see ya around!
  14. Hello everybody!!! Greetings from Detroit, Michigan My name is Dylan and this is obviously my first post. Excuse me if this post is a little long... but I believe it needs to be. I am 19 years old, 6'2, and 170 lbs. I have a condition known as Nemaline Myopathy and it has severely held me back from my dreams in the past. Nemaline myopathy (feel free to do research on it if you plan on helping me overcome it) is a form of muscle dystrophy. Certain muscles in my body do not contract such as my pectorials, the muscles that raise my feet (foot drop), serratus anterior, and a lot of muscles in my
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