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  1. I've never been a big fan of Krav but I recognize its value. I'm not dismissing it as a style in the slightest. On the contrary, it has an attitude I like that is akin to the Marine Corps' approach to knife fighting (that translates well into any kind of fighting). The point is, if you get into a knife fight, you ARE going to get cut. Just come to terms with that and your brain moves passed that part on to keeping yourself alive. Fighting in any style is very similar. If you get into a fight, you ARE going to get hit. The best defense against any blow is to not be there when it lands and
  2. You find a different accountability partner. People who tear your goals down are not on your team. They are on their own team, in my opnion. I will say this though. It is wise to constantly reevaluate where you are in terms of reaching your goals and how big/far off that goal is. Sometimes we have a tendancy to pick unrealistic goals, like being 40lbs overweight, having never run a day, and declaring you'll run a marathon in four weeks. I'm not saying you've done that nor that the above goal of running a marathon is out of reach, just that a more realistic approach using achievable goals
  3. Yes. Imo, true Kung Fu is so incorporated into and with Tai Chi as to be indistinguishable at higher levels. In the beginning it can stand alone though, and by beginning read the first year or two. This timeframe usually weeds out those students who are not serious or dedicated to take it to a higher level. We can have a debate about what portions, types, styles, etc of Tai Chi is relevant/needed in a different thread. The base principal is sound though.
  4. Actualy, Tai Chi has a VERY martial aspect to it and yes, it was taken into battle to great effect. There are two paths with Tai Chi; the martial and the meditative. While the martial aspect contains both, the meditative does not. As legend has it in The Old days Tai Chi masters were the most feared martial artists in ancient China. In our school you (when I was still practicing there) you could easily pick out the students who were working hard at both the Kung Fu and the Tai Chi forms. They are complimentary and at a higher level (4th degree and above) there is no difference as they fuze
  5. Worked out today and I think I know exactly what I did to my shoulder now. I did my bodyweight exercises and moved in to center punching from a horse stance (not so good, needs work) on the heavy bag. Did two sets of fifty punches and the shoulder felt great, though a little sore. When I hurt it and on Monday I was doing combinations at a moving taget while moving my stance around. I believe I over extended one or more punches trying to reach the bag and the muscles, not being used to this, did not handle it. So, after the center punching I moved to the treadmill for 30 min at 3.5 mph fin
  6. RAWR!!!!.....okay, maybe a lowercase rawr. Did my first bodyweight workout today after the shoulder injury...NO PAIN at all Until........I started working the heavy bag. Put three combinations on it and as I threw my third right I felt a twinge. Took the gloves off immediately and I'm heading to the showers with ibuprofin coursing through my blood stream, but I got a good sweat going and can get back at body weight manipulation again, HURRAY! Still on track publishing too with issue #19 up today. Haven't missed a day on that one since the challenge started so yeah me, lol. On my kung
  7. I'll post a link to some of his concept stuff as it's being developed. If I can get it for a reasonable price I'm toying with the idea of making a small set of 8x10 prints out of the concept art as a stretch goal reward in the kickstarter. We'll see.
  8. Thank you for your kind words. You can do it if you stay focused and chatting daily in these forums will help you do that. Keep at it!
  9. GRATS Zuel. I'm glad you liked what I wrote . I'm also happy to hear you are doing well. Actually losing the weight is one of the most motivating things I've had. When that scale starts tipping in the right direction and 25% or 50% of the goal is reached I feel really energized to keep going. Your two cents are worth a million Thrillho.
  10. (for the study backing up the assertions below please see the link at the end of the article) You have some extra pounds and you want to lose them. The good news is weight loss is one of the simplest concepts to grasp. However, it is one of the hardest to actually put into action successfully. Here are three simple things you can do to give you a better chance to lose the weight. First, write down both your weight loss goals and your action plan. This sounds like a silly thing, but motivational coaches and results oriented individuals the world over have found actually putting the goal
  11. Workouts have resumed and the shoulder feels good. I'm going to resume the workout aspect of the challenge easing in to it. On the writing front I have some news too. I've reached an agreement with an artist, Ramses Melendez, to do the cover and character collage for my novel Rise of the Herald. His blog can be found at the below link were you can find samples of Ramses' work and I urge you to check it out. We should have Ramses' art featured at several reward levels when the time comes for the kickstarter in November. I'm very excited. Oh, and you can find Ramses on Deviantart.com at the se
  12. Well, her current diet is paleo with a four to five ounce meat in each of three meals a day with almost zero carbs. My concern is that she tends to have that kind of body where 99% of the people have one reaction, and she falls into the 1% that have a different reaction. If the weight loss is working now, I'm concerned that adding whey will cause the weight loss to stop or reverse for one reason or another. Her concern is that she isn't getting enough protein and I can't see how that could be when consuming a pound of meat a day.
  13. I have a question for those of you who are doing a low glycemic index, primal diet. My wife has been doing this diet for about two months and has finally found a diet that her body chemistry likes and her mental approach can sustain. She has been steadily losing weight for these past two months to the point that she's lost about 22 lbs which is a fantastic result for her so the plan she's doing is working. Here's the question. She's telling me she needs to insert whey into her diet and I am pushing back for several reasons. First, she is being successful in her weight loss, something she
  14. You are, of course, entitled to your opinion. I find Tai Chi to be an invaluable tool in the battle bag, not just the training mat.
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