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  1. Sunday - Relax and enjoyed some family time and packing for the move. Monday - 5x5 Squat, Overhead Press, and 1x5 Deadlift 5.54 Mile run
  2. So, my week off of the forum has been caused by a week off of work and my responsibilities and my commitment to myself and my family. I took a week off to pack up my house for a move I have coming up, and it threw off my schedule, and apparently even though I am very close to my free gyms on base, my workouts got forgotten. As well as my school commitment. My life is pretty much a mess. There's so much on my plate that I'm having a hard time sorting through all of it, and I don't know where to go. I got to spend a lot of time with my family last week, but I'm not sure what kind of image or influence I'm making for my children. Either way, this week I'm renewing my commitment, and unfortunately my wife has found my post, so I think she's gunna be pushing me a little too. Last week of my "3 week challenge," here we go.
  3. Alright, week #1 for me done... Here we go: Lifting: 2/3 Grade: C+ My schedule got wonky because of the 4th and the base gym effectively being closed yesterday. Shouldn't be a problem next week. Cardio: S: 1/2 B: 1/3 R: 2/3 Grade: C Again, the holiday threw off my schedule... Paleo: 3/5 Grade: C While I committed to a pseudo-paleo diet, I think I went overboard with the diary and snuck too much sugar in my coffee. Next week my goal will be to just use a dollop of milk in my coffee, and not drink milk outside of my protein shake. Live: S: 0/7 F: 7/7 Sl 3/7 So, this week I apparently really wanted to connect with my family. Unfortunately, that's going to mean some long school hours next week... As is pretty typical for me, I think I dumped too much to expect out of one day, but I'm going to give it another shot next week. I'm going to be taking next week off of work to pack up my house, so ideally it should be easy to hit the time goals, but we'll see.
  4. K, Update. Wednesday made my run in, 2.9 miles in about 24 minutes. Thursday got in gym time, but not my bike ride >.< So much family time in between, but no schoolwork... Paleo's doing ok, had quite a few beers wednesday at bowling and at a going away, and I've already broke it today, because 'Merica. Lifting: 2/3 Cardio: S:1/2 B:1/3 R:2/3 Paleo: 3/5 Life: S:0/7 F:5/7 Sl:2/7
  5. Overslept so didn't make it to the gym this morning, and definitely didn't get 6 hours... So today I kinda have to pick gym while it's hella packed during lunch, or run in the sun and miss a gym day... #Firstworldproblems
  6. Ew, Army Yeah, im just as bad with the slipperyslope of sugardrinks in a day... I've taken to coffee just to get some nonwater in my body, but I even take that a bit far somedays. Good luck with your challenge!
  7. I'm all the way down in Beaufort, a short 3 hour drive >.< Wish I had seen this earlier, could've conned you to go to the Battefrog that was just north of you at the end of June!
  8. 20140701 Morning Update: Bike ride in, ~14.5 miles in 54 minutes. Last night I got a ton of family time in... At the expense of study time. I think that those times will need to be adjusted, because 2 hours of both is kinda killer with still trying to get sleep on a 4 A.M. wakeup schedule. Did, barely, get my 6 hours though! 30 minutes of swimming. - 150M Warmup - 500M for time (got interrupted) 15:18 - 50 Cool Down Bike ride home. 14.74 miles in 46 minutes. Im always faster in the afternoon even though I just finished a full work day and other PT... But, Im now editing this at midnight:30 and I need to wakeup at 4 to make it to the gym... Fuuuuuu.... Lifting: 1/3 Cardio: S:1/2 B:1/3 R:1/3 Paleo: 2/5 Life: S:0/7 F:3/7 Sl:1/7
  9. So, still no internet at home, so big update today while I'm at work. Friday was a shop BBQ, so I may have had a burger and hot dog on a bun. or 3... and soda....... yeaaaahhh... Saturday was a quick bike ride (<30 mins) and an hour of Yoga, then scrounging for internet to do some schoolwork. Sunday was Autocross, so I spent pretty much the whole day standing in the sun whenever I wasn't racing, and drinking tons of water and still peeing yellow... Then victory beers! This morning I've gotten my strength training in, but not 6 hours of sleep, but no garbage food yet. Gunna go on a run during lunch. Workout this morning: Squat 215lbs 5/5/5/5/3 O/H Press 95lbs 5x5 Deadlift 255lbs 1x5 I read Staci's article on how to squat properly, and fixed my hand placement and it really took a lot of pressure off of my spine, which really helped me focus on pushing. I'm moving forward onto the balls of my feet a little, so I really need to focus on staying on my heels. Also, I'm pretty sure I just psyched myself out of my last set of squats because I felt very good for the first 3 1/2 sets. -After Lunch Edit- Went for a noon run in the South Carolina sun! BRILLIANT! Got in 5.54 miles in 47:18 averaging 8:32 min miles. My goal was to do about 25 minutes, but my new running shoes felt so good that I just kept going! I have a pair of Altra's, which have a wide toebox and fit my feet much much better than most other shoes I've worn. Hopefully they continue to perform. -End After Lunch Edit- Weeks will go Sun-Sat, so here's my first full week stats thus far: Lifting: 1/3 Cardio: S:0/2 B:0/3 R:1/3 Paleo: 0/5 Life: S:0/7 F:1/7 Sl:0/7
  10. Emmevee - Yeah, believe it or not that's only the hobbies and stuff that I'm still able to keep alive, not all the ones I want to do... I did "host" a Military Nerd accountabilibuddy group when I first tried a challenge, and it went well. Maybe I'll kick that back up for the next challenge. I'll be looking in that section for some extra motivation irregardless! virtualmonkey - Thank You! Yeah, I'm mostly going to try and focus in on a hobby while I'm juggling school and work and family, maybe 2 hobbies when I'm not in school. It's just so hard because EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!
  11. Internet is out, so ill get more thoughtful replies in when Im not responding on my phone... Got the family time in today, I do love my babies. Watched Brave and got to lull both kiddoes to sleep. Unfortunately, my morning commute ride starts in 4 1/2 hours... stupid sleep.
  12. Edited OP, added a grading scale. Got 6 hours of sleep last night, felt great going into work today! Even though I may not even count this week at all, I intended on starting the habits, and I've already failed. Someone dropped a NoS on my desk when I came back for lunch and I definitely drank it without even thinking about it... There goes one day of paleo... However, this mornings workout went well, had me and my guys do a little crossfit WOD: For time 50x Pull-ups 50x Push-ups 50x Squats Run 3K 50x Sit-ups 50x Walking lunges 50x Burpees Pull-ups were with an elastic band, and I pretty much did 15-25 reps of each exercise at a time, and split the run in half. This is going to count as my run, so: Lifting: 0 Cardio: S:0 B:0 R:1 Paleo: 0 Life: S:0 F:0 Sl:1
  13. Alright, THis is not my first attempt at a 6-week Challenge, though I dearly hope that this one goes much better than my last attempt. A brief bio: I'm a 27 y/o male Marine stationed in Parris Island. I'm 6'3" and 220-230 lbs depending on the day. I've been in the Corps for 8+ years, and have only in the past 3ish years really begun to take my fitness into my own hands. I've competed in 3 triathlons, including a 1st in age group, and a 2nd in Clydesdale. My life has been really crushing me as of late, with hobbies (Triathlons, Magic the Gathering, Bowling, Auto Racing, Gaming), Parenting (2 y/o daughter and 4 m/o son), School (jut finished my A.A. in Communications, starting my B.S. in Mathematics), and a busy work schedule. I need to crack down and schedule my life better, and really commit more time to my family. My first challenge will likely simply be challenging myself to meet my schedule requirements, and clearing up some of my hobbies. I identify as a ranger mostly because I'm a "heavy" lifting triathlete, not so much of a crossfit-er. Anyway, on to the Challenge: Main Quest: Strength: 5x5 workout 3x a week. I really enjoy doing the 5x5, and it's the most lifting I've ever done in my life. Currently I am making it 1-2 times a week, not because of any schedule conflist, simply because of sleeping in too much. >.< A: 3 Workouts C+: 2 Workouts D-: 1 Workout F: 0 Workouts Tri Training: 3x Bike 60min+ 3x Run 20min+ 2x Swim 30min+ I have begun commuting to work by bike, so I intend on using that 3x a week to get my bike time in. Running can be done anywhere, and Im lucky enough to have a big pool next door to my shop on base to kick out training during lunch. A: 8 Workouts B: 6-7 Workouts C: 4-5 Workouts D: 2-3 Workouts F: 0-1 Workouts Paleo: Mon-Fri strictish paleo Strict paleo is expensive, so my goal is to eat meat, veggies, sweet potatoes, water, and coffee during the week, while limiting milk to coffee and my protein shakes in the evening/breakfast. (Milk, yogurt, fruit, spices, chia seeds) Also, of course, garbage overprocessed food is out as well. A: 5 Days B: 4 C: 3 D: 2 F: 0-1 Life Goal: There's a bunch, and unfortunately I really really need to be doing all of them >.< I'm going to cut it down to 2 hours of family time, 2 hours of studying, and 6 hours of sleep every day. I'm currently getting about none of these things, so I know this is a little ambitious... These may change a little during the next couple weeks. There it is. I'm looking forward to heckling, err, interacting with all of you, and I promise I'm more fun than this post conveys. I'm just more interested in being held accountable right now... Thank you all!! Semper Fidelis, Tom
  14. Looking for other military nerds who can help each other keep in check. I'm an active duty Marine, so I believe in once and always, so it doesn't matter to me if you're a Poolee, Recruit, Active, Reserve, Retired, Spouse, Brat, whatever. This will give us a venue to complain about how our Unit's PT just isn't quite cutting it for us, how the 1st Sgt still has his head up his butt, and talk royal smack to each other for falling off our goals. I'll start even if there's no interest: Active Duty Marine Sergeant, been in for about 7 1/2 years. Currently stationed at Parris Island (no, not as a Drill Instructor, though I do have a story about that). Radio Technician, Deployed to Camp Fallujah 07-08. Have spent the past 7 1/2 years convincing my fellow Marines that you can be a nerd and a Marine, and be enthusiastic and efficient in both. PFT - 245-ish - 21:00 3-mile, 13 Pull-ups, 100 Crunches CFT - 298 - 2:55 1/2 Mile, 100+ Ammo Can Press, 2:02 MUF Eligible for promotion this year, and considering the draw down and the fact that I weigh in AT my max weight every time, I figure nows a good time to step up my PT and health game. Links for my 6-Week Challenge and other stuff are in my signature. Here's the List: CommMarine - Ranger Draken273 - Ranger Kalmar - Ranger dr3wcifer - Ranger Gllarso - Ranger I notice a class trend >.< This is the second 6WC I've brought this group up in, looking forward to seeing everyones input here Semper Fidelis
  15. Ok guys and gals, I bunked this 6WC, I'm not even giving myself a level or anything because of how bad I failed it... However, I'm reviving the Accountabilibuddy group in the current 6WC, along with my motivation for it. Head on over there and GET SOME!
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