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  1. I finished another two books. The first "I was told it would get easier" by Abbi Waxman was just a fluffy humorous book that I actually found quite enjoyable about a single mother and her 16yo daughter doing college tours. Was interesting as it was written from the point of view of both. As a mother with a 13yo I found the dynamic between the two interesting. The second book "When we were vikings" by Andrew David MacDonald I'm still not sure about. I found the book looking in the humor section of the library but whilst there were a few humorous parts the overall tone of the book was way too deep to be humerous, spent most of the book in tears actually. It was thought provoking and kept me engaged, but still not sure if I liked it.
  2. Well I can't believe this challenge is over - I start weeks on Mondays so I was thinking I still had today to go on this challenge. But I do want to do a wrap up. Well week 5 was a bust, but that's OK - I do believe the coat was worth it. Overall - How do I feel I did. Goal 1 - exercise. I think the first 4 weeks were really good - I had gotten into a good routing, there was exercise being done, It all fell apart in week 5, but I still feel ok about it. I feel like now the weather is warming up I can get more incidental exercise back in, but I do want to continue lifting too. goal 2 - food Hmmm this is hard. I feel like I'm doing fine if my goal is maintenance, but I need to do something to lose for a little while. Maybe I need to track for a while and go all out. goal 3- Music Not so great on this. I feel like I did get more music in my life the last 4 weeks than I may otherwise have if it hadn't been for this challenge so that's a win, but I also feel I could have done more. So overall - not a win, but a good solid try - I think that I can be happy with what I did, but also know that I can do better. Onwards and upwwards.
  3. Thanks all, so here is the final product - I'm really happy with how it turned out.
  4. Well this week has not gone to plan. Sunday saw the start of the next round of my sewing competition and I chose a design that was a real stretch for me. That's a good thing, but it does mean everything else just got dropped in favour of sewing. Monday I spent the entire day sewing., and I do mean entire. I started at 7am and finished at about 10pm. I skipped lunche, J made dinner for the family. I sat down and ate with them for half an hour or so, then got back to it.....Tuesday was pretty much the same except I took an hour and half off in the morning to get my covid vaccination. L made dinner that night. Wednesday was a bit better I did feel like I could take a few breaks at least and even made dinner myself and today was just normal level sewing. But the good news is it's all done. Just needs a final press then I need to take photos and get my entry ready to submit. At least I'm happy with how it turned out I do believe it was worth it. But that means no lifting and no music this week. Food was pretty crappy Not much of it. But what I did eat was easy and bad. Tomorrow is husband's birthday so probably not a good food day, but I will try and get some lifting in. Then hopefully we can get back on track for next week.
  5. Week 4 Day 6 Goal 1 Was supposed to lift today but ten went for a walk and ended up walking for 7.5 km so figured that was enough for one day. Goal 2: Food was ok but had Chinese for dinner plus cake plus 1.5 glasses of wine Goal 3: nope Week 4 Day 7 Well I got through to the next round of my sewing competition so today was focused entirely on figuring out what I am going to do for that. Based on how its going so far I don't think I'm going to be doing anything except sewing for the next 4-5 days at least. Goal 1 Got a lifting session in before they announced the challenge for this round. Glad I did cause it wouldn't have gotten done otherwise. Did squats and over head press with 13kg and dumbell rows with 5kg, Goal 2: Crap food but little of it. Small amount of Chinese for lunch, even smaller amount for dinner plus a small plate of nachos and a slice of cake. and a glass of wine...... Goal 3: Nope - sewing all day!
  6. Nice work on the lifting - weights going up is always good!
  7. Week 4 Day 5 Goal 1 Another day with plenty of incidental exercise today. J and I created a game involving a beach ball which is basically a cross betweensoccer, AFL, volleyball and anything else you can think of. Basically just a free for all - full contact of course. We had plenty of fun running around both at recess and again after school. Goal 2: Food was good - no snacking - lunch of Jambalaya, and dinner of pork burgers - I did make a cake however and have a slice for dessert, plus licked the beater - however since there was no other snacking there would have been plenty of calories for today left to cover it. Goal 3: Yep - a good hour of playing.
  8. Week 4 Day 4 Goal 1 Got plenty of incidental exercise today. J and I spent his lunch/recess time outside playing today. Threw around the footy, then the baseball, then the frisbee - Then I was buggered and told him he had to go back to school and give me a break. Then after school I managed to convince L to come out for a walk again - what's this twice in one week - It's a miracle! And finally J and I did a lifting session. Squats, bench press and barbell rows at 13kg (28.5lb) Goal 2: Food was better today - still not great but better. I still had about 3 cookies to snack on during the day, but had a good lunch of Chilli, afternoon tea of greek yoghurt and dinner of Taco casserole - and when I felt like I needed after dinner chocolate I kept it to a handfull of chocolate mini wheats. Goal 3: Yes finally managed to get back to this. Played the organ for about 1/2 hour before getting called away to do exercisy stuff.
  9. Well if you insist. Sorry they are all slightly blurry - He doesn't like bright lights and my camera doesn't do low light situations that well. But he certainly is adorable!
  10. Week 4 Day 2 Goal 1 Went out for another walk today. A shorter one today as I finally managed to get my 13yo daughter to come out with us - she's generally allergic to any sort of exercise, so I didn't want to scare her off. Goal 2: Food was OK until after dinner when I snacked on hot chocolate straight out of the jar (hangs head in shame) I just needed a chocolate fix. Goal 3: nope - this is not a good start Week 4 Day 3 Goal 1 nothing today. Will do lifting tomorrow. Goal 2: Food was OK today, just a couple of small cookies, but they are generally within my daily limits. Goal 3: nope - bad naughty`!
  11. Yeah I used to be able to listen to music during the day, then we got a pet hedgehog who is nocturnal, and his cage is in the room where I spend most of my day so I don't want to blare music at him so I've stopped just having it on in the background. At least I've found I can move my little organ to the kitchen to play it without disturbing him. It's really a pretty crappy organ - its an old one my mum and dad bought back in the 80 or early 90s, so barely 4 octaves, no weighted keys or anything, but it's better than nothing.
  12. Week 4 Day 1 Goal 1 Went out for another walk today, then came home and did push presses and barbell rows at 13kg. Goal 2: Much better today. Made it through till 11.30 before eating. Had split pea soup and a single serve of crackers for lunch, banana and peanut butter for afternoon tea and curried chicken wraps for dinner. Only issue was a few chocolates after dinner but today was better. Goal 3: nope. Need to get on this tomorrow.
  13. Week 3 Days 7 Goal 1 No lifting today, but I did get outside and go for a walk which felt so good so I count that as a win Goal 2: Still no good - lots of crackers and chips. Good dinner of Sn Chow Bow, but then lots of chocolate after dinner Goal 3: nope. I had time today but procrastinated instead. Week 3 Overview Goal 1 5 days of lifting and one with a walk. I'm happy with that! Goal 2: I think I can say I fail on this this week - I'm noticing a pattern that when I break Intermittent fasting before lunch it's all down hill from there, so I'm going to concentrate on that for the next week. I want to start eating at 11:30am each day - no snacking early and no leaving it later. I can do this Goal 3: So there was no music to be had this week. I'm not overly worried about that - I entered a sewing competition that ran this week so all my free time was spent getting that done. As long as I get back to my music this week I will be happy. And thus ends my not so good week three - bring on week 4!
  14. Looking good - keep up the good work in Week 4
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