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  1. Exactly as the title suggests - how often do you do laundry? Specifically, activewear laundry - I find myself going to the gym/training with pole dancing up to four or five times a week. I've only got so much activewear, so do I need to launder it literally every time I wear it? Help a sister out!
  2. Week three: crashing in late but hard Wins: Worked out twice! (at the gym, no less) Biked to work three times! did some major tidying of my room did a minor meal prep Learning moments: Maybe I should aim for fewer meals punctuated by digital distraction, just to start with. I had a few breakfasts while reading the paper which was good for now. I started journalling a bit this week (four) so I'm starting on the mindfulness stuff. Something for next challenge, maybe.
  3. Week Two! Another rough one. Some pluses and some minuses. The biggest plus is that I'm sticking to my plan even though it's not quite working out, and I have some plans for next challenge. Pluses: I rode to work three times last week I did meal prep twice! I had three (out of seven) distraction-free meals I did a bunch of ten-minute-tidy-up challenges The minuses: I didn't do any of the NF Academy workouts (or any workouts) The missing of the distraction-free meals (four) My room is still basically messy I have
  4. Week One down! Whew. It was a rocky start, to be honest. I got hit hard with hayfever (it's a really bad season in Melbourne at the moment, eugh) but I still made some good choices. The good: I did the NF Academy benchmark test! I rode to work on Sunday! I had at least 2 (out of seven) distraction-free meals! I did meal prep twice! I completed the first three mindset quests in the academy! The bad: I didn't work out at all I could have ridden to work more than once I only had two (out of SEVEN) distraction free meals
  5. I'm back! I just got back from a month long holiday to the US that contained Camp Nerd Fitness (hooray!) lots of food (delicious!) and a shit tonne of walking. Plus some YogaQuest, which is like yoga but nerdy. But I am back and ready to jump into the Nerd Fitness habit building wagon face first. I think. I know it doesn't make sense, I'm still jetlagged, deal with it. Small steps mean big changes --NF Academy bodyweight workout x 2 per week --ride my bike to work x 1 per week Say no to cake --meal prep x 1 per week
  6. Thanks guys! I've had some lower back issues so I'm wary of picking up anything too heavy – I'm increasing, but slowly. Might have to accelerate the process now though! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. https://vimeo.com/167206079 deadlifts this morning at the hotel gym. Feel free to give me advice on form! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Recap of Week 1! GOAL 1: Lifting 4/4 workouts done! Hooray! GOAL 2: Eating Meal prep done on Tuesday. Managed to eat all prepped meals, and ate mostly under my calorie goal each day. Only managed 3 days without sugar, but I'm working on taking out added fructose from my baked goods. GOAL 3: Yoga Managed 5 out of 7 days of short yoga sessions. No long sessions this week. GOAL 4: Decluttering Organised the last of my paperback fiction books alphabetically. Hooray! I took a bunch of books out that I'm going to be putting
  9. Ugh, you're lucky that you still have sun. It's cold and miserable here in the southeast. Your challenge looks rad! (even though I can't see most of your photos! )
  10. Rough start to the week meant that my meal prep was a bit hodgepodge but I ate pretty well yesterday and Monday even though I didn't have prepped meals so that's awesome. I've decided to start tracking what I eat for a little while through MyFitnessPal (my username on there is asphodelbat, if anyone is interested in being friends on there) (it's from my pottermore username, that's why it's weird). I need to see when I'm eating sugar/sweets so that I can remedy that and eat other things to distract myself. Did some yoga yesterday and Monday, yay! Planning on doing an NF yoga session
  11. I'm so freaking excited. I'm really hoping to get my nutrition and fitness consistently good before camp so I can keep up/not embarrass myself...
  12. Camp! Then to New York for a few weeks, then to Minneapolis for a week for a nerd conference
  13. Last challenge I had some mental health issues towards the end and so the last week was a bit of a wash. The quests I set for myself were doable, though, in the early weeks, and I'm aiming for similar goals this time around. GOAL 1: LIFTING Hitting all my workouts, and doing them to the best of my ability. I'm up to Rank 1B in the Barbell Battalion for the Rebel Strength guide, which has me aiming for 4 workouts per week. I'm aiming for Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. Metric: hitting all workouts Goal: 16/16 workouts completed GOAL 2: EATING
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