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  1. Wow!! Talk about 'Gettn'r'done'!! You must have been sweating more than the pig at the pig roast with that dojang temperature? Good job Optimus!
  2. Great! I love a good old session of wasting time!! Especially the fantastic ones lol! I am definitely going to check it out, thanks for the explanation. Now, just have to find me some "off" people
  3. I practice various forms of Shaolin Kung Fu's meditative techniques; Qi gong techniques that really create clear thoughts within the mind, harnessing 'focus'. Puts the mind into another realm. Daily meditation really helps with this as well, once you learn how to quiet your mind, and listen beyond.
  4. Inspiration has returned to life....and with it, the flow of 'motivation'.

  5. What is 'tumblr'? I've never heard of that before.
  6. "Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm." -Sir Winston Churchill Always great to remind yourself this from time to time.
  7. Welcome!! I have to say, that the motivation that you hold for yourself is incredible! Who in their right mind would ever turn that type of life-bettering motivation down? Good job and congratulations!
  8. If it is exercise you are looking for, Theillien, than the Shaolin school that you mentioned will probably do it for you. I have been previously training in a Shaolin/Wing Chun school, with heavy emphasis on the 'shaolin', and let me tell you, it absolutely got me into shape. It consisted of much running, jumping, kicking, as well as great Qigong exercises to really help clear the mind & promote proper breathing. It definitely wouldn't hurt to at least take a few free trial classes to test the waters.
  9. Hey State_Alchemist! Sounds like you are in a crumby situation. I would feel just as lost (and helpless?) as you seem to be, if I was in that situation. But chin up! This sounds like an absolutely perfect opportunity to focus on the basics that you've been shown for your respective martial arts. You can't build an efficient, tall-standing structure without a good, solid foundation; this seems like a blessing in disguise, as you are giving the chance to really strengthen this aspect of your training. Also, spend the missing training days diving in and conducting research on your preferred MAs
  10. Congratulations Drewsten! That's no easy feat. Reaching the elusive number of '100' is what us monks would call obtaining a black belt. If you haven't looked into it yet, check out the Push Up challenge that we have going on right now, here.
  11. Those are absolutely great results, Thunderneath!! I also love the fact that you have developed strong 'lifestyle' habits from this challenge; truly changing yourself through the Rebellion! Good job!
  12. Good morning & happy Monday to all my fellow rebels! My first six-week challenge has been completed. Though I didn't grade 100% on meeting my goals, I did manage to accomplish them within reasonable success. To reiterate and present my final grading, my goals were as follows: Goal #1: Acquire the Rebel Strength Training Guide (Deluxe Edition) and use its knowledge to put together a fitness schedule that fits within my schedule and compliments my lifestyle. Goal #2: Perform half an hour stretching sessions five times per week. Goal #3: Wake up early before work three times per week and
  13. These are all excellent tips, Cr33g! Thanks for sharing some secrets; I will definitely add them to my practice tips. You mention that you don't train WC anymore; what are you training now, and why was your reasoning for halting your training?
  14. Today is as good day to start as any day, Dr3wcifer! Welcome to the 'Persistent Black Belt Challenge: Push Ups'!!
  15. Welcome aboard 'A better N8', and congratulations on your dedication. This is the perfect attitude to have. Slow & steady also equals consistent results. Once you have legitimately convinced yourself that you want to lead a healthy lifestyle, you'll fall right into place. It's not a miracle that takes place; it's determination & willpower that will transform you! Good luck!
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