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  1. Peggy, hadn't seen your thread until now. How are you? How's the challenge going so far? Wishing you all the best!
  2. Hey!!! I hadn't seen this thread until now! How are you doing? I was out of town for several days and started this challenge a week later. Which is fine; last time I started pretty much halfway through. Great goals! Keep doing your best as usual. By the way, I can tell you that tracking your expenses to notice the spending patterns is one of the best things you can do. I did it for about 3 months and it became a huge step towards becoming debt free (which I'm about to accomplish soon!)
  3. Day 5 Going to Krav Maga class today was a considerable challenge. This morning I reaped the results of going to the gym yesterday and training so hard. I had a lot of pain on my chest, arms and legs, and my shoulder injury was bothering a bit. Also, I felt very tired. I was supposed to leave for class at 5 pm, and at 4 pm I decided to stay home because I was too tired. However, at 4:45 I told myself "stop being such a baby, get up and go to class today." I did a couple of exercises to see how "functional" I was and realized that even though doing pushups was very painful I could handle othe
  4. Day 4 Today I went to the gym with my brother to work on goal #1. The last time I had been at the gym was 2 weeks ago, and were coming today to lift heavy! We did an upper and lower body circuit of 4 sets, leaving arms and triceps out for today. The routine consisted of bench presses, lat pulldowns, bar shoulder presses (behind neck) and leg presses. All exercices were taken from maneagable weights until the very maximum I was capable of handling. In so doing, I broke a few records on my first day at the gym after 2 weeks. The shoulder and leg presses were especially a nightmare.
  5. Day 3 A total waste of time regarding the challenge... I was called to the meeting from work and it took longer than anticipated. So, I lost another opportunity to go to the cardio class, and with that all opportunities for this week. My friend from Japan comes to visit me on Monday, so that's another class that I will miss. I definitely need to rearrange the grading system. I will think about something tomorrow. But I'm happy to see my friend after such a long time. It's been a while since I have a chance to talk to someone in Japanese all the time. My shoulder is still bothering me a
  6. Day 2 After almost 2 weeks of not attending Krav Maga class because of a family trip, and feeling sick and with pain in my shoulder yesterday, I finally showed up for class today. As you can see below, even though I was away from home, I took the opportunity to exercise whenever I could. However, they were body weight exercices focused on strength rather than endurance. So I was really out of shape for the requirements of the class! The warmup exercises were not that long, but I was almost out of air by the time we started with the drills. Our first drill consisted of jabs and strai
  7. Day 1 It seems like a tradition for every challenge that as soon as I start some unseen difficulty arises to make things harder. Last time it was my chest injury. This time, right on the first day, my shoulder impingement kicks in spontaneously. I could barely raise my right arm to pick something from the fridge. I decided to stay home, give it some rest and try again tomorrow. However, this totally messed up my schedule for this week, as cardio at the Krav gym is offered only 2 times a week and this thing already made me miss one. Obviously, practicing the Chinese getup was out of t
  8. Awesome! This is the perfect follow up to your last challenge! Wishing you the best!
  9. 今ã‹ã‚‰ç™¾å¹´ä»¥ä¸Šå‰ã€äººé¡žã«ã‚る天敵ãŒç¾ã‚ŒãŸï¼Žï¼Žï¼Ž Over a century ago, mankind had to face a new enemy… The Titans... The difference of power between mankind and their newfound enemy was overwhelming. Soon, mankind was driven to the brink of extinction. The surviving humans built three walls: the Maria, the Rose and the Sina. They then lived the next century in peace, under their protection. However, in year 845, a Colossal Titan and an Armored Titan appeared out of nowhere. Instantly, the walls were shattered, along with the peace of everyday life. Mankind abandoned Wall Ma
  10. Hmm, that sounds fun. I'll think about it. Thanks!
  11. Thank you! And good question... Any suggestions? Thanks so much, peggysr!
  12. I completed what has got to be one of my toughest challenges, not because of the goals themselves, but because I began the challenge injured to the point were, for several days, I could barely move. (The story of how I got injured and the funny drama around it is on my challenge thread, so I won't go over it again here.) I could only begin slowly halfway through week 3, which allowed me only 3 weeks to meet my goals when everybody else was already halfway through. At one point I thought of giving up, and gave myself every "sensible" excuse to take things easy and to not beat myself over the
  13. Loki, if I were you I would stop judging the diet by pants size. Diet is about mantaining a healthy lifestyle. Pants size is a result of various things that you know such as exercise (weightlifting, body weight exercices and cardio), diet and resting, not to mention the psychological effort to stay on track. If you judge the diet by the pants size you are actually judging it by about 25% of the whole equation. It's like having a car with only one wheel and saying it is crappy because it won't take you were you want to go. This will only make you frustrated with your progress and will make it
  14. Day 41 And so it has come to this… the final battle with the Lizard King, the creator of more than 25 unsolicited obstacle races for Japanese residents, the sultan of radiation, the Green Giant's pet, the remodeler of Tokyo: GODZILLA!!! (Cue in epic drum soundtrack) After being set back for half of the challenge by King Kong (a.k.a. "my ex Krav instructor" pictured below)… …I did everything I could to recover just in time to complete a challenge that seemed like a lost cause at one point. King Kong, FYI, was recently visited by good ol' Miss. Karma who broke one of his fingers du
  15. Day 40 Goooooooood mooooorning, Japaaaaaan!!! And the rest of the world, too!!! Hope all of you have been doing great. My final showdown with the king of monsters has started! And it looks better than I ever thought. I went to the gym this morning. It was actually my last day at the gym for this challenge. Here's what I have to report: CHALLENGE #1 - RAISE THE WEIGHT LIMIT OF SQUATS BY 80-90 LBS BY THE END OF THE CHALLENGE WITH 12-15 REPETITIONS IN AT LEAST ONE SET. STATUS: ACCOMPLISHED!!! Let me be clear about the way this was accomplished. As you know, I only had 3 weeks to
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