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  1. Thursday 9/15 1) Already went for a slightly flatter, less-evil-but-still-mischievous? run. Evil calves hurt like an army of a thousand mini-spezzy's doing burpees on my muscles. 2) Steak so far, with coffee, heavy cream. Whey protein and pork loin tonight. Praise be to STO-MO-KAH! 3) Did evil update of Evil battle logs from weds and today.
  2. Overview of days so far: Monday 9/12: 1) Went to Evil gym. Found evil bench press. Bench is evil right back at me. Notes on workout battle logs. 2) Started off purging evil body with 22 hr fast. Then allowed steak into the evil temple. Evil temple god STO-MO-KAH is happy. 3) Updated Evil Battle log. Tuesday 9/13: 1) Found evil hill of one mile long at a constant 30 degree incline. Hill was evil right back at me. Up and down once was enough. Evil body needs more conditioning work. 2) Stuck to ground beef, steak, and tree nuts. STO-MO-KAH, the evil god of the evil temple that is my evil body was pleased. Also, whey protein. 3) Evil notes in Evil workout battle log. Weds 9/14 1) Did evil late training at evil gym, adapting my evil muscles to nighttime use. Beware muscles, for you may be called upon at any time! Evil knows no sleep! 2) Steak, Pork loin, chicken, walnuts, whey protein, grapes right before evil work out. STO-MO-KAH grows mighty upon this diet! 3) No evil notes.
  3. <A piece of paper floats underneath your door> For all those who want to follow my evil progress, they can also keep in touch on twitter: NFPlex.
  4. Hello everyone, Regrettably, I am a little late to the party, but I am kind of hoping to at least get back to posting everyday . The nay-sayers now have to be quiet, as much as I needed the kick in the butt. (This space under construction)(to be edited not late At night) (Morning Edit) <You see a soft glow permeate a large room, many people clutching ornate invitations and finding their seats in what appears to be a large amphitheater> <The stage is reversed, a large brightly lit stage with a single spot of near absolute blackness> <A voice emanates from the dark> HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Welcome, welcome, welcome! Do come right in! Take a seat! Yes, you will want to be right on the EDGE of your SEAT! For tonight, we reveal, the latest, the greatest super-villain mastermind the world has ever seen! Clawed_bear, poor soul, *THINKS* he is the roughest, the toughest, but nay, I SAY NAY SIR. We shall see, for I SHALL SHOW him, that the domination of these realms by the Spezzy, the goody-two shoes of NFopolis, SHALL NOT REMAIN UNCHALLENGED! However, I recognize that my long sojourn away from NFopolis has left me slightly, how shall we say, less then able to take the fight DIRECTLY to my nemesises. As such, you all are now witness to a GRAND BEGINNING. A revitalization program, if you will, of EPIC PROPORTIONS. Evil Goals: 1) Evil Body training every weekday. My current evil schedule rarely has me starting before 1 pm. So realistically there is no reason I cannot and should not be improving my evil self every morning, emphasis on strength (for punching people in the face), but alternates (running, at evil-lair make-legs-sad improvements accepted, in case, I have to make a strategic advance to the rear with haste). 2) My evil body is a temple and I need to watch what goes inside to worship it. My long absence from NFopolis allowed me to sample far-flung cuisine from Carb-donium, Sugarville, and CornSyruptopia. This has led to an influx of terrible worshipers at my temple. I need to revert to the preferred form of our caveman ancestors in order to purify myself for the coming ordeal. However, two exceptions shall be made. I have weekly Evil League of Evil applicant support group meetings Friday and Saturday night, so I shall be allowed to sample foreign fare in bonds of camaraderie. Of Evil. 3) Take meticulous evil notes about evil progress. The best way to increase evil-ness and awesome-ness is to take meticulous recordings and notes. Evil Memory, even mine, is fallible. Paper is not. <Anyone know of the link of what/where to take measurements?> Evil Goals outside of Body: 1) Catch up on evil paperwork for my evil plans. (really its ridiculous at this point) Like I am so far behind. Evil Challenge Goals (what? they don't fall into either evil category) 1) Show clawed_bear (Captain Slappy) who evil arch-nemesis is. (pics to be posted by the end of week 2) 2) Create dastardly mission to show clawed_bear who is the evilest. (To be issued to the world sometime in week 3 for weeks 3-6) 3) Annoy spezzy somehow (Goody-two goody-two goody goody-two shoes) FEAR NOT, citizens of NFopolis, for I shall be a *reasonably* just task-master, when I RULE OVER ALL. I will only KILL every OTHER DAY! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! <The stage goes dark and as your eyes adjust to the gloom you can make the dull form of a single retreating individual> <You look uneasily to the future, as it appears a little less bright, a little less full of rainbows and puppies, and a little more uncertain>
  5. 4/28 1) No RSG. Off day 2) Draaaaaaaaaaaagged myself to the gym. Ended up liking it. Did burpees, cardio, and some sit ups. Very fun. UNFORTUNETLY, BROKE MY @#%()*$ ANKLE WEIGHTS. Cheap pieces... 3) No landscaping. Rain. 4) Tried veal and dragonfruit, to expand my tastes to live on anything when the zombie apocalypse comes. 5)DID ALL MAH PAPERWORK for the week. Did expense reports on Weds evening and e-time on thursday evening. 6) Bankfail. Can't BELIEVE the ankle weights broke.
  6. I feel pretty baller about this, as its almost one year since I quit smoking. Took the ankle weights off today (forced to, they broke last night during burpees) Just posted a 2mile time of 15:06. Not bad for an ex-smoker.
  7. 4/27 1) Did RSG again. 2) Did more gym after RSG. Lots of cardio and more focus on upper body. 3) No landscaping as early work happened. 4) Ankle weights: after 18 straight hours of wearing them, you get tired and muscles start to feel funny. 5) and 6) nothing here because my phone took a giant poop and died. So I had to get a new one.
  8. 4/26 1) No RSG. Off day 2) Went to gym. Worked out cardio and core 3) Landscaped today. Was awesome. Think I burnt my shoulders 4) Learned how to mulch things. Useful for plant growing when society breaks down in the zombie apocolypse 5) Solidified teaching courses 6) Busy all day and night. Too busy to bank.
  9. 4/24 Easter day. Nothing happening. 4/25 1) RSG tonight! at the gym! its the best! 2) Gym tonight! 3) No landscaping today, but tomorrow hopefully! 4) Ran today for 2miles, with ankle weights. 19:00 or a little under. This is called zombie escaping ability. 5) Emailed boss about courses to teach. Going to work at tutoring. 6) Nothing for bank today... sad.
  10. 4/23 1) no RSG off day 2) which means I did gym today! hah! AND I ran in the morning with gym in afternoon. Go me! 3) No landscaping on weekends 4) More ankle weights 5) Nothing work related 6) Deposited about 3 checks for various things that had been sitting in my wallet. Felt good.
  11. 4/22 1) RSG BW WO R2 'A' 2) Went to gym to do more things after this. Was very tired at end. 3) No landscaping. This is more due to work being nuts and every kid being on spring break and wanting day time tutoring. So over all I feel this is good, as this job pays better then landscaping. 4) Printed out crop rotation list so when the fall of human society happens, I know to how to rotate crops to not wear out the soil. 5) Talked with boss. Got huge list of classes to look at for scheduling ahead of time. 6) Work work work
  12. 4/21 1) No RSG, off day. 2) No gym either. So far, 2 out of 4 days. I guess I have to go suck it up tomorrow and Saturday. I kind of like this. 3) No landscaping either of these days. Landscaping this week has been fail due to work in the early morning and such. 4) More ankle weighting. 5) Submitted timesheet on time again! hah! more overtime. *gets ready to hear another lecture* Gotta bust my hump next week. Gotta get ready to do it to it. 6) No bank between work work work! Out the door at nine back at like eleven... I have to do better with planning my time. So, hopefully TOMORROW will get up early and go running with my roommate. Debating hitting gym now though for a bit. Means I would get back at like 1 bed by 2 for 5 hours of sleep probably not worth it. Besides, I am going to WRECK myself tomorrow. 100 burpee challenge! and another 2 mile attempt tomorrow.
  13. Hey crowbeak, grats on getting the job! If you need some insight into teaching groups of students, feel free to pm me, as that is my main job (teaching).
  14. 4/20 1) Did RSG workout today with a buddy. Who inspires me to do better. Through Spite. 2) Didn't go to gym, but made it through RSG workout. Long day and RSG counts for something right? 3) No landscaping today or thursday and possibly not friday. My other job is picking up considerably and I have first priority to that. 4) Ran 2 miles in 19:20 today with 5 pd ankle weights. Come get some, zombies, that's a five pound gun and 5 pounds of ammo. Shotgun to the face! 5) Submitted expense report today. It got approved. Hellooooooooooo money. Timesheet is tomorrow though. 6) Did not end up hitting bank as between sleep, work and workout, there was no time. Seriously considering redacting goal 2 and replacing it with "Alternate exercise other then RSG" to include outdoor runs which are better then gym. I just want more.
  15. Posting this here as its zombie related: Ran 2 miles in 19:20. With 5 pd weights an ankle. Outside, with hills and things. Was sweating BUCKETS by the end.
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