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  1. I didnt get all my C25K runs in this week. I was in New Orleans on a business trip but I decided to walk everywhere instead of taking cabs to at least get some exercise in. It was a good decision. I walked from my hotel to the convention center and back and then from my hotel to the french quarter and back. Then I took a 2 hour walking tour of the french quarter which was fun. So alot of walking in 3 days. I am back on the C25K today trying to finish up week 2.
  2. I was up to week 5 of the C25K program around this time this year when I hurt my foot. The doctor told me not to run on it of 6 weeks which turned into 6 months of not running. It took alot longer than 6 week to heal and then I was very tentative about running on it. Ever since then I have started and stopped the program a few different times. Now I am up to week 2 of the most recent attempt. I have discovered I really like running and am starting to get into the flow of it again. My business trip went well. I did not get a chance to do an official C25K run in but I opted to walk everywhere in lieu of taking a cab which was a wise choice. On my way out the door for a run. Three weeks and counting before my 5k
  3. I am sure some of your professors would accommodate some extensions. As a former teacher I always appreciated those students who came to me and explained the situation before the deadline than to not turn something in and talk to me after the fact. Those who wont help you out you just do theirs first.
  4. Great blog! I especially liked the article about spices. Keep the posts coming.
  5. So today is a gorgeous day in DC so I am heading out for a C25K run as soon as I finish catching up on the boards. I am also adding a goal. I am giving up beer for this challenge. I love beer like many people here. But after writing down what I consume I realized that I have been drinking way too much lately...ok that sounds bad but you know what I mean. Not an overwhelming amount just more than necessary and more than I should if I want to meet the rest of my goals.
  6. Ok so I decided not to give up the soda. I might hold onto that for the next challenge. Instead I am going to give up beer. I realized that I have been drinking way too much lately. So for the next month I will be the DD when we hit the town. And I am glad you are not creeping anymore
  7. Thank you! I downloaded this to use. I think I am going to alternate it with the other podcast I have been using just to switch it up a bit.
  8. Thanks for posting your meals it has given me some ideas. I tend to always eat the same things since I know exactly how many calories are in everything and its easier when I get busy. But that's boring! So I have been challenging myself to try new meals every week. I hope you had a great trip!
  9. Congrats on the Jeans! I always found that more rewarding than any numbers on a scale or tape measure.
  10. It is a gorgeous day in DC today so I am headed out for a C25K run. I will be on travel for work this week from Tuesday through Thursday. Does any one have any good tips for getting some kind of workout in while traveling?
  11. P.S. I know of a 5k you can sign up for....April 10th just saying.....
  12. Welcome! I think this is a great goal. I may do this as well even though I did not officially list it. All the soda I drink is diet and caffinee free but I think that has just given me an excuse to drink more. Starting tomorrow more water. Thanks for the idea. Good luck with the challenge!
  13. Sounds like you are off to a great start. How much longer do you have until you earn your degree?
  14. If they gave awards for the best goal this would win Working out is much better when you are having fun! Good luck with the C25K. I have started and stopped it many times but hoping it sticks this time especially because I am running a 5k April 10th.
  15. Hello Team! I am trying to get caught up on everyone's posts. I hope everyone is off to a good start. March 7th snuck up on me so I declared today as the beginning of the challenge Lowenna I am fairly new to running as well. You will do great!
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