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  1. sorry havent been active in the forums for a while as well. would join in with wings and lifting as well. Where can i send the money Sundae?
  2. Thanks, but i think i need the luck more for number 1 Day 2 Updates Managed 2 days without sodas or sugary snacks. Had some heavy headaches last night but they got somewhat better during the day. No bodyweight exercise for this week yet as today was strength day, Tomorrow I'll do Sworkit or Limber11 before work still got a sore spot from last week which is why i took the bus the last 2 days. Will start biking tomorrow if the foot is finally better Cleaned festival stuff (i count this as a special room) on the first day, cleaned workout room today prior to strength workout. Still deciding on what to get rid of.
  3. Since i'm already late story part will come later. Challenge goals Pure as water: Quit sugary drinks (no sodas for the complete challenge) Nimble as hare: Do Bodyweight or flexibility routine at least twice a week Hunt like wolf: Go to work by bike or foot at least 50% of the time Sanctuary: Clean a different room each day and get rid of at least one item per week
  4. urgh this seriously throws off my mini challenge plans :/
  5. awesome intro posts. subbed and i'll stalk you from the black forest
  6. khajit <3 I'll think I will keep an eye on this thread
  7. Ouch. Hope you will be feeling better soon. I think you are doing great with your goals so far. Greetings from another ex-nano
  8. Thanks scrolled a bit through the linked articles and bookmarked them for a later read
  9. yay for the primal movement chain Can i ask what material you read?
  10. congrats on the bike commute Love your goals and i have a weakness for every challenge which includes reading books
  11. I'd go for option 2 as well but the point about safeties is a good point. That's why i preferred a cage for my home.
  12. Having grown up more in the country I understand what you mean about the cities. Although some are more anthill than others.
  13. I know the feeling well major.
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