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  1. sorry havent been active in the forums for a while as well. would join in with wings and lifting as well. Where can i send the money Sundae?
  2. Thanks, but i think i need the luck more for number 1 Day 2 Updates Managed 2 days without sodas or sugary snacks. Had some heavy headaches last night but they got somewhat better during the day. No bodyweight exercise for this week yet as today was strength day, Tomorrow I'll do Sworkit or Limber11 before work still got a sore spot from last week which is why i took the bus the last 2 days. Will start biking tomorrow if the foot is finally better Cleaned festival stuff (i count this as a special room) on the first day, cleaned workout room today prior to strength workout. Still deciding on what to get rid of.
  3. Since i'm already late story part will come later. Challenge goals Pure as water: Quit sugary drinks (no sodas for the complete challenge) Nimble as hare: Do Bodyweight or flexibility routine at least twice a week Hunt like wolf: Go to work by bike or foot at least 50% of the time Sanctuary: Clean a different room each day and get rid of at least one item per week
  4. urgh this seriously throws off my mini challenge plans :/
  5. awesome intro posts. subbed and i'll stalk you from the black forest
  6. khajit <3 I'll think I will keep an eye on this thread
  7. Ouch. Hope you will be feeling better soon. I think you are doing great with your goals so far. Greetings from another ex-nano
  8. Thanks scrolled a bit through the linked articles and bookmarked them for a later read
  9. yay for the primal movement chain Can i ask what material you read?
  10. congrats on the bike commute Love your goals and i have a weakness for every challenge which includes reading books
  11. I'd go for option 2 as well but the point about safeties is a good point. That's why i preferred a cage for my home.
  12. Having grown up more in the country I understand what you mean about the cities. Although some are more anthill than others.
  13. I'll be following along again this time GO RANGERS
  14. heyho *waves and tries to get his bearings with the new forum*
  15. Sidequests: Westeros gonna ranger Week 1 - Winter is Coming: Explore the north by taking a multiday hike in the black forest Week 2 - Ours is the Fury: Complete a week of lifting exercises Week 3 - Family, Duty, Honor: Complete a week of yoga exercises Week 4 - Growing Strong: Complete a week of Limber 11
  16. Chapter IV: Welcome to the Underdark The endless gloom of the Underdark gets to everyone sooner or later. The memories of the stars is usually the first to fade, the faint lights winking out of memory... Even the moon and the sun diminish somehow. The memories of their light growing ever weaker till at last only the gloom and the dark remain turning the slaves in their pens from proud beings to hollow husks as they are dragged from their pens and into the mines and smiths of the Underdark where they toil endlessly under the whips of their captors. But some are bowed and not yet broken and so the half elf grits his teeth as he grips the pickaxe in callused hands as he recalls the open skies and woods he longs for. For now he has to comply, growing stronger and harder till he will be able to break free from the Underdark and return to the surface... Preamble Got thrown off track with my last two challenges but willing to give it another go. My character got himself in quite a bind it seems and I'll have to work hard on myself to get him out of this. This Challenge will primarily be about building some good habits again in preparement for my characters escape. Growing stronger, taking care of myself and reduce bad habits. Goal I: Strength and endurance of the Underdark The endless shifts in the mines are designed to wear the prisoners down but with cunning and sneakyness I will incorporate them into my training regime. This goal is all about getting back on track with training again. The goal is to have 3 training units per week. These can be either lifting, yoga or hikes. Focus is getting back to the habit of doing stuff 3x a week regularly. Once per 2 weeks I can substitute a training unit with a spa visit if i get a massage booked as well. Scoring: 1 point per training unit per week Goal II: Purity of water The prisoners drinking pools are dark bubbly ichor designed to pacify the prsioners with a dependency on them while giving them the nourishment to make them work long shifts in the mines. I will try to find a pure water source and to get rid of the addiction to this vile stuff... This goal is about reducing the amount of sodas I drink per day. I will make a concious effort to limit myself to only one sugared beverage a day in preparation of ditching them alltogether in the next challenge. Scoring: 3 points if less than 5 beverages per week, -1 for every beverage above that. Goal III: Memories of the surface life You can see the other prisoner lose hope and their memories of a life before capture in front of you own eyes. I will cling to my memories of the surface and medidate daily I will meditate 6x per week for at least 15minutes. I will set time aside for this no matter what. Scoring: 3 points if i meditatet 6x this week, 0 if i didn't Goal IV: The secret cache The halfelf snuck off to a distant corner of the slave pen and as he looked around to made sure noone was around removed a rock to reveal a small hole. He quickly transferred a small metal object from his shirt to the hole and carefully replaced the rock. Every escape needs preparation and materials and to aid my characters escape I will take care to place stuff where it belongs and keep everything nice and tidy. I'll do this by having daily cleaning sessions. at least 15min on workdays and at least 30min on off days. This is for days that i spent at home. If I am travelling I obviously wont have to clean. Scoring: 0.5points per cleaning session, only 0.5points per day. Sidequests: Westeros gonna ranger Week 1 - Winter is Coming: Explore the north by taking a multiday hike in the black forest Week 2 - Ours is the Fury: Complete a week of lifting exercises Week 3 - Family, Duty, Honor: Complete a week of yoga exercises Week 4 - Growing Strong: Complete a week of Limber 11
  17. braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnsssssssss..................
  18. Welcome to the rebellion Glad you joined up and looking forward to all those km of road you are going to leave behind
  19. i think too far for the planning committee but i'll join the german invasion force
  20. Hey everyone, as you know i started lifting at the beginning of this year with a budget kit and I think i might be close to outgrowing the budget barbell, at least on deadlifts. So I started lookign around for a decent barbell to get in a month or two. Any recommendations? Currently I have been looking at a ATX Powerbar Black Mamba maybe.
  21. welcome from me as well *waves from baden wuerttenberg* taijiquang and pushhands sounds awesome. I finished reading "The art of learning" recently and his description of pushhands made me curious to know more about it.
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