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  1. Random Thoughts of Randomness

    I haven't been to Japan (yet!) but I've studied the cuisine as a hobby. Based on your list, you still get to eat soy and tofu, miso, beef, seaweed, eggs, SO MANY fishes, duck, some kinds of pickles, sweet potatoes, squash, konyaku/shirataki (hi low carb!), sesame, beans, mushrooms, daikon, chestnuts, all the greens ... plenty of delicious Japanese things. You might have to start cooking for yourself more, since garlic and ginger are in a lot of prepared Japanese foods and nitpicking ingredients is admittedly a pain. I taught myself to cook Japanese (and am working on Korean and Chinese) because I too have religious restrictions, and I also hate a lot of the artificial colors and shit they add to imported foods like tsukemono. It's surprisingly easy to make the stuff yourself, and I bet the ingredients are real easy to get where you are. I'm slightly envious. ^^