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  1. Random Thoughts of Randomness

    In other news, there's no day so shitty it can't get a little worse when you come home starving, try to cook dinner, and get attacked by the most vicious hot pepper in the state. Somehow I got a fucking ghost chile disguised as a jalapeno. I knew I should have just gone and bought potato chips instead.
  2. Random Thoughts of Randomness

    You get ALL those shows for your $99 / seat? Sign me up! Or is it just one show?
  3. Some people just drink it straight, too, though it isn't for everyone. I slurp broth when I'm fighting off a cold. I don't own a pressure cooker and my freezer's microscopic, so too lazy to make stock most of the time, but it's the backbone of real French and Mediterranean cooking. Most good soups and sauces begin with stock. (Stock is also big in Japanese cooking, but they use dashi, which is made of seaweed and dried fish flakes, so it only takes a few mins to make.)
  4. Diet help

    Vegetarian food is absurdly simple imo, except maybe squash and artichokes. (I mean, I like artichokes, but who the heck wants to spend dinnertime dissecting a thistle with their teeth?) The only trick is limiting those grains. If you keep a lid on your bread/pasta/rice and don't eat sweets too often, you should be fine. I do most of my veggies one of a few ways: raw, fridge pickled, oven roasted, or sauteed. Pretty much anything that grows can be eaten one or more of those ways. For the roasted/sauteed, just add a spoonful of your favorite oil and some lemon juice, garlic, salt, pepper, etc. To control "bored eating," do not keep tempting junk munchies in the house. Keep only nonaddicting munchies, like carrots and fresh fruit. Don't think "portion size," that doesn't work if there are 10 more portions in the bag and the bag is just sitting in the pantry. Just keep it out of the home so it's not easily accessible. If you must munch, at least you'll be munching real food. (I am a natural grazer, so I have to be careful not to bring too much junk food home, because if it gets in the door, I will eat it until it's gone and no one can stop me. So I have a rule that if I want cookies or chips, I have to make them myself or go all the way to the store to get them. Usually this is enough to get me reaching for something more accessible, like an apple. I also buy crusty artisan bread that goes stale really fast, which has cut down on my addiction to toast.) Another good cure for boredom munchies is to drink tea or water. No calories, keeps you hydrated, and getting up every so often to refill your cup or use the bathroom provides a nice mental break too. I used to go through two or three cups of tea per hour when I was working on term papers, which made me extremely anxious. (The term papers made me anxious, not the tea. Sipping hot tea helped me settle down.)
  5. Random Thoughts of Randomness

    I could never get ornaments to stay in my hair, one reason I don't keep it long anymore. I decided I'm more of a hat person.