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  1. If you're stuck at a number of reps, I would suggest doing it slower. For me at least, that helps stress the muscle more and break through plateaus later.
  2. Sounds good. Some people draw from a deck of cards and use whatever value is on the card.
  3. ditto for cast iron, or you can put your eggs in a microwave safe dish (eg glass) and nuke them. I make eggs in the microwave all the time.
  4. anecdotally, my weight's been pretty normal my entire life; I was a slightly thin teenager and became a slightly curvy adult. My periods have been what I would qualify as somewhat heavy, with agonizing cramps, the whole time. I also have pretty short, slightly irregular cycles. I suppose larger women might bleed more than smaller women because their proportions are all bigger, but I think it varies a lot more by individual (genetics and hormones) than by outer body size. Even if you gain/lose fat or muscle, your internal organs aren't getting noticeably bigger or smaller. as for the state of US education, don't get me staaaarted. People here literally think teaching kids about sex is a violation of their religion. And I used to have a job in a furniture store, where we had to deal with numerous people who were too stupid to measure their door before ordering a sofa......
  5. I thought everyone knew that, but guess what everyone doesn't know: that the monthly pill packs include a week of placebos just to make you bleed! I still remember explaining that to a guy friend a couple years ago (hence why I normally tossed the pack after 3 weeks). He was astonished and I didn't blame him, it's bleeping ridiculous to pay for a prescription drug that comes in 4-week packs where literally 1/4 of the pills you're buying are duds. This is one of the many reasons we still need feminism. Etc.
  6. oh, good timing. Fitness: Take a walk every day, unless it's pouring rain. If it's pouring, 10 mins of calisthenics and stretching. Nutrition: Frequent intake of soup, veggies and tea. This will decrease the volume allotted to treats and ensure adequate hydration. Lifestyle: already set goals with my shrink. For bonus points, also try my new meditation app at least 3 times
  7. You aren't responsible for getting her to go. I'm just saying you ought to tell her it's a good idea. What she does after that is her problem.
  8. 3 small bags of chips after a busy night isn't serious. Don't sweat it. I'd be hungry after an episode like that too (stress burns calories you know). Your friend really needs mental health counseling. Please tell her to get some. Going to rehab/halfway is not enough, she needs a therapist.
  9. For avocado, which is a plant fat, sub an extra spoonful of olive oil. For zucchini, a starchy veggie, try squash, eggplant, or plantain. Ditto for sweet potatoes. For seafood, which is a protein, you could swap in a lean meat like chicken or pork. For yogurt, another protein, you could have a glass of milk or a scoop of cottage cheese.
  10. If your apartment has a gym already, maybe you can ask the management to buy some free weights.
  11. Microwaving food has no effect on its caloric content. None, zip, zero. All it does is make the food hot. To go into more detail, the microwaves energize water molecules in the food, heating them to a boil. Essentially you're steam-cooking the food from the inside out. Obviously, since water has no calories, it doesn't matter how much steam you boil away: the dehydrated food will have the same amount of calories it had before. It'll just shrink. (Unless it's a marshmallow, then it'll puff up momentarily and deflate. Putting Peeps in the microwave is a fun thing to do if you're bored.) Frying food adds calories because you are cooking the food by immersing it in liquid fat. Some of that fat clings to the food. Grilling is usually less oily and therefore doesn't add as many calories as frying, but it depends whether you used a baste/marinade/sauce.
  12. As far as raw vs cooked goes, you don't actually need a lot of raw veg in your diet. There's a reason humans evolved on cooked food. Some nutrients are better preserved in raw form, but others become more accessible to your body when cooked, sprouted or fermented. (for example, east Asians and Arctic natives hardly ever eat raw greens. It's all stinky pickles, seaweed soup, and half-digested lichen from caribou stomachs... yum, moose barf. Meditate on this if you are repulsed by mild baby spinach.) Don't let anyone tell you that raw food is the key to health, cause it's not. I rarely eat salad, just cause it spoils so fast and I hate throwing away food. Most of the veggies in my life are cooked or pickled. Nothing wrong with that. You do need to eat some solid veg for the fiber and stuff, though. If you just drink juice, the bacteria lining your gut ain't getting none, and they will be sad. You don't want your intestines and colon to be sad. Cook the veg if you wish, but do eat some regularly. It is quite simple, you chew it up and swallow it. No need to use a blender, your digestive system blends things pretty efficiently on its own.
  13. Standing around actually doesn't burn that many calories, nor does walking a few paces intermittently. It's fatiguing and hard on joints, but not a big weight burner. Steady walking, especially on stairs or inclines, burns more energy. Most of the scientific data we have on the subject comes from people in a lab on treadmills (and "standard" exercise test subjects are often male, sigh..). So your fitbit may be exaggerating when it says you are burning 3000 calories a day with your shuffling around the shelves. Gardening, however, is good exercise. You are walking a lot, bending, kneeling, lifting and carrying. It is a bit intense for someone who's been on the sofa all winter or isn't used to heavy lifting. My mom, who is a slim cyclist, still gets sore from gardening every spring. Maybe yoga or tai chi would agree with you? It is light enough to not drain you much, but could improve flexibility (less soreness) and rev up your activity level.
  14. Fruit is mostly water and sugar. Probably not the most effective breakfast if you are trying to fast, because you might get an insulin crash after eating just fruit on an empty stomach. Some people who do intermittent fasting like to have coffee with oil (fat) in it for breakfast.
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