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  1. of course, I would never suggest using your new kitchen torch to burn down the capitalist patriarchy or anything. Noooo. Not me. It is strictly for giving people just desserts.
  2. Alternate solution: buy a blowtorch. Make your own dang brulee. Then you have creme brulee and also have the means to quickly set things on fire.
  3. last time there was a hyped up announcement, I think there was Rising Heroes and/or monthly personal coaching. I'll admit I paid scant attention to either. Maybe a new app, or a new Youtube series, or a podcast, or maybe they're opening a gym somewhere. Or they just partnered with some big brand. Or Steve got a girl/boy/nb friend. Or they're putting out a CYOA novel. Or they're doing an adventure trip. Or a theme park. Or a space mission....
  4. If you're stuck at a number of reps, I would suggest doing it slower. For me at least, that helps stress the muscle more and break through plateaus later.
  5. car's fixed, life gets batshit in a few other ways though. Raincloak has a sad.
  6. oooh look at all that desk under there. Very nice.
  7. aaaaaand my car died. Evidently I burdened it with too much glorious purpose. Restoring its awesome will cost about $1100 which I don't have. fucknuggets.
  8. I went axe throwing with friends on Sunday. (I guess that's like the newest thing) Turns out I kick ass at it. Who knew?
  9. I'm not going to answer any social invitations tonight. I've been at the world's beck and call all week, enough already. Now I'm just gonna stay home, eat pasta in my pajamas, and write for NaNoWriMo.
  10. Inorite! It's soooo unfair. More motivation to exercise (carefully) to prolong the delusion that we're not getting old.
  11. Sounds good. Some people draw from a deck of cards and use whatever value is on the card.
  12. Writing it down is a great idea. Writing is always a great idea. Unless you're writing it with the intent to make money, in which case you might need some other ideas. Have fun.
  13. ditto for cast iron, or you can put your eggs in a microwave safe dish (eg glass) and nuke them. I make eggs in the microwave all the time.
  14. RAAAAAAAWWWWWRRRRR Thank you for coming to my talk.
  15. To me, what it means is: if you're in total despair, that means hope is right around the corner. If you've lost everything, you have nowhere to go but up. Or to put it another way, faith is something you do when you're suffering; if you are not in deep trouble, it is easy to have faith, but if you're not suffering, then faith is pretty pointless. More to the context of "Fear and Trembling," with the parable of the knight and princess and stuff, it means: if you surrender everything, then you gain everything. (I'm actually borrowing the quote for a chapter header in a story I'm writing, where a character is traumatized and heartbroken after some really bad shit, and another character gives her a pep talk.) I looked up "Fear and Trembling" about a month ago because I wanted to know more about this "knight of faith" biz, which a Christian friend of mine occasionally talks about on his Facespace. I'm not Christian, but I am a sappy romantic, and I like knights and devotion and stuff. I dunno how keen I am on the "total surrender" thing for my own ethics, but there were some points in there I found enlightening. (as far as the sacrifice of Abraham's son goes, which Kierkegaard discusses at length, Jews at least seriously question whether Abraham was, in fact, morally right in trying to do that. Commentators note that God never speaks directly to Abraham again afterwards, and Sarah dies in the very next chapter. Christians are way more hooked on a positive interpretation of the story, because it has much in common with the "sacrifice of Jesus" narrative. Muslims tell the same story with Abraham's elder son, Ishmael, but I've never found out what they think of it morally.)
  16. Unlikely. Knees aren't made of muscle, they're cartilage and tendons and stuff. And I know what DOMs, this isn't it. Something is inflamed in there. Resting helped, but I may have to consult somebody if it persists. Very annoying.
  17. "Infinite resignation is the last step before faith." -- Kierkegaard
  18. climbed stairs for exercise, like, 3 times in a 1-week period. Now my knees hurt. wtf? I'm 33 fucking years old and normal weight. Something's not right here.
  19. I feel your pain RubiksCat... story of my life, boy do I hate American healthcare. in totally random thoughts, I have this beautiful stripy spider outside on my balcony that looks like it's walking on air, and it gets bigger every day. I don't know what it's eating because I don't see it catch any bugs, but I'm enjoying having it for a temporary pet.
  20. I would say uninstall the game. Yes, you can. Think of it this way: your willpower points refresh daily, but they are limited. Do you really want to waste them on a stupid little app?
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