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  1. Hahahahahaha thanks lilbichy! I would give myself an A but that would be the fourth time I've changed something challenge related. So as much as I would like to give myself and A, I can't.
  2. WOO!!! High five random stranger!! High five other random stranger!! WOOOOO!! This was me after completing my first ever Obstacle 5k. The Rugged Maniac was awwwweeeesome. I had an absolute blast. I was covered in mud and shed a little blood, alotta sweat, and even a few tears on that course. The thing that really motivated me was when we were going over one of the obstacles, and the guy volunteering said "Hey its the neon guys. Wow you guys are making great time. I'm rooting for you." By the way, my teamates and I were decked out in neon and were wearing eye black, at least in the beginning of the race. The camera guys loved us, hopefully there will be some funny pictures. As for how well we did, we finished with a final time of 40 minutes. It was a little above my goal, but it turns out we still made great time, as we overlapped a lot of people in the previous wave. So for grading I'm going to give myself a B on this goal. I would highly recommend it to anybody wanting to sign up for one of these races. We are definitely coming back next year, and we also want to sign up for a Run for Your Life race. Ok, I'm going to eat everything in my house and take a nap. Bye!
  3. Wow congrats so far!! You're doing a great job!! This may be a dumb question but... Are you still active duty or are you just really involved with Marine activities? There is no better combination of words than "free stuff." Congrats on your great time. Semper Fi (that is marines right? Lol)
  4. Don't worry about your weight, you are doing fantastic!! People sometimes look at weight and think that is the most important factor. But meanwhile, muscle weighs MORE than fat. So you may be burning fat and gaining muscle. It all depends on how you feel, and from the sound of it, you are doing a good job. Also, compare yourself to your original pictures, I'm sure you'll see a difference. Keep up the good work!!
  5. Hahahahahahahaha. I thought I was the only one who talks to his body parts. I know exactly what you mean with the chest and legs yelling at you. Legs haven't been giving me a hard time lately, mainly just my chest, and sometimes my left ribs (not really sure what they have to complain about.)
  6. Remember how I said I was going to do active recovery today. Well instead I tried my first crossfit session. It was horrible. Here's how it went: Warmup (do each for 15 reps) Jump rope (3 minutes) Prisoner Squats Push Presses (no weight) Lunges Run around the building, about 200m (about) 1 minute of dip hold (hold yourself in dip position) Run 1 minute bar hangs Run 1 minutes Plate Pinches (each arm) Run 2 minute handstand hold Run 3 minute squat hold Run 3 minutes of some hold when you are on all fours but your knees are only an inch off the ground Run 4 minutes of holding 45 lb bar overhead Run 2 minutes holding one leg at 90 degrees and balancing on the other (each leg) Run As you can see, lots o' static holds and running. Well it's a good thing static holds are my least favorite thing... But it was fun nonetheless and I will definitely be doing it again.
  7. Owowowowowww!! This was me coming out of my first crossfit class (session?). Even though today was supposed to be recovery day, I got a trial lesson in a local box so I thought "screw it, why not?" This place though, is all crossfit, minus the crossfit. Like they don't call it a box, or the people running it aren't coaches, but what we did was definitely crossfit. Plus they also have a cafè out back that sells super duper vegan health food. I bought some trail mix post workout and it was delicious. Plus the guy running the place is awesome. He's 62, but looks like he's 40 at mos, its uncannyt. He is a character job though... he walks around barefoot all the time (that's my favorite part) and his words of encouragement are hysterical. I just had to share my first crossfit experience. If you want to see exactly what we did, I wrote it in my battle log. Alot of static holds. Now I'm going to go cry and not move until my race Saturday.
  8. Well, very good workout day today. Ran my 3 miles with a final time of 25:46. I also found out what I did last time was less than three miles so I improved by 10 seconds while also adding more running. But that's not all I did... After my run I get home, eat, and shower. Then I get a call from one of my friends. We are playing Pick-up basketball. I can't refuse, so I go and play basketball for two hours in very humid weather. Hey the more exercise the better right? Tomorrow I'm going to do some sort of active recovery like walking and the day after tomorrow is rest, rest, and more rest.
  9. Don't worry about the workouts you skipped. Just forget about them and go even stronger next week!! And also, I remember you saying something about being the female Bear Grylls. Have you done anything involving that? Like camping, hunting, survival camp, etc.
  10. Just finished Week 5, Day 2 of the rugged regimen. It went: Tall Box Jumps 5 reps Renegade Row to Press (you may want to watch the video for this one, can be found in link in first post) 10 reps Pistol Squats 8 reps (each leg) Pull-ups 8 reps Diagonal Chop 8 reps (each side) Push-ups 15 reps If you have clicked on the link, you may notice push-ups weren't in today's workout. I added them myself because I felt there wasn't any chest/triceps exercises. And cause I'm an overachiever As for tomorrow I've decided not to do the prescribed workout. I'm going to run for distance, because I haven't done that in a while.
  11. Glad you're still going strong in Week 4!! I've been feeling very enthusiastically about it too. And let me know how World War Z is. I've really wanted to see it.
  12. My rugged maniac is this Saturday in Brooklyn. I'm really excited and looking forward to it, but I'm kind of nervous. I don't know where this fear is coming from, but its very present. Maybe it's because of my very breakable limbs (broke my right wrist four times, my left one two times and sprained both ankles once, not including my most recent injury.) So my plan is don't be an idiot. And speaking of my ankle, it is fully healed. Fortunately it was not that bad, and I'm back after it. Wish me luck!!
  13. Hello everybody. As it turns out, I've been doing what I'm supposed to be doing here in my 6 week challenge thread. So naturally, I'm moving it. The link to my challenge is in my signature. So this week I've decided to do week 5 of the "Rugged Regimen." Its a bit different than what I have been doing (again see my challenge thread) but I've decided it'll be nice for a change of pace. So today, I ran for 4 minutes, then stopped and did ten reps of one of the following exercise Squats Push-ups Mountain climbers Lunges Plank to push-up Repeat until every exercise has been done. It was fun, and I did it bearfoot but the heat made it very difficult. If you want to see the full rugged regimen click here
  14. Hello all! I just realized I was doing this all wrong. I'm going to be basically transferring this thread to the battle logs. I will still update on this thread, but much less often, as I will be posting my workouts in my new battle log. The new link is in my signature. Thanks. Yes I definitely feel stronger through each workout. And I do the same thing when running. Only difference is I don't exactly enjoy running. I will continue it throughout the challenge, even after the race just to condition myself. But next 6 week challenge is going to be much more strength based.
  15. If you like watching a Uma Thurman have a samuri battle with 88 ninjas (at the same time) and kill them all, then yeah the movie is very awesome. I would highly recommend it.
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