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  1. Hi All, Sorry for the extensive duration of AWOL. A combination of family bereavement, new place and massive work-load has kept me off longer than I would have liked, like a few months longer. Back on the wagon now though and should be back in fitness-business too!
  2. Believe that I have located an enemy ally. Surprisingly, that ally is myself! Who would have thought it? Never did like that...me... Tried my secret weapon out again today and, while it worked, I was racked all day with cravings. Luckily I had a packet of chewing gum with me as a distraction so I didn't give in. On a side note, who else here has finished a pack of 10 in ten minutes? But then continued chewing for a solid 6 hours? Battle 2:...we'll call it a draw Today: 3.66km jog Finished in 20min 43 secs. Quite happy with that but I'm thinking I'll be feeling that tomorrow 30 minute
  3. ....Card swipers! Shhh!!!! Don't give them any ideas! They could be reading this now. I'm going to take your advice on board and start bringing snacks cause even without the change I was craving some chocolate! Right back at ya! Love the walking goal btw. There's a shop 20 minutes from the house that I walk to for a smoothie at the end of the day. It's relaxing, peaceful and hey, I get a smoothie out of it, so I think that's a great goal!
  4. May have found a secret weapon in the fight against the Vending Machine. If I don't bring any change to work, then I can't use the vending machine! Easy to resist it when you can't physically use it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hl545RF6dXA Battle 1: Win! Today: 20 minutes Yoga Took it nice and easy today. Just mindful of the shoulder and that I have Wednesday as a Active Rest day.
  5. I am Mike Shadow I have identified my first nemesis in the path to fitness. It's sweet siren call is something that must be denied, it's alluring rectangular form must be ignored and it's black and grey iridescence must be scorned. It is, of course, the Office Vending Machine. For too long I have fallen prey to this foul mistress. I often heard her Snicker-ing at my lack of will power and discipline. She has me Twirl-ed around her little finger (if she had any) and has me caught be-Twix giving in to immediate gratification or dealing with the stresses of the job alone. ...OK enough with
  6. It all started with a toothbrush and a mirror... That was the first time I realized that eating as much as I did when I was younger and fitting as much sports as I could into the rest of my hours definitely doesn't work if you stop the whole exercise aspect. It especially didn't help that drinking every single day for a year because I was on a Erasmus year in France was an acceptable, nay, required activity. There's nothing that can explain Newton's 3rd law quite as well as when your toothbrush brushes to the right and your man-boobs go to the left... I also don't think there is anything q
  7. Hi guys, I signed up to Nerd Fitness newsletter around a year ago, but only decided to start in the forums now and get some accountability and/or motivation. Not sure how this goes so... I'm just going to list them out. 10 pull-ups in a row (current max is 5 and I've always wanted to do them) 3.5km run without stopping (there's a nice little ring around the neighbourhood that's this length) Meditate for a minimum of 10 minutes before bed every day (instead of just flopping down and sleeping) No chocolate for the challenge (there's a vending machine at work that mocks me everytime I walk
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