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  1. You decided to go to grad school?!?! CONGRATS!! How very exciting! Where are you going? What's the program? Who are you working with? Squee! I'm sorry about your calves. What on Earth did you do?
  2. While I'm glad you had a check-up six months ago... you didn't have these symptoms six months ago, you had them now. I would still be far less worried about you if you went to the doctor. Hypoglycemia is nothing to shrug off as a glitch. It can kill you. And not in the "smoking will kill you slowly and eventually" sort of way, but in the "you won't wake up the next morning" sort of way. Please be safe and take care of yourself.
  3. Get yourself to a doctor, and quickly, if you think you've had a hypoglycemic incident. No one healthy should ever experience dangerously low blood sugars by simply reducing calories. Without having checked your blood with a meter at the time, or knowing exactly what you've been eating, I can't give any other sage advice except get to a medical professional. Expect to have a full metabolic blood panel drawn and probably a visit to the dietician. I recently experienced something similar, but it was due to my experimenting with a super-low carb diet. It did not work for my body at all and for
  4. Name: werwolf/wolfy Brief overview of goals: Do it my way and remember that what got me where I am will get me where I'm going. I want to stop letting other people *coughmybrother'swifecough* stand in the way of my going to the gym. I want to get back to basics with my diet and eat what feels natural for me. I want to recapture the motivation I used to have. Now that I've stopped feeling bad physically, I'd like to stop feeling bad emotionally. If you follow a specific way of eating: Fruit and veg, whole grains, low-fat dairy, and lean protein. And never again will I stray. I really don't wa
  5. Nobody else can tell you what's right for your body. Do what you think is right and if it works for you, then that's excellent. No matter what you do or eat or think there's always going to be somebody else trying to tell you that you've done it wrong if you don't love it the way they do. But every body is different and while everyone is entitled to their opinion, they don't have to voice them when it concerns your life. (And you don't have to listen to them. )
  6. Just for the record, although I began the experiment by maintaining my calorie restrictions, I didn't keep them. As soon as I lowered my carbs further, and especially when I entered hardcore carb face-punching, I didn't count a single calorie. I even drank heavy cream straight! lol I wasn't actually trying to break myself, that's just what ended up happening.
  7. Welcome to the club True! Would you like to name your food supervillain? I've got Peanut Butter Mothra and Clawed has Two-Faced Fructose Glucose.
  8. You are the King of Badassery.
  9. Oh Rugger, you just have to use the right equipment.
  10. I may need a definition of decent. I'm always getting it mixed up with decadent.
  11. So you're working, but they pay you. And you're getting a lot of exercise walking, but it makes your feet all pain-y. And you get delicious on-diet prawns at work, but you're always at work. Man they invented the term swings and round abouts just for these situations! lol Keep up the good work (at work and on yourself). The werwolf is proud of you!
  12. I'm the only person I see walking into the building with an insulated lunchbox in the morning, but I don't care. I need food that's good for me and I need it close at hand. These other people can go down and buy just whatever's on offer at the cafeteria or crap from the newsstand, but that's not my style.
  13. Exactly Spezzy! You always were my kinda gal. I have had genuine fear of injuring some of the smaller men I've been approached by. Plus, it's one thing to think you could maybe take them in a fight and another to KNOW you could take them in a fight and that they'd probably hide behind you if ever you were in danger.
  14. I'm just bumping this up in case a certain DarkKent might want to locate us.
  15. DarkKent... you should come see us over at the Girls (and Boys) Who Eat Their Feelings thread. I think you'll find a lot of support and some similar experiences.
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