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  1. Awesome job so far! Hiking is a great swap for gym!
  2. That would be a super cute picture of a ferret! I wish mine would let me get cute pics like that of them. The last two days have been a bit out of normal. I had a concert Sunday night (Good Charlotte) and had yesterday off from work. I also gave in to my stresses. I finally got a new (used) car. My old car died on me one night and I decided I was just over it. I noticed on new car there was a leak. I was smart and got warranty on it, through a 3rd party. I guess the car needs transmission rebuilt or replaced. So I have no clue when I will have my car back. Luckily my dad
  3. I like the goals and flowchart! Good luck this challenge =)
  4. Placeholder for weekly totals... Week 1 - D1 - Damage Done: 65 Taken: 0 Health Pot: 1 (25 socializing) D2 - Damage Done: 71 Taken: 50 (ouch) Health Pot: 1 (25 Socializing)
  5. LOL the fitbit is gone =) I decided to get rid of it to overcome my step count addiction.
  6. I really like that Age of Pandora! Looks like it would be a fun little thing to try sometime =) I am back and ready to follow you again this challenge! Let's rock it!
  7. Such cute pics! Sounds like a good set of goals! How do you like habitca so far? Are you in a party? I have been using it for a couple years now.
  8. I took quite the little hiatus from here this year. Lots have happened and now I feel like I am at a place to come back and focus on doing challenges again. I will start back up by finishing the last one that I quit on. Vs King Sombra! Of course my love of My Little Pony has not changed since last challenge here =) King Sombra is a living shadow creature known as an umbrum. The purpose of his existence is to destroy the Crystal Heart and set free the umbrum army trapped below the crystal empire. He must be stopped at all costs. Sombra’s Health – 2000 Abilities –
  9. The battle has been put on hold. I have started feeling overwhelmed with things. I am taking a break from lots of online stuffs. I had someone point out the other day, "You have an app for everything" so true. I use this for goals and also use habitica. I have my fitbit and always doing daily challenges, which I find I get obsessive on my daily steps (which I have lowered goals). I am always tied to some obligation, goal, some excuse. I feel like sometimes we lose the personal interaction when all we have is online stuff. Even dating is mostly done online (I am one of them too). I
  10. I know week 3 is usually rough on me. =) We got this though! Nice weather is always a plus!
  11. This week has been pretty good overall. I did figure out I have numbers all messed up. So my Boss Damage is higher than I expected daily. I am missing damage today, since I broke on the Fast food and Diet soda already. Work crush is forgotten pretty much. Since he is out in the field most of the time, I do not see him or really have much direct contact with him. Gym crush is still the same. I am actually surprised I haven't lost interest on that one yet. I have a short attention span which also includes crushes. I am enjoying the Chakra teachings and doing tarot readin
  12. I love your set of goals. Laundry likes to get the best of me too! The only things I could ever think to do in a bathroom stall were squats, wall push ups, and side bends. If you come up with more, let me know, I am totally interested in trying as well. I really like your forgiveness goal. I feel like we all tend to be a bit too hard on ourselves!
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