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  1. Continue my workout regimen: A++ Not only did I finish Couch to 5k, I also felt comfortable graduating to the Advanced Body Weight Workout! Full Paleo!: F+ I was doing well until I could no longer afford to buy my own food. I ate whatever I could get my hands on, and none of it was Paleo. I close on my house at the end of April, so I should be in total control of my diet by then. Other Life goals: A++ I didn't set any, but I did manage to level up my life significantly over the last 28 days. I am sealing the deal on a sweet house that I will actually own, met a wonderful woman and things are going great between us, and I'm finding the urge and will to write more.
  2. Ok, I finished Couch to 5k. I can now run 3 miles. Now I need to make that 3 miles very fast. In thirty minutes I'm short the distance, so my first goal is to get the three miles down to half an hour. I switched from chin ups and pull ups to Inverted Body Weight Rows, but I'm still having trouble. Getting my chest up to the bar is too much. I can get maybe three quarters of the way there. It's discouraging, but that's actually half the reason I keep doing the workout. I know I said I was going to post in this thread daily, but I have been so busy wrapping up some stuff for my house that if I'm not working in the evening, I'm spending my mornings making arrangements to get something done on my house. I close April 27th and I'm excited.
  3. Pull-ups and Chin-ups are hard. Otherwise, I'm doing great. I tested myself today on both exercises. I can only do the exercise properly twice--that is, puling my chin up above the bar. I'm going to stick to reverse body weight rows for now. Diet is going mediocre to poor as I'm officially out of money to buy more paleo foods and at the mercy of my parents to feed me until I buy my house at the end of April. Things are going to be really tight until this whole thing is over. I'm almost running 5k! I have one more run this week, then next week is my last run for the couch to 5k. Then it's 5k 3 times a week with an effort to make my time less than 30 minutes. I'm really excited.
  4. Monday, Mar 21, 2011 I did the Advanced Body Weight workout and have discerned 2 things: 1) I really am ready for it. It was a much more satisfying workout. 2) Chin ups, Pull ups, and Dips are my enemy. My upper body needs some serious help. Arms, abs, back--all of it needs some serious help. Those exercises beat me like something that beats people up thoroughly and efficiently. My analogy machine is broken. Tomorrow is the second to last week of couch to 5k and I am so excited. I feel like I'm staying on schedule and things are doing great! Also, I can wear pants I used to not be able to wear! My exercise and new food habits are working!
  5. I didn't do too good on Paleo over the weekend. I also missed two workouts. I was busy crawling around my new house checking it over for things that need fixing and trying to see what the inspector might think are problems. Also managed to squeeze a date in there. I think in all the excitement I just forgot. I did manage to go for a mile long hike, so I guess that counts for something. Right now I'm avoiding any sort of restaurant food on the simple grounds that I just can't afford to go out to eat. I figure it'll help keep me healthy in that respect at least.
  6. A marathon, huh? Sounds pretty hardcore. Things have been going well for me, but the last two days have been hell on my Paleo. Since the offer I made on a house got accepted, people have been shoving all kinds of food at me. Unfortunately, I'm too polite to tell them I'm trying to change my diet. So I've been eating mostly non-Paleo for the last two days. Back on the horse today! Quinn, who cooks for your frat house? If it rotates, use your opportunity to convince them that Paleo is something they ought to do. Or if no one in particular cooks, make the offer and cook. Or you could always just beat the usual chef to the kitchen. It's kind of a jerk move, but I bet that deep down they wouldn't mind not cooking. On the other hand, you could just ask them to make a small Paleo dish for you on the side. I never joined a fraternity at college, so I don't know much about those kinds of situations. Though I'm sure they'd be willing to help if you wask them.
  7. Tuesday, March 15, 2011 I promise I've been exercising with total regularity even though I have not been posting. Today I did the Beginner's Body Weight Workout. I did the whole thing I about 20 minutes, which wasn't bad. My heart rate was up, but I wasn't sweating like I wanted. I know it sounds odd, but I hate filmy sweats. If I sweat working out I want perspiration. I want my shirt stuck to me. I want to be able to smell myself when I finish. It's gross, but I feel like workouts that put out those kinds of results are definitely the ones I enjoy the most. I should probably move to the Advanced Body Weight Workout by now, but I'm intrigued by Angry Birds Workout. Mostly I just like the measured way to know when to move to the next set of reps.
  8. Thanks for the good advice! I made the egg muffin things mentioned in one thread. You know, a strip of bacon around the edges of the cups in a muffin tin, add egg, etc? It turned out great, and I have breakfast for the rest of the week! I'll be hunting the forums for more recipes and collating them into a document, and later maybe even into a single thread here if one does not exist already. If you think of any simple recipes you figure I would be able to cook, please send them my way! I need all the help I can get!
  9. Oh, I completed an item in my quest log! The Heart of the Cards:Win a Trading Card Game Tournament: World of Warcraft, or Magic the Gathering. I won the Love is in the Air World of Warcraft Tournament back in February. I even have a pink playmat to prove it. The goblin cupid printed on it is pretty hilarious.
  10. I ran out of A-words. Sorry. So, the goal of this 28 day challenge is: Exercise: Continue my current regimen, though I might switch to Angry Birds just because I'm starting to get bored with the Beginner's Body Weight Workout. So far I've missed 3 days to illness. Diet: Going full Primal! Paleo all the way! So far I've met some unexpected success thanks to my brother's girlfriend cooking a massive amount of soup that is, as far as I could tell, Paleo. I also baked one of the breakfast recipes here on the forums today. Paleo is going to be hard, because of the requirement that I cook. I'm scared to death of cooking. Not because I'm afraid I'll get cut or burned, but because I'm afraid I'll botch the recipe and waste time and money and food. I'm too poor to consider any of these outcomes. I'm going to need help manning up and taking charge in the kitchen. Other goals: I know I should have some, but I don't really know what to make them. For Lent I'm going to church every Sunday, but I missed last week due to illness. Here's to a more successful challenge than the last one!
  11. I'm Catholic too, and I completely botched Friday, so I'm right there with you. Quinn, how do you feel about shrimp? I'm not a fish guy either, but heaven help me if I see a pile of shrimp. I admire you taking time to read your Bible more often daily. How are you going about it? They have a daily liturgy floating about there on the internet. It doesn't take much time, and you get your daily Scripture on with excerpts from different places in the Bible. It's helped me in the past, and I might just start it again. Of course, for me the real issue is getting to Mass in the first place. As for my fitness goals, I missed two days because I was sick, but I'm starting again today with the Beginner's Body Weight Workout. Of course, it's getting easier. I don't feel as worked out as I used to. I'm thoroughly amused by Steve's Angry Birds Workout, so I might switch to that soon, just to see how that works out. The running is one thing I'm not changing. I'm very much looking forward to finishing the Couch to 5k. Also, I'm starting out pretty well on my Paleo. It's delicious, and being part of my Lent this year, I have extra motivation to keep my meals healthy. Balancing my workouts around attempting to purchase a house and start a relationship with a woman is going to be tough, but I think I can make it happen. My biggest pitfalls are going to be weekends. I want to relax and let go on a weekend, which means the last thing I want to do is work out. I try to make my body weight workout happen on Friday at work since I tend to have time to spare for exercise and leave my third couch to 5k run for the week on Saturday, since running is more fun than workout for me. I need encouragement, but tough love doesn't always work for me. Usually just a "How's that Couch to 5k going?" is enough to remind me that I need to do it and stick to it. I don't need a cheerleader or a drill sergeant, just a reminder that people expect something of me. I'm behind on posting in my battle log thread, but I figure I'll just start from tomorrow (Tues Mar 15th). I'll also make a challenge thread for myself later to link into this thread.
  12. Name: Adonaijah Goals: 1) Continue Couch 2 5k 2) Continue Beginner's Body Weight Workout 3) Go for a Parkour Run by the end of March 4) Buy a house 5) Go full Paleo Diet: Paleo I'd like to be part of a team this time. I don't feel like I'm as involved in the community as I should be.
  13. Monday Feb 21, 2011 I can now complete two circuits in the Beginner's Body Weight workout without any rest in between exercises. I used to have to pause between each set, but no more! I figure in another two or so weeks I can do all 3 circuits without pause. That's the goal, anyway.
  14. Saturday Feb 19th, 2011 I was out of town, but still did my regular run. I did pretty well. I couldn't measure my distance comparative to my usual route, but I think all in all I covered 20 miles. I also found a wristwatch with a stopwatch built in. I just need to purchase it. It'll be my first reward to me for completing my goals. Later that night I danced a lot. Combined with the run, it managed to be a workout in and of itself.
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