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  1. I didn't get the email about this challenge until yesterday! Please sign me up!!! My challenge is to continue losing about 5-6 lbs per month through portion control, elimination of refined carbs, increase in beans and veggies and strength training at least 2x per week and mixed cardio 3x per week. Business goals: 1)learn how to use dreamweaver CS5 (which is very different from when I used Dreamweaver a decade ago) so I can reclaim my website and make it do what I want it to do instead of being at the mercy of the scriptbuilders at liveSite... 2)Revamp my pattern books so they are all in t
  2. Wii Fit is so much fun!!! Keep having a great time!
  3. I guess this is the end of the challenge. When I started I weighed 174.5 lbs. I now weigh 170. My waist was 34.5; it's now 31 My hips were not part of my original measuremnets but are now 40" And my arm flab has held steady at 13" I am quite pleased with my progress. I am now in a regular habit of alternating strength with cardio sessions for at least 1/2 hour 6 days per week. I wrote 10 minutes a day for 25 out of 28 days and I found a job. I realize that the finding the job bit was probably 80% luck since I was chosen out of more than 100 candidates -- and I know one of them (she's
  4. Sorry I missed your message!!!

    Yes, that's a watercolor I did with an outline in henna.

    Henna is really good for your hair -- but it's definitely red. If you don't want red, your local health foods store will have "colored" henna with different herbs added to augment the red. If you have dry hair, do a deep conditioning pack after rinsing out the henna goop.

    You can email me separately and I'll be happy to go on and on and on...about henna.... 2natashap@cox.net

    btw, henna is the hair color of preference for everyone (guys and gals) throughout the Middle East and India -- not just a girl thing.

  5. Wishing you strength and fortitude!
  6. Today was pretty good. I managed to get in a strength routine...although we will be eating restaurant pizza b/c the hubby had a bad day and needs his pizza vitamins -- must be a NY thing....
  7. Weigh-in today was a bit disappointing: no weight loss this week, holding steady at 171. But I did lose an inch from my waist and hips so now I have 2 pairs of pants for work.... arm flab holding steady at 13"....sigh. This week has been a bit crazy and I know I just have to learn to live with it because it's only going to get worse as the season picks up. I had two gigs yesterday -- managed to get in a half-hour dvd in the morning, but b/c I got there so early, I needed coffee and they had giant muffins...so I had a quarter each of the different kinds... did not need those calories. Then
  8. Boring, perhaps. Non-productive? Hardly! I could really use some housecleaning done! Not happening today...
  9. I hope you can steal a few minutes for yourself to at least massage lotion into your feet -- I always feel better when I do that --- esp. now that i can reach my feet again!
  10. Well, in the end it didnt' matter because I got the job!!! Woo hoo!! And I started today! I think it's going to be a perfect fit -- part-time, demanding but not too much so, lots of variety and lots of interesting people -- and schmoozing is part of the job! YEa! I won't be penalized for talking on the job! Today's hours were a bit longer than anticipated, so I didn't bring a lunch -- ended up eating a fast food burger -- and much as I'd like to say it was horrible, I really like Jack-in-the-box burgers and it was damned delicious. TOmorrw, I'll bring a lunch that's much healthier. I ju
  11. As long as I only have a small portion in the house, I'm ok...but I can't make pies anymore b/c I will eat 3/4 in less than 24 hours.... Work is exhausting! I hope it counts as a "work-out!"
  12. Just added Garden Spells to my wishlist. I really need to read for fun. Right now I am slogging through editing a self-help book written by a non-native English-writer and the syntax is driving me CRAZY! They should give combat pay for that kind of editing -- takes a half hour to go 3 pages... anyways, I digress. Garden Spells looks like a fun read, thanks for the recommendation....
  13. You go, girl!!! And a clean bathroom to boot!
  14. Good luck with your car -- I hope it's something minor, easy and cheap to fix. Although unplanned workouts are great, reliable transportation is better when you have groceries...
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