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  1. Thanks guys So, progress update: Uni is finished for the year. No more coursework to worry about, wheeee. I did all my workouts this week. I've started working out before but never managed to stick to a schedule, so I'm pretty proud of this. I've managed to get up before 12 every day this week, for a total of 22 points. Whoop whoop! I seem to be going to bed earlier without even noticing it as well - when I woke up today I started calculating how much sleep I got and had a moment of confusion: "Did I really go to bed at 12?" Goal for next week is to keep this up, and have at least one pr
  2. Gluttony gets us all sometimes Are you sure you're getting a sustainable amount of calories? I know when I haven't eaten enough I get: EAT ALL THE NUTELLA. ALL OF IT. from my brain. You're making amazing progress with the spiders! My reaction is still this: I went to google to find more cute spiders for you, but they lie. Some of those spiders ARE NOT CUTE ;____; -consoles self with your adorable kitties-
  3. Love it Eating well is hard when you're away from home, but you seem to have done as well as you could in the circumstances. Go you!
  4. I think everything short of methylmercury is better than wheat, but I'm biased Wheat and I are feuding, although evidence suggests it has it in for all of us. http://www.rodale.com/wheat-free-diet That blog post is consoling, though. Yay non-evil rice!
  5. Vegan -> Paleo? Wow, that's quite the switch. I'm glad it's working well for her though. Ouch, that sounds really nasty, not a bit of wonder you were fed up with it. Rice is so hard to cut out, I totally understand your difficulty here! I'm not Asian myself, but I'm gluten intolerant, so I live on the stuff. I tried raw veganism once, but the cravings for rice were absolutely unbearable. I caved after about three days I think. It does seem very hard to find good quality meat - especially if you're avoiding factory-farmed meat. Your plan of action seems sensible here - and I wouldn't
  6. Wow, you've done great today I'm super super impressed by the pushups - well done you!
  7. Thanks! I'm being helped by the fact that there's a lot of end of term stuff on at uni that requires us to be in at 9am, so I really can't afford to lie in for too long. I think next week will be the true test, since summer officially starts for me then. *dance* I've got some setup done for the projects (baby steps, baby steps), and done my workout - had a few issues with pushups and dumbells (stopped pushups halfway through because my form was wrong and I was starting to hurt in weird ways, and I've decided to remove dumbbells since I don't have any proper ones, just a heavy textbook that k
  8. Hi flowerpower, great goals there! I'm a vegetarian considered adding meat back into my diet, so I'll be very interested to see how you find this. If you don't mind me asking, what made you decide to change to paleo? Good luck, you can do it
  9. Sorry for no update yesterday, was on the run all day. Got up at 10 (+2 points) - had intended to get up earlier, but some of my hallmates decided that 2am was the perfect time to start a really loud party, so I didn't get to sleep until after three. I don't do well healthwise when I don't get enough sleep, so I decided to take a slightly safer option there. Today was even worse sleepwise - after having gone to bed at 5:30am (a standard pub visit with my friends somehow ended up taking us to a gay bar, and then when I got home I remembered I had a report due in by 10am - whoops! Frantic last
  10. Thank you, this is very helpful! I'm always terrified I'm not doing proper form exercises, since I have no-one to check (or video me to check).
  11. When I was at school, I often woke up just before my Dad came to wake me as he left for work, but it wasn't consistent. If I'd stayed up particularly late the night before, or I wasn't feeling well, I slept through until he knocked on the door. So it can happen, but I'd recommend keeping the alarm anyway, just in case.
  12. Getting up early is difficult, and that's an improvement for sure. It doesn't need to hit the target right away, just go in the right direction. Good going
  13. Great goals wassermelon You can totally make these! For your #4, I speak B1-B2 level German and will be working in Germany in July & August, so if you want anyone to practice with/cheer for you I'd be more than happy (especially since I'm going to need to rapidly improve this month!), or if you just want me to track down a native and ask questions for you that would be grand as well
  14. Yay, levelling Good advice, will give it a go. Thank you!
  15. Yeah, definitely *pom poms* I think tomorrow & wednesday will be the really hard days for this though, if I can get past those I think my body will start adjusting better. Of course, go ahead I haven't tried that, I don't have a huge amount of space in my room, but I might be able to rearrange things and give it a try. Thank you
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