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  1. Congratulations! I like how you have both goals and an implementation method (the app)...it's a good one-two punch.
  2. Keep it up GoodDoug. The sleep goal in particular is something I am working on too. It is amazing how much I've felt better going to bed on time this week, even though it is just one more hour a night usually.
  3. Good to be back Rangers. It's a frequent topic of derision among my male friends that I spend my TV time watching New Girl and Girls. I don't get the hate, because a funny show is a funny show, even if it has the name of my opposite gender in the title. Anyway, I'm going to embrace it: one of my favorite parts of New Girl is the hazily described drinking game (90% drinking with a loose Candyland-like structure) known as "True Americans." While I'll leave the creation of functional rules to the interwebs, I decided to take some much needed inspiration from the name of the game. I had a re
  4. Got it in at the buzzer. My first 6-week challenge was a great experience and coincided (not coincidentally) with success in my work life and personal life. Thanks to the community for your support. I ended up with an A, two Bs, and D. So, it wasnt a great showing but has helped me move in the right direction. Goal 1: Nail the Morning Routine (If it's your job to eat a frog, it's best to do it first thing in the morning - Twain) Final Grade: D My weakest effort. I still have problems making sure I wake up on time and eat breakfast before heading to work. However, once I get into work (alwa
  5. So, at the third way mark of the challenge, I’ve made big progress in the running and crunches portions of the Marine fitness challenge. I’m starting to enjoy the sweat and the work that practicing these two exercises requires. Pull-ups are still a challenge. I’m not really improving and seem to hit a wall here. I’m going to shift my time to spent more time on this directive than the other ones. I’m still having some trouble waking up with my alarm. Mostly just lay in bed wondering how I got to be so lazy. So, mixed results so far. Definitely within striking distance of my goals,
  6. good stuff man, really admire the dedication to repetition. getting into the habit has been one of the hardest things for me to do too.
  7. This is a great list, particularly the commitment to continued learning/badassery. Ever since I started biking to work, the extra activity everyday has made me feel great. Hopefully you are feeling it already. The best part is when you are leaving work. Even if you don't want to bike home...you have to.
  8. Haha, smurray I can tell you from trying this for a week and change that I also have a ways to go. The pull-ups part especially is kicking me where the sun dont shine
  9. ...or rather comes back from the wild. My computer died the day before challenge launch, and I didnt have the Constitution to take the beat down from my boss for doing this at work. What nerd doesn't have a good computer, right? So, I hope you welcome my late web presence although I have been working at these goals offline. But anyway, I found NF and the community forum about a month ago and my first thought was, this is what the internet is for (also memes). I guess you could make a case for the accessibility of information too. I'm a 23 year old nerd who works in medical systems resear
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