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  1. Thanks for checking in with me! I'm questioning my sanity but that seems normal these days. We have had a couple of cycles in the weather since my last post, I've gone from -30 up to 5 and back down to -20 and in the past 24 hours the temperatur has increased 20 degrees. I'm at work and have walked away from this a couple of times since work takes priority. But I have made serious damage on my PE course, I have five chapters left and then I can request my final. Once that's done I can study for the provincial! The rest of my challenges? Yeah not so much
  2. Glad you're up and moving again!
  3. I know every once in a while one of my feet points to about a 30 degree angle but after talking with a trainer, she was telling me part of the problem is a super tight muscle on the outside of the leg. (she used the proper names, I can't remember but probably glutes) But taking a firm foam cylinder and putting it on the floor and rolling the outside of my leg across it, it works wonders at releasing the muscle but it hurts lots while doing it. http://www.fitter1.com/assets/pdf/foamroller_exercises.pdf The last one on the first page.
  4. Volunteering would be a good way to keep you busy and building up more work experiance. How's it going else wise?
  5. I live! How's everyone's challenge been going?
  6. It's from a new line called Ever After High, this is Raven Queen and she's the daughter of the evil queen. From the same makers as monster high. A proper update to come eventually, long cold days again.
  7. Well, I'm back at work. I got called in and my nerves aren't in good shape. We had a black out during my last set, which went well besides it being freezing but now every time there's a power flicker I think one of the generators has gone down. I need something... The two days I had off from work the first was spent with Telus and I was awake for 36 hours.And the second was fairly quiet, I cleaned the house and did some shopping. I also didn't take my dogs out for a walk and I'm realizing I'm not drinking my water at home. I did take my dogs out today and I shoveled my front yard (driveway and walk ways) and one of the decks. Tomorrow I'm hoping to tackle the second deck and the stairs to the basement and the walk ways in the backyard later this week and if I keep on top of it this winter. It won't be bad!!! I did make my snowman ordaments but still have the hot chocolate ones to make but that's probably my next set off because this week still includes : parent's company books, visit a friend who gave birth to a boy, shovel more snow, some cooking, family breakfast with photo's and pick up a friend from the airport. He just got back from China.
  8. Yeah, the ice road tuckers. I haven't seen many of those episodes but the roads around here can look a lot like that and some of the fields near where I work have winter roads. Only -10? Can I come live with you? That would work, I should see where I have that thermos stashed. I live with my sister and niece and I can't even get my sister to clean up her dish's after she eats and one of the dogs is hers but since it might as well be mine. I call it that... Thanks for the welcome, I need to work more on that balance bit and I really hope the routine will help! Haha, I'm not that brave. I just do what needs to be done. I need a certain amount of sun, if I have that I can handle the snow!
  9. Take that list that Evenewbie suggested you make and look at yourself in the mirror. Really look at yourself and meet your own gaze, pick one thing from your list and tell yourself what that thing is. That little voice that pop's up, have a conversation with it. The first several times are going to be hard but keep at it and it's amazing the changes you will go through. We're rooting for you
  10. If you aren't fully focused on the physio moves it doesn't always take much to over extend or twist the wrong way. Just make sure you aren't to exhausted that you can't focus on the physio.
  11. Ten minutes is ten minutes, it's a great start in the right direction!
  12. Don't quit! There is still so much good you can do and we'd miss you. Just modify your goals to suit the new challenge. Perhaps, do strengthaning excercises for your arm blank times a week. Yay for putting the sweets back! That's great
  13. So you do the sticky note list? You can see you progress which might help.
  14. Yay for the fitting going well! I'm so excited for you and looks like you are just rolling along on your goals for this weekend. Enjoy the time with your friends.
  15. Any thoughts on how you are going to improve your bad form? We don't want you getting hurt!
  16. It's amusing how different the food is in different parts of the world. America rules the sugary breakfast foods, it's kind of scary
  17. It's probably been a while since I mentioned it, like four challenges ago so not rude at all. I am an oil and gas operator. My job is to process the raw gas from the ground and make it so people can burn it in their houses. And I live in the northern part of British Columbia, Canada so my winters usually involve at least four feet of snow and a week or two of -30 but that's not usually until January. Not this year, I had a feeling something was up with the amount of Ash berries about but we had such a mild fall, I wasn't expecting this!
  18. My list kind of stalled out since I've spent the last three days in minus 20 celcius or lower temptatures ( I think we hit -30) and equipment that doesn't like the cold. Which means I've been sending upwards of 9 hours in a 12 hour shift out side, all I've been this past four days is wiped. I have been drinking some water but not nearly enough because I stopped carring it with me the second time I froze my water bottle off in an hour. Food, had been what I've been able to get my hands on, most of the canned stuff I have stored at work and a dish I thought was spaghetti saucse but turned out to be the meat mix for lazaunga. So I've had that as something warm to eat. But I have an office to clean because tonight is my last night for the week (hopefully) I'm on call for the next two nights in case we repeat the last three days. But today is a wait at home for Telus to come by and fix my interent again so I will get my water in and a lot of cleaning in my house because it needs it. And more snow shoveling.
  19. Heh, I know the feeling about the cold. I've been stuck outside at work so when I get home all I'm wanting to do this set is sleep. :/ But you have made a sticky note list of chores and now have a bribe to complete the two boleros. The sooner you get progress on these the sooner you can get your jacket done!
  20. You're rocking this, and I keep forgetting but I so love your icon.
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