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    Hi JesseA hope you creating your Challenge thread here and provide a link in Squad Se7en

  2. This is my first time doing this and the word "challenge" intimidates me in an adrenaline pumping sort of way. Good word choice. I just recovered from surgery in the upper body so Im going to be starting from scratch on a lot of my goals: --be able to run 1 mile under 9 minutes....consistently --be able to build back up to 30 consecutive pushups --to get back into my strength training circuits designed last semester Beyond that, I would like to structure more of my life, sleeping, working, eating. Need to keep stable this time around... Ah, and I find it impossible to eat anything not wh
  3. Name: Jesse Brief overview of goals: --to cut out all processed sugars --to be able to do 20 real pushups in a row --to be able to run 1 mile under 9 minutes --to never miss class Class: Ranger If you follow a specific way of eating: wholesome, non-processed foods Any other piece of information you think would be useful for team creation: Im a transitioning FtM and am under the influence of testosterone If you want to be part of a team or if you want to work alone: SQUAD all the way
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