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  1. Still alive, after having issues with this challenge I discovered an app called Simplifit that I'm giving a shot, and follow it's plan...which isn't the same as what I set for the challenges here, necessarily. So final few weeks are based upon how I'm doing with that....I think I'll probably pull out a C for the Diet an Exercise, at least.
  2. Illness is pretty rough, especially when you're sharing it as a family. Focus on recovery and health.
  3. Hey everybody! I'm still alive.... I'm still here....sort of. I've been doing a horrid job of getting back in the swing of things, the past few weeks have been a bit of an issue. But hopefully I'll get it rectified going forward. We'll find out!
  4. Hey Tate, looks like you've been quiet, how's it going?
  5. Looks like you've been quiet the past few days, how've you been doing?
  6. I've been having a rough time getting myself back on track myself, but regardless of what's going on with you it looks like you're still kicking ass!
  7. Hey Tateman! Didn't realize I didn't catch your thread (maybe because you didn't show up in Rogue Squadron...at least yet. 80P). Looks like you've got a great challenge ahead, 15k sounds crazy...but then again I've only done one 5k, and that was a pretty slow one ( I was at like 63 minutes or something.).But you've done some awesome stuff since joining the Rebellion, and I know you can get this done. Can't wait to hear how you make out with it!
  8. We'll be out there for a bit longer than the Convention, since it's our late honeymoon. Let me know if you'll be in the area and we can plan a meet up!
  9. WEEKLY UPDATE Alright, not off to the best start here overall...But I think I'm managing. Food - Resounding success here, had a lot of random temptation mostly from laziness and habit, but managed to keep myself dairy/grain free. Even researched some recipes for a Paleo Pumpkin Cheesecake that I'm going to try to make for Thanksgiving, because I figure...why cheat when I don't have to. Strength Exercise - I'm not sure if I want to consider this a pass or a fail for this week or not. I did attempt to do pull-ups and failed one day, but that did at least do something...I jumped up and tried to hold myself up, didn't work, but the effort still works out my arms, or at least feels like it does. I only did that one day...I also attempted to do push-ups on another day and...well, that failed as well.. apparently I've let myself fall far enough that I can't even manage one, so I'll have to work on getting back to that point. That at least brings my to 2x of strength training attempts. The debate is if that should count or not... Walking - This one's tough, I've done plenty of walking over the week, not straight exercise walking but I was at a small convention, though I mostly ran the Mandalorian Mercs table rather than meandered around the convention, but I've walked plenty around stores and such hunting down items for the residence and of course Star Wars christmas stuff. So I've probably reached the required minimum even if it wasn't straight exercising walking. But then I only required that I walk, I'll try to focus more on exercise walking going forward, although the cold might make be hesitant. bleh. Mandalorian - Yeah, I didn't do this one at all :grumble: I did a bunch of work on the day (Sunday) before the challenge officially started, but nothing since. I'll admit I got a bit into Halo: The Master Chief Collection and started playing The Old Republic again, and of course the Convention over the weekend. Need to re-focus and start working on this thing. Mini-Quest - This one's interesting. I've been working on being a bit more...outgoing at the conventions when running the tables. I'm primarily an introvert, and I'm not good with...initiating contact with strangers. But if I really want to help with the Mercs then that's something I need to get past. This con provided a lot of it, as I was the first one there, and it was outside of my territory (The con was in PA instead of NJ), though there were some of the NJ folk around, and it's a con I've been regularly attending for years. It was the first time I tried to run a table outside of NJ, and I definitely forced myself to initiate conversation with a lot of people out there. MEASUREMENTS Sorry, didn't get most of my measurements this time around...not really any valid excuse beyond laziness...which isn't really a valid excuse, just an excuse so it only meets half the criteria. But I did weigh myself, so I can get that info out! As always the number will be color coded based upon if it's up/same/down from last week...and I think I'll start something new this challenge and include the difference. Height: 68" Weight: 223 lbs (-2)
  10. Looks like you're off to a decent start. Is there anything left to clean after the spotlessness? (well...you've got kids...so yeah I'd assume so 80P).
  11. Rough start, but that's okay I know you can do this. It's all about finding that balance and moving forward.
  12. I know how much gaming can kill... well everything, especially if you don't plan around it. Master Chief Collection + brand new Surface Pro 3 have kind of killed my stuff randomly. Just try to make a game plan, maybe set that you can only play if you achieve certain things, etc.
  13. Challenge looks great! I think you've got a lock on this...like a hammer...okay that made no sense.
  14. We're doing a late honeymoon in April. Heading out to Celebration Anaheim and doing some other stuff.
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