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  1. Probably you will lose them as soon as you stop feeding yourself on beer Who says I'm going to stop? Ok, maybe in February.
  2. Hey, cutiepie... Are you still around? Am I even on the right thread?
  3. Beer and eating whatever and whenever I want... And no running. I've added 10# already
  4. And what exactly are you looking for? O_o
  5. Unproductive doesn't adequately describe my current situation. More like... counterproductive.
  6. I'm gonna start back running mid-February; I miss it. Maybe coincidentally with a cut, that way I can continue to eat and drink until then... Resist any temptation to run with a weighted pack, it will destroy your knee :-/
  7. I'm a grown man, and if I want to eat leftover Halloween candy for breakfast, then I will.

    1. AshPS


      That's right you tell you rebel you! Lol :P

    2. marvelfangirl


      I like this candy another!

  8. Nah, I drank the heavy lifting/crossfit koolaid and quit doing cardio. For now.The other teachers still threaten to sic me on their students, though.
  9. I like it. Started off way too light, just got t where I'm feeling some resistance. I've been eating and drinking way too much, though...
  10. Oh, you kids and your loud peeing drive me crazy! O.o Take. A. Break. You've got way too much on your plate not to. Don't worry about not working out. I know it's the last thing I want to do when I'm feeling stressed. The muscle fibers are still there, you'll gain back all of your old strength quickly, and you'll go back to your workouts refreshed and energized. Just fuck off for a while without feeling guilty. I decree it
  11. Um, maybe the next challenge... A push-up AND a pull-up? I knew it! I knew you were gunning for me!
  12. Pity :-/ My unofficial, unwritten handbook says "you gotta pick your battles" O.o
  13. A 1-4 rubric, say. Skim the homework and put into 1 of 4 piles. Quickly double check each pile to make sure no assignments are misplaced. Mark them. Done.
  14. This ride moves too fast... I keep falling off Sounds like you're doing well Happy birthday to your mom.
  15. How on earth do you manage all that water in the classroom? Do you have an ensuite bathroom?
  16. *Crypt door creaks rustily as it opens and then falls off its deteriorating hinges. The decomposing corpse of a barfly stands in the dark opening* Hey! Hope you feel better :-/ Carry some Hall's cough drops with you in the meantime...
  17. Hello love Yep, I'm still here. Barely. How are things with you?
  18. Well now I'm just hurt Hey beautiful, I'm stalking your thread; thought I'd come in from the cold for a minute.
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