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  1. Day 2, September 25,2012 Sleep – 6.5 hours, Nutrtion – 1 veggies, drank water Fitness – walk/jog 3 blocks Life – kept appointment, made 3 calls
  2. Day 1 September 24, 2012 Sleep – 6 hours, disturbed.(approx 12 AM to 6AM). Got up slowly Nutrition – 1 each fruit/veggies increase, snacked on baby carrots, stopped myself from other snacks several times. Fitness – level 1 angry birds, worked on episode 1 MWOD Life – three phone calls and one appointment made thanks for the good wishes on the sleep. I hope it works. I felt okay today but I really hope setting a time helps long term. Elastigirl - I don't think I'll ever make it piece of cake with them but I'd settle for not shaking each time I pick up the phone. RBW - yea, I wouldn't mind the rest of the business but the phone is terrifying. What type of business would you run if you could get rid of the phone? RandomWander - I think I have attribute points and such around somewhere. Need to hunt up my other challenges and see if I started doing them or not. I'll add them in once I figure it out. Drs - thanks, love your avatar. I felt like t-rex doing pushups tonight, just awkward, out of sync but that will improve quickly.
  3. Great Start, I love your title. I too loathe going to the dentist especially if x-rays are involved. Make the appointment so you can at least get it out of the way.
  4. The knock was quiet but insistent and Kiera finally managed to yawn her way awake enough to open it a crack. A blur of motion knocked the door back pushing her behind it. She sprang to her feet, looking about for her weapons. She’d gotten so careless, lazy of late. Most were on the opposite side of the room and no help. One knife might be near enough to get too. Already out of time, her opponent was spinning around to come back at her. Only his frenzied rush earlier had saved her. She eyed his body language watching for a clue as to his next move. As he rushed again, she feinted and sprang past him. He was quicker to recover this time and blocked her lunge for the knife, picking it up himself and hurling it at her. She dodged away as they began side-stepping each other, each trying to gain an advantage, Kiera began to wonder if she could do it. Breathing hard, she was tiring after only a few minutes and without a weapon… things looked bleak. Just then he charged her. She was off balance and fell, dragging him with her. Just as she landed, she felt it, the knife. She rolled to the side and drove it into him. Standing back panting, she knew it was only by luck that she was still alive. Her skills were slipping, too much time spent in town, resting, relaxing and not working. She was going to take that job after all. Hi all I’m Silence. And said attacker above was not actually an assassin but rather clothing that was too big not very long ago. I'll work on improving write-ups but this will do for a start. I realized I’ve simply been making excuses to myself that it’s okay to ignore this and things don’t really have to change and that I can’t do get rid of weight because of this or that. The attackers are: weight gain, laziness, exhaustion, and fear. So I have plans for each. Fitness Exhaustion – I spend far too much time boomeranging between too little and too much sleep. I have to find balance somehow. So I’m going to see if picking a set time and amount helps. Goal 1: Sleep 6 hours consistently (preferably go to bed by 12 as I have to be up at 6:30 five days a week. Weekends- later is fine but has to be 6 hours.) 1. Use sleepytime Calculator to figure out optimum bed/wake times 2. Stick with a routine time, probably midnight 3. Get up whether I feel rested or not. A+= Follow sleep routine every night log 250 hours of sleep, feel less tired A= Follow sleep routine with no more than 6 nights off, B= Follow sleep routine follow sleep routine with 2 nights per week off C= follow routine at most 3 days per week D/F follow routine poorly if at all. Weight Gain – Goal 2: Nutrition – Cut out snacks and/or substitute healthier foods such as fruit and vegetables. 1. Avoid snacking or only eat 2. Eat 1 fruit/1 vegetable extra per day. Document (if you don’t write it down it’s not done.) 3. Focus on drinking water, or tea instead of juice, soda or snacks’ A+= healthy snacks with only 4 cheats, every day documented increase in veggies and fruits A= Healthy snacks with up to 10 cheats, 5 days a week - documented increase in veggies and fruits B= Healthy snacks with up to 3 cheats/week , 4 days a week-documented increase in veggies and fruits C= healthy snacks with up to 1cheat/every other day, 3 days a week-documented increase in veggies and fruits D/F= increased snacking, occasional increases in fruits and veggies, no consistent documentation. Laziness – I’m always telling myself exercise is not worth because I just don’t feel like it. Goal 3: Lose 6 pounds over 6 weeks. A. Complete 1 MWOD episode per week. (I’ve always intended to these and never done them) A+ = Complete challenges from 15 episodes or more A= Complete Challenges from 10 episodes or more B=Complete Challenges from 6 episodes or more C = Complete Challenges from 4 episodes or more D = Complete Challenges from 2 episodes or more F = 1 or less complete challenges B. Alternate days of following Angry Birds workout plan with days of cardio(running, jump rope, swimming) - 3 days Angry Birds/3 days cardio/1 day off. – 6 workouts per week 42 days in 6 weeks/ divided in ½ = 21 individual angry birds workouts/21 cardio of some sort workouts Angry Birds Grading A+ = Level 4 all exercises A= Level 3 all exercises B= Level 2 all exercise C= Level 1 all exercises D/F= unable to meet level 1 criteria for all Cardio/Running Grading – Comfort, I want to be able to run distance that I might actually use not just jog on a treadmill and say I've done something. A+= Running to mailbox (approximately ½ mile without becoming winded) A= Running 2 block without becoming winded B= Running 1 block without becoming winded C=Running to nearby bus stop with becoming winded(about ½ block) D/F= unable to complete any of the above Life Fear – Tackling things that are scary to me like phone calls. 4. Conquer fear of making phone calls by making 1-5 phone calls per business day. This will be interesting because right now, just the sheer idea of picking up the phone is terrifying So current plan is to make 1-5 phone calls per business day. A+ = 5x5 calls M-F A = 4x5 calls M-F B=3x5 calls M-F C= 2x5 calls M-F D = 1x5 calls M-F F = 0-5 calls M-F
  5. I have very little yoga knowledge. I'm pretty much self-taught but to me pain is not ignored. nine time out of ten pain when I'm doing yoga is because I'm not doing a pose correctly. Pushing through will only make that worse. I view it as a signal to stop and figure out what I need fix. I agree with the others. Muscle soreness is fine but actual pain means you need to back off. I'm also concerned that your instructor couldn't do the poses. I haven't taken a class but this would be a red flag to me. Theoretical teaching knowledge does not translate to practical knowledge in demonstration. Unless he was obviously sick or something, I would try to work with a different instructor. It sounds like this guy needs more practice himself before teaching or something else is going on.
  6. grrr, I had everythign typed out and then lost it. Second challenge was hard. my numbers weren't as good as I had hoped but they did put me over my goal of 100 on squats and just 10 away on pushups. I may try and better them on sunday if I'm not too stiff I can hold negatives longer and I've been working on jumps too.
  7. I'm fairly pleased with my goals as well. Most of them are coming along nicely. Just got my numbers in the for the second challenge. it's harder than it sounded. If I'm not completely stiff tomorrow I may try again see if I can improve numbers a bit. Everyone else - how are things going?
  8. Silence

    Wait for me!!

    Great job! I've always thought that it's unfair that ball pits and such as reserved for kiddies. You do an amazing job of fitting all this in. As far as jumping off of things, start very small. If you have stairs in your house, jump down a step or two. Box jumps are also good for practice.
  9. Congratulations on the degree and the job offer! Awesome workout! I need to go hunt up the MWOD of the day. I always hear about them but forget to actually use them.
  10. Final went well, at least grade wise. Test was hard but all nursing tests are hard. Official graduation ceremony is next week. which means horrors of horror I actually have to find something to wear. I've been informed that my jeans and hoodies are not formal enough for such occasions. Anyone who has graduated from or been to a college graduation have ideas? I'm struggling to come up with something. I convinced myself on Friday I could take one day off without trouble. well, that one day turned into three. I knew I had to get back on track but I was exhausted, grumpy and just didn't feel like doing anything last night. So I resentfully forced myself through a few exercises. I didn't enjoy it while doing it but afterwards I felt better and this morning I woke up feeling good instead of awful like it's been for the last few days. So no more breaks and wow, I hadn't realized how much just this little bit of exercise has been helping my mood. It's still raining but it's warm and I'm heading outside to walk my dog and play in the rain.
  11. oh challenge, where are you? well it's now 7:15 EST Most people should be up by now, right?
  12. Great job! I love to swim too and I agree. Form makes all the difference in the world. When you're off, your whole body feels it and when it's right where it belongs, you just glide. Sounds like your skating prep is going well, hope the test goes equally well. I find ice skating fascinating to watch but can barely stand up on skates myself. How much time do you spend practicing usually?
  13. Thank you, the word was escaping me last time. Yes negative are what improved. I can now hold them for a few seconds. Instead of it being mostly a jump up and back down instead of an actual negative. Handstands are coming. Probably only about three second actually up but that'll improve. Everything else is coming along pretty well. Final is tomorrow so after that studying can focus strictly on NCLEX. focusing on bringing all exercises up to 40.
  14. Drs - thanks, that's pretty much the impression I've been getting. I think it depends on where your weakness are and how the course you pick is structured. Elasticgirl - Thanks for the encouragement! I try to remember that doing something certianly can't hurt even if I'm not making the progress I want too. Speaking of progress. I was able to hold a chin up for a few seconds today. Granted, I still have to it through jumping up but this is the first time I've been able to hold being up there at all. So I was pretty pleased with that. Other goals are going pretty well too.
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