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  1. Bit of a speed bump - got injured playing football on the 17th June - and only just had my first gentle run earlier this week. The leg was still feeling really dodgy but have been walking a bit this week - but not a lot. WK2 and WK3 for that reason have been a bit (well a lot) of a write off with regards to the running Planning wise I got both assignments in on time with no real drama - so that's a definite pass - I have another two due in two weeks time so that gives me further challenges I'm hoping that if I can rest the leg more this weekend I should be able to get back out running next week. Given the injury I will probably take a step back and redo the last week of the 5k plan I've been following
  2. I hadn't realised (for some reason, I'm sure I'd heard/read it but it never really clicked) that the 5K was inbetween episodes 1 and 2 of the full app. May have to squeeze the first episode of that in after a 5k mission this week if I'm not on my knees at the end of it
  3. Week 1 done and dusted 4 Runs (only a 1.5 mile Fun Run with the kids yesterday but after having to wait with my Niece for her Dad to catch us up as she couldn't keep up I spent most of it at full pace trying to catch up with my kids (hence the 204 max bpm!) - that's a B with 15.26 miles run in total. 6 Days logged on the food calendar - another BWeight - 83.3 KG so a slight increase, but this could be due to the massive BBQ all afternoon and lots of naughty foods. Still - the weight challenge only relies on the finishing weight so I'm not too fussed about this (I also think the initial weight was a light day - as looking at the records it's one of the lowest weigh in's I'd had for a while.Life goal's on the other hand, not so great. Got the plans done (and about 40% of the assignment done) for the first one, the second one I've just outlined the plan. Work planning has also been fairly non existent. Just deleting my inbox today though so tomorrow I start on Inbox Zero !!! All in all I'm happy with week 1. Onto week 2 now - with a new Zombies5K weekly mission to start (and I've not yet looked to see what it involves)
  4. I found the first 4 weeks of the 5K too easy, so would usually do two at a time (the first week or two are only 35 mins I think from memory). I'd still have a problem completing the free runs to start with as my legs would give up on me but I switched the walk/jog intervals to more of a run/quick walk. I've not really checked out the tumblr ZR stuff - other than posting up my run summary after each completed mission. The stories getting more interesting now though, with some additional characters being overheard which makes me want to know more. I'm really itching to start the main app, but holding on . . . . . . . . for now
  5. Not really - there's the Brighton Marathon that's one week before but last day to sign up is today and the possibility of running two Marathons in a week is a bit daunting considering they'll be my first!! I'll see how the training is going in October when I find out if I've a place or not - if I haven't I will probably not worry about training for a Marathon, and sign up for a half marathon or something similar earlier in 2016 (to be honest I'll probably do this anyway even if I get in). Running in an organised Marathon isn't my goal - that's just an enabler to make me get fitter
  6. Good point, I'll edit the main post to make the life goal more prominent when I get chance later today
  7. I'm about to start week 6 of the Zombies 5K app today, and looking forward to the longer runs (I may regret saying that). I'm trying to resist the lure of starting the main app until I've finished the 5K one, I'd like a bit more action to be honest but it's a nice introduction to the setting if nothing else (mission to get yarn of all things last night, how exciting!)
  8. New Scout Recruit reporting for duty Entered the ballot for the 2016 London Marathon - and don't want to find out I've managed to get a place in October without at least some miles in the bank and the prospect of lots of intense winter training to get to a position where I can actually start training in earnest. Currently working my way through Zombies 5K and now I'm actually able to complete many of the free form runs as instructed by the app I'm enjoying it more and more.
  9. have to agree that sleep is definitely something that is often overlooked. I have struggled to get to sleep since I was a child (was never in bed before 11pm even when I was a little kid according to my mum) so it's something I would really like to get better at. My problem is that since I was a teenager I've always gone to sleep with either the TV or music on (nowadays it's listening to podcasts) and as the wife has a totally different sleep rythm (can go to bed at 6pm if the chance is there) I'm forced into headphones and my phone next to me (I may try to change this up for the next challenge). Good luck with the challenge
  10. So a few things have changed since the last time I attempted to finish a NF challenge, and this time I know I'm going to smash it!!!!! update - LIFE GOAL I'm currently super busy both inside and outside of work (coming to the end of the 2nd year of a part-time BA Hons degree I'm trying to fit around a full time job) and with this in mind the focus of the life goal is ORGANISATION. I'm not going to kid myself and say I'm going to be able to change the way I work overnight, but I would like to try to improve my productivity. I'm going to aim to hit inbox zero over the course of week 1 - and while that will probably mean just dumping stuff out of my inbox in the hope someone will remind me if I miss something urgent, and I'm going to properly plan out all that is required for the first 2 assignments and then try to schedule when I'm going to tackle them. 1 - Run 3 times a week Currently working my way through the Zombies 5K app (now starting week 6) and have managed 3 times a week for the past few weeks with no problems. Pass is to run 3 times a week and totals to be averaged over the course of the challenge A - 5 Runs B - 4 Runs C - 3 Runs D - 2 Runs E - 1 Run F - 0 Runs 2 - Food calendar Going to keep a log of what I'm eating, I want to get a better feel for what fuel I'm putting into my body. Previous experience has taught me that this is going to be hard, however I'm not worried if I go over the calorie count etc, it's just a log so there's less pressure I guess . . . Pass is to log 5 days a week for 6 weeks, and I will be averaging my score over the challenge A - 7 days logged B - 6 days logged C - 5 days logged D - 4 days logged E - 3 days logged F - less than 3 days logged 3 - Get under 80KG Hopefully the combo of the above two challenges will make this one happen without me having to do a great deal. I've a withings scale which I try to step on each morning and that updates automatically without me having to record anything. Initial weigh this morning (8th June 2015) was 82.6 KG A - less than 77 kg B - less than 78.5 kg C - less than 80 kg D - less than 81 kg E - less than 82 kg F - 82.6 kg or more Working in I.T. I lead a mainly sedentary day but I'm going to have to do at least some of my runs during working hours (as I'm also studying for a part time degree). I've two assignments to hand in on 20th June and then a further two on 25th July so from a life goal point of view they're the focus of the next 6 weeks. I'd like to get them done before the deadline date (first time for everything eh). Look forward to my first challenge with the Scouts
  11. Hi all I'm about to start Week 6 of the Zombies 5K and would love to join the gang. Started off doing a couple of workouts a day (as I had a bit of fitness) but then once there was more running than walking I dropped to 1 mission at a time. Finished Week 5 strong last night as it was the first time I'd managed to run all the free runs. In the tumblr link in my sig I post just about all the missions I complete with the basic info. I've also got a mapmyfitness link to the actual run data as well if anyone wants to buddy up.
  12. First mission of Week 5 on the 5k today (have doubled up missions and skipped rest days as I had a bit of running ability and fitness under my belt) and Wk5 was a pleasant jump in intensity (well pleasant wasn't probably the right word). Can't wait to get the main app started, and that's going to be the main focus of the next challenge I reckon . . .
  13. Apologies for the absence, work has been very hectic (was working in one of our regional offices, mostly until v late in the evenings) and in true man fashion I had totally forgotten I was off camping with the family (gadget free so I only had a few mins of internet connection per day, usually while on the bog where the wife couldn't check up on me ) Didn't totally let the challenges slip while I've been gone though, so while there's work to be done it's not insurmountable
  14. Lost track a bit due to work and family commitments (went camping and agreed that we wouldn't take any gadgets with us which meant very limited internet access for two weeks) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Week two Weight - 185.1 (rising but no worries as it's the final value on this that counts) Measurements - 93.5 (again final value is the one that counts) Food Diary - Missed one day (spent at a theme park, left phone at home) Comics - two (two Wolverine trade paperbacks) Video Games - Got back into Battlefield 3 which isn't doing anything for getting games finished) Exercise - 1 x Gym session, 2 nights skateboarding Overall not the best week food\weight wise but hit the targets for the number of times exercising and only missed one day on the food diary ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Week 3 Week 3 was spent camping - so unable to weigh or measure, I did manage to keep the food diary up to date though (retrospectively filled in at the end of each day or the following morning) I read plenty while I was away, 3 graphic novels and a book so well above my goal on that one Exercise wise we spent 3 days at a theme park, so I just took the walking (and the added work of carrying my 5 year old on my shoulders for a good amount of time each day) and the general outdoorsyness as exercise for this week. No video games were played while we were away, but I did play a lot of Minecraft with the kids on our return before going back to work ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All in all not great, but considering the situation not too bad. I'm now back at work in my normal office (have been working from a client site since returning from holiday) which means I can get back in the gym fingers crossed
  15. Sound like a great idea that Sicil I am about to head into an induction at my work Gym, wish me luck :-) Plan is that I'm more likely to go when doing so takes me away from work (rather than takes me away from my family\spare time) Only time will tell if this works but plan is to do at least 2 of my 3 weekly workouts in the work gym. Don't really know anyone that well in the group yet, so happy to pair up with whomever
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