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  1. You are doing AWESOME!!! 100% smoke free is soooooo super cool!!! Way to go with keep up with your Sun Salutations. That has to feel good when you do those, letting the stress go. Yep, no beating yourself up for what you 'not' doing. Patting yourself on the back for what you ARE doing. That's the ticket!
  2. I've been away with running I see YOU DID IT!!! WOOOOT WOOOOOT!!! Oh that is very cool! It's fun achieving goals!!! Keep it up rock star!!!
  3. Well I've been off and running!!! Weeeeeee!!! I got very caught up in kicking butt for this challenge I haven't posed. Running - Going awesome!!! I can now run 4.5 miles!!! Sugar - No sugar - Check! (except for birthday's and last week on the 4th) Meditation - Well I haven't been doing this. But while I'm running I'm definitely in a zoned out meditative state. It's quite lovely! I hope everyone is still achieving awesomeness!!!
  4. Past weekend update, Plus yesterday's: Jogging - I didn't have time to go jogging. And Saturday I was very busy relaxing at the pool with some friends. Which felt wonderful so I was a-ok with that! Sugar - I had a birthday party to go to and golly it would just be rude not to eat a piece of birthday cake. So I had sugar, and it was delicious! Meditate - I didn't meditate this weekend. I want to start doing Moon Salutations, so I printed out a little how to. Planning on doing it tomorrow. BUT here's the coolest thing! Yesterday I FREAKING DID IT! I JOGGED 4 MILES!!! That was my goal fo
  5. Yea I've never heard of Moon salutations before, so nope never done them. You like them? That's cool I'm thinking I'll like them too. Haven't done it yet, but it's on my to do list!
  6. You are stronger than you think you are. Most definitely. You are achieving so much and you show you have control over the things you have control over...look at all your CHECKS!
  7. Thank you! Boy you said it, starting up is the hardest step! Way to go getting more in touch again. Yeppers, we can do this I've been reading through people goals and a lot of people are talking about doing sun salutations. I think I'll incorporate this into my meditation to help me out. ...Well I like to meditate at night right when the bats start to come out, so I'll do the moon salutations.
  8. I love it! ...Lo and behold! Yep, you are right, I have to get back into that...waking up early on a Saturday and saying hello to the day.
  9. Confession - I've never tasted Nutella. I know, I know! Have I been living under a rock?!? My fear is once I taste it I'll become instantly addicted to it! Ha! I'll want it with and on everything. Here's my new found thought with this Nutella debacle, sparked by this challenge and your post... I'm doing no sugar for my challenge, and after the challenge my hope is my love towards Candyland and all things chocolate will become more 'in check', more mindful. After the challenge is over, I'm totally making this recipe and am going to be mindful of not eating the whole pan in one sitting. It ca
  10. You saved a turtle!!! Yayyyyyyy!!! I saved a baby rabbit from one of my cats this weekend. Isn't it fun to save wild animals. We might be at the top of the food chain, but we really do care so much about our fellow creatures. Oh buggers about the dark chocolate covered almonds When it hits you that fast and you feel that yucky, it can't be a good thing. Boo.
  11. Hello there incredible one! You are doing amazing. You are taking one day at a time, and doing it with pride and strength. Bravo! I'm sure when you step in and out of bed you might not feel that, but you are. You are quitting smoking at a time like this with your mother. Again, Bravo! and again, serious strength behind that. While I was reading through all this it was like I was reading a 'can't put me down' kind of novel. 'Is she still going to be writing CHECK next to no smoking?' Keep reading to find out! 'How is her Mom doing?' Keep reading to find out! I am proud of you and you keep
  12. Update! I'm jogging, I'm lifting, I'm meditating, I'm not eating sugar. My check off calendar I made and My Wonderful Goals app keep me focused and helps a lot! It's fun pushing myself beyond my normal means.
  13. Happy to hear your spine is fine. That makes things less scary for sure! Enjoy your cortisone shot, that make things feel happier too I hope! Sounds like a very interesting and entertaining story with lots of twists and turns. That blows my mind you can write something like that! Way to go! Keep on keepin' on. You are doing great!
  14. Full week 1 under the belt!!! Hope everyone is having fun and kickin' some booty with their goals! I'm super excited to see how I feel after all this. Groovy bonuses thus far; I have more energy, I have a new pair of running shoes (which I love - Mizuno's), I feel really good about myself. That having goals in your head is one thing but actually seeing myself achieve these goals everyday is fantastic. Seeing the action behind the vision, very cool! Gives a great sense of gusto, passion and pride. What are some groovy bonuses you all have noticed with your goals?
  15. That pose looks, well, very hard!!! Great job on doing it. I'm happy to hear the 4 pops in your shoulder was a good thing! Goodness! ...My sister is very much into yoga and I'm totally going to show her this and have her do it. All those pretzel type moves blow my mind! Way to go!!!
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