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  1. Woah, a week already. My bad. Anyway, not doing too bad workout-wise. Been sticking with bodyweight movements only, focusing on band chinups, pushups, pistol squat progressions, and getting in about 5 minutes of practice on handstand and frog holds. One thing I've noticed is that bodyweight definitely keeps you humble - having worked with barbell movements for so long, it's a little frustrating to realize how bad I am at basic balancing. However, since this is a warriors challenge, I may bring back barbell squats, deadlifts and bench press, going super light and easy, one day per week, and keep working on bodyweight stuff the other two days. My back is definitely feeling much better, but I don't want to jump in too fast just yet.
  2. With the handstands, are you doing Chris Salvato's progression? Just curious because I know he recommends 5 mins/day.
  3. Like, the inside of the store? Please tell me you have video. That would be awesome.
  4. I'm sorry about all the stress. But man, it sounds like you are just taking the best attitude about it, and working on kicking the emotional eating habit is huge! Seriously, great job so far!
  5. haha, thanks! I'll keep that in mind if things get worse! However, after being really tight and in some pain yesterday, the chiropractor got me in right away in the afternoon. Luckily, she thinks it's just a case of a basic alignment issue, and did this 10 minute readjustment session, which mostly consisted of pulling on my arms and legs in weird ways. We talked about the best postured to take while sitting, standing, and laying in bed, and she gave me a couple basic stretching recommendations. The only bad news is that I have to cut my weight load down by at least 50% for what will mostly be the duration of this challenge. However, she also emphasized that it would be just as bad to cease exercising entirely. So, I've decided to focus only on bodyweight exercises until at least the end of the challenge, so that any extra stress from added weight won't be an issue. Guess maybe I should have joined the Assassins, if I'd known then what I know now. Today's workout was the first since messing up my back on Saturday. Took it real easy. Started with slow warmup movements - slow jumping jacks, shoulder dislocations, bird/dog and cat/camel movements, etc. Main set: Full chest-to-ground pushups: 2x2 Assisted chinups with red 1-inch band 3,5,4 Negative chinup, 20 seconds down Supinated flexed-arm hang, 20 secs Chest-to-bar incline pushups (bar was at about knee height) 10,8,8 Definitely concentrated on breathing and keeping my core nice and tight throughout both exercises Pistol Squat work - Basically 1-leg box squats where I lower myself down to a bench until thighs are parallel to the floor, then come back up 4x5, each leg Beginner's Back bridge 3x60 secs - Not too hard, but starting off real slow with these. Goal right now is to go to 2 minutes. Finished off with some grip work - hanging from a thick bar, three times, for 40 secs. Did a lot of slow, deep stretching afterwards. First time in a long time I can remember leaving the gym more energized and relaxed than when I came in. Not a bad first recovery session.
  6. Iceland?? Holy crap that's awesome! Just don't get hit from an exploding volcano.
  7. Love your food goals. It's amazing how often emotions are wrapped up with eating. Looking forward to seeing what you discover!
  8. Um, the way you've been going, I definitely think you'll be ready for that race!
  9. This sounds perfect! I messed up my back this weekend, so this challenge is all about recovery and stretching.
  10. Been gone for the past few challenges, but feel like this is the perfect time to come back. This is also my first time as a Warrior - spent all my previous challenges as a Ranger, but since I love picking up heavy things above all else, this is where I belong for now. Anyway, I'm starting off this challenge angry - mostly at myself. When I was first getting into weightlifting, about a year and a half ago, I attempted a front squat without utilizing proper form, and strained something in my back. It was painful for a couple of weeks but I've had it under control for the most part since then - trying to use good form, warming up/stretching, and so on. Well, stupidly, over the past few weeks I've been getting lazy about warming up/stretching, and let my form get a little more sloppy than it should. This past Saturday, at the end of a 135 Romanian Deadlift - the heaviest I've ever gone - I felt a huge twinge in my lower back, and for the past couple of days it's definitely been uncomfortable. Bending over, for example, is painful. So, all my previous thoughts for goals have gone out the window. Instead I'll try to take some inspiration from Batman - even he had his back broken and had to recover. Ultimate goal - get down to 22% bodyfat (currently at around 28%) 1st goal - Do all the stretches Got an appointment with the chiropractor today, and whatever the diagnosis is, I'll apply her advice religiously. I've also got Al Kavadlo's stretching book, and am ordering Supple Leopard today, and will focus on reading those and applying the stretching and recovery exercises they recommend. These are things that will probably need to be done everyday. 2nd goal - It's all about the diet Since I probably won't be able to do as many of the traditional exercises I was planning (heavy squats, deadlifts, etc.), and my ultimate goal revolves around leaning out, this means I need to zero in on my diet even more. The goal here is to eat paleo 90% of the time, with room for one cheat meal per week. 3rd goal - Incorporate more bodyweight movements When Bruce Wayne had to recover, he didn't have access to his traditional training methods, and he had to think about his back problems. So he used bodyweight exercises! I've been getting closer and closer to being able to do chin-ups, so I'll continue to concentrate on those, along with pushups, planks, and so on. If I'm told by the doctor that weighted squats and deadlifts are out, I'll focus my work on pistol squats. Life goal - Don't stress That's pretty much it. I'm bummed about the fact that I probably won't get to move heavy weights, but this whole challenge is focused on keeping recovery first. Someday I'll be able to go back to heavier weights, and being healthy is most important, so why stress about everything else? On any journey to better health I'm bound to hit a few bumps in the road, and the key here is to not let myself get completely derailed. The Bane of my back problems will get conquered as long as I work consistently at it.
  11. Monday, November 25: 9:00 am: Large coffee, black 2:00 pm: Large piece dark chocolate 4:30-5:45 pm: Training: Squats, Overhead Press, Deadlift, Band Pull-ups, 1500m Rowing 6:30 pm: Two large bowls of homemade turkey soup with squash and vegetables (no noodles) 7:30 pm: Homemade sweet potato fries I've been playing around more with intermittent fasting, and really liking it. About once or twice a week there'll be a day where I'm just not hungry until later in the evening, and so far there seem to be only benefits. So I'll probably keep doing this for the foreseeable future.
  12. Hey guys - sorry about disappearing for awhile. I've been following, but just got sidetracked with life and didn't reply. Gonna be a better accountability buddy from now on! I fell off the wagon too for a couple of days, and then told myself that the only way I am allowed to have non-whole30 foods on Thanksgiving Day is if I am super-good from now until Thursday. So today there was german chocolate cake, donuts, and pumpkin bread in our kitchen at work, and I had a couple pieces of dark chocolate instead. So I hear you guys on how it can get frustrating. We can do this thing, though!
  13. So, um....oops. Missed the first two weeks - I have been keeping up with people, but failed to update. My bad. So, real quick recap: Whole30 is going okay. Started the month out at 148, and got down to 143 last week. Fell off the wagon a few days last week and had some oreos and milk on several days, so Sunday's weigh-in was at 145. Back at it this week, except for giving myself a break Thanksgiving Day. Been doing good on workouts. Conditioning: big 'ol fail the first two weeks. Gonna change that starting today. Sleep: so-so. A couple of days missed, and others on track. Gotta be more consistent with this. So yeah, sorry again to everyone - got super-busy with work stuff and directing a show in my spare time, but that's still no excuse. Back to it, starting today!
  14. Yeah, the alarm one's big for me too. Subbed!
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