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  1. STILL HERE. Last week I reached 7% on the Everest challenge and completed Week 4 of the 5k trainer as well as completed my four lifting days. Revamping the diet a tweak.., realized I accidentally set my MFP to maintenance and not loss so OOPS on me.
  2. Upper body with #MBFA is done. It was heavily triceps and chest focused... Not sure how I'm going to wash my hair today. Afterwards it's a 20-minute cycle on Zwift but I forgot to check to see how far I've gotten on the Everest challenge. I will likely check tomorrow when I ride again after core day. I also have a goal to finish the whole lot of lava track in one go... in Zwift you can collect badges for completing routes. Oftentimes I don't have time to finish an entire route in a ride. But I bet I could do this one if I really wanted to someday soon. It's only 12.6 km.
  3. WHY IS THAT PHOTO SO BIG?! Also. Day Two early check in. LIFTING IS DOOOOOOOONE. It was leg day and I can barely stand and my butt is constantly twitching, so I decided my cycling days will be on NOT leg day. Leg day, hence forth, will just be Leg Day and Leg Day alone.
  4. H'ok. So on day one, I ran for 50 minutes and then did a 30 min lifting video. It felt really good... But that much treadmill running does get boring. Luckily it doesn't get too much longer with the current training program... I plan to try to do as much of the 10k trainer after this outside. Tomorrow is lifting and a 20 min cycle! I had a much protein as I could muster today. Shake, bar, meat with lunch and dinner... I snagged some more protein waffles and Nuts n More for snacks this week, too. Onward!
  5. LET'S GO!! kicking today off with a double cause I'm a totally sane person ... See you on the other side.
  6. Man I'd love to make something again but I just feel no creativity with KDB any more... But I DO drink a new beer every Twitch stream, so I keep something up at least in a small way. If I can get over my anxiety of feeling like the air outside my home wants to kill me and I can get to the liquor store... I'll see about making something. Maybe I could make a baking with beer video... And pay someone to edit it cause I still have two three year old videos I can't get myself to edit.
  7. Almost made it. Dang it. I'll give myself a C+ overall. On to the next one.
  8. I don't know that we are DYING necessarily. I've just been quiet and offline. This new work from home world means I'm even more online than ever and I kind of hate it.
  9. I'm trying again. I keep trying... I have a hard time logging in and checking in and checking in on others... I spend SO MUCH time online that it can be so hard to want to spend anymore on it... but I am going to try to keep up again. Goal #1: Lifting - Complete MBFA (Beachbody program) I enjoy the pace and how sore this program makes me, so I look forward to keeping it up. It's sort and effective and leaves me room to also get in a biking or running day. Goal #2: Biking - Complete 10% of the Everest Challenge on Zwift (I have no idea if this is possible, but I am go
  10. Still being consistent... but work has been so busy I haven't been doing much other than passively glancing at social media now and again before logging off all night... But the new workout routine seems good. New lifting program mixed with 2 bike days and 3 run days...
  11. HOW DID YOU KNOW. Yea, it's been snowing a bit. I need to ease back in before I go out, since I have had such a long break... but you know I'll be out there as soon as i can do a 5k again!
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