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    I know, I know. I'm late. And I'm REALLY stretching it with that title... I usually and more creative with my themes, but dang it... I'm lazy. Jenna Marbles is life. SO I'M ENGAGED. Exciting! Thrilling! Delightful! Also... now I have a wedding to plan for and it sounds like we're gonna be on a beach so we gonna need to be a bit more SUPERVISED. So what are we gonna do? Like... who's gonna supervise us? How we gonna get the results we lookin for? Listen. I'm a 34 year old woman. I got this. RUN 3x Per Week We have lots of races. We must do the running. Three times a week -- two temp runs and an endurance run. Looking to keep myself in the 13-14 minute mile range so I can work toward a PR in April for my half marathon next year. QUIT Eating Like an Asshole I spent some time working on my meal plan and wondering why the hell I was still not losing any weight. Yo, maybe it's cause I'm eating at maintenance... That could be a factor... So the goal is to vary my intake. For days I'm not working out, I stick to 1350 calories. For days I work out, 1800. My goal is to net 1350 calories a day for about one pound of weight lost per week. My ultimate goal is 150lbs, which not only looks good on me, but feels good and easy to maintain once the habits are built and my metabolism quits acting like a jerk. MAYBE Get Some Muscles Yeah hey, it's about time to come to the realization that just running ain't getting you where you wanna go. Let's do two other workouts a week. Like literally anything other than running. Cause you're all legs and literally nothing else. GET Your Stretch On Cause you need it, get your stretch on. Hips and calves are the focus, twice a day. You guys, that's basically it. Let's go.