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  1. I'm here! I'm back? Let's goooooo I don't want to make challenge that is too complex, but I need... Help. I'm the heaviest I've ever been, and my body is sore and tired and limited. I don't so much care about the number. I care that I can't do what I used to. That I'm tired all the time. That my mobility is starting to be limited. Work from home had changed my body so much. So much more sitting and staying glued to my desk than ever before. What are my goals? GET MY LIFE BACK 1. Get 6,000 steps in 5 days a week (slowly increasing over challenges hopefully!) 2. Mobility exercises 3 days a week. 3. Lifting 5 days a week. 4. Journal 5 days a week. It's a simple start but these are the things I need to make space for again and I need some accountability to help hold me to the fire.
  2. WEEK ONE CHECK INs GOAL 1: Walk (or under desk bike) 8k steps a day. Last three days we 6k, 6k, and 9k. I am trying to get to my 8k goal, but things in my personal life have been so crazy I am happy with the 6k days so far cause it's still more than my usual 2.5k GOAL 2: Lose 5% of my current weight (approximately 8-10 lbs) I will be weighing in on Wednesday. I'm hopeful I'm down even a pound or two from 179. I've been a lot more active, which I know can mean water retention at first, though. GOAL 3: Do one thing for myself, daily. This has been really hard. I've been doing my best to care for myself while also being there for my brother right now. We've hanging out more and helping him get things in order so I haven't honestly had much time to myself... I hope to do that tonight. GOAL 4: Go for two runs a week. I let myself sleep in today so I am hoping for a run after work if it's not too rainy.
  3. OH HAI. I haven't been around, so you haven't missed much lol I gained my divorce weight and never lost it again. And I am pissed because honestly nothing has changed. I eat out less, I still work out daily. I'm not running as much and work from home is hard to get movement in, but ugh is it 40 lbs worth of not moving?! I thought I'd try the slow dip in lol but I had to weigh in to be honest with myself with where I am at.
  4. WEEK ZERO BASELINE CHECK INs GOAL 1: Walk (or under desk bike) 8k steps a day. The last couple days I've been under 8k. Close on Tuesday, not as close Wednesday. It's been a hectic week, but I think I can make 8k or more when things start next week. Life will hopefully be less... messy. GOAL 2: Lose 5% of my current weight (approximately 8-10 lbs) Bleh. Ok. I weighed in and I hate it. 179.2. The literal heaviest I have ever been. I fucking hate this. I exercise every day, I don't eat terribly, and I'm still here. Literally 40 lbs heavier than just three years ago. God damnit. So for this goal, I need to lose 8.96lbs. GOAL 3: Do one thing for myself, daily. I didn't really get the time to do anything "for me" on Tuesday, but after a long night of cleaning house and supporting my brother through the mess he's in, we did have a nice family dinner around the table before we went home. It's been too long. Last night I went to bed early again to play some ACNH. Update next week and my island is still barely started! GOAL 4: Go for two runs a week. Planning on 2 miles Friday and 3 miles Saturday... That's the plan at least.
  5. WEEK ZERO BASELINE CHECK INs GOAL 1: Walk (or under desk bike) 8k steps a day. I got over my 8k yesterday. A combination of my workout, biking, and frantically helping my brother clean his house cause family drama is fun. I feel like if I can consistently get my work out in bike during meetings, and take a short after work walk this will be pretty manageable. Might even up to 10k if I see good consistency. GOAL 2: Lose 5% of my current weight (approximately 8-10 lbs) Honestly to track this I have to do the thing I hate the most lately and that is weigh in. I really, really don't want to... but to know progress here I have to. I'll try to do it before the end of the week and I will try to keep the self-talk kind and positive, but this one is incredibly hard for me. I'm ashamed of where I am at right now and I haven't weighed in for months - and I don't want to feel like I'm still where I was back then. Baby steps. GOAL 3: Do one thing for myself, daily. Yesterday there wasn't much time for me to do this with the family things going on, but I managed to play Animal Crossing in bed for a short while before lights out. Haven't taken the time to do that since Spring, so it was nice. GOAL 4: Go for two runs a week. No time for it so far - I would like to do it today, but cleaning the brother's place is on a timeline so I'll be there and hope I can get these in toward the end of the week.
  6. I'm certainly trying... Being scatterbrained with stress and life has made it nearly impossible to be consistent with check ins for accountability but I'm trying.
  7. I can't for the life of me stay on track and I have a honeymoon to prepare for. Do I want to look hot and feel comfortable in a bathing suit? Yes. Do I realize I will be walking 15k+ steps a day for a week when I have been barely walking 3k a day and I need to get my body ready for that? Also yes. Do I just plain need to lose some of this work from home weight so my body quit aching all the time? Also, also yes. GOAL 1: Walk (or under desk bike) 8k steps a day. I bought an under desk bike that isn't getting utilized. I also need to leave my house. Fresh air is good and the pandemic has made me essentially not go anywhere. I still don't go anywhere. But I need to move my body and I need to get sunshine and fresh air. GOAL 2: Lose 5% of my current weight (approximately 8-10 lbs) I started a program called Transform: 20 today that I'll be continuing through this challenge. I know a lot of my problem is that I don't move as much while working from home, but because if my busy life with work, home, kitten fostering, streaming, etc, I need to do a shorter more intense program to get back in shape and also get enough rest and balance. And this combined with the steps and run goal should get me to this goal. GOAL 3: Do one thing for myself, daily. I have been exceptionally bad at self care lately, and I need to change this. Whether is it time to read, stitch, or veg, I need to make sure I am doing one thing to care for my mental self as well as my physical self. You can't pour from an empty cup. GOAL 4: Go for two runs a week. IT'S ALMOST WINTER RUNNING SEASON! And while the goal here is to get back in shape, I also want to acclimate to the cooler temps to be able to take on my Frost Archer form again this year. I didn't acclimate last year and it made it so much harder to even want to run last year. But we're different now. LET'S DO THIS.
  8. Reporting in for day one! Tomorrow I start 645 with a group on Facebook so today I did a mobility stretching program to take an active break. The AQI was low enough that we could take the dog for a walk without being covered in smoke and smog. I also am cat sitting for neighborhood friends so I biked over and then took the scenic route home. Food was ok ... We did eat out for lunch because we had forgotten meal planning for today... But we should be good the rest of the week. Step goal is at 5,546 so I might pace around the house before bed to get 6,000 lol
  9. Joined a biking challenge as well, despite there being an air quality warning nearly every day lately and temps in the 90s with extreme humidity... It's currently orange outside and I'm considering my afternoon walk...
  10. I'm going to admit something finally. Despite working out nearly every day, I've gained nearly 20 lbs since last year when I dropped 13 at the beginning of Covid. I don't like how I feel or look. I'm tired more. I don't want to workout. I am so stagnant working from home that some days I barely get 1500 steps in. I want to change that. Now. Because I want to be energized again and excited by movement and feel like my body is capable of challenges again. I am the heaviest I have ever been in my life. But not the largest. So working out IS helping... But it's time to change. I can't wait to start 645 Monday. I am working on my meal plan today for the first week. Let's get back to that confident, strong, energized place again. I am going edit a couple goals cause I am realizing I need some different things...
  11. Your call has been answered in the order it was received.
  12. December 10th I head out to Florida for my honeymoon. We delayed the trip to be cautious about the pandemic, so right after the wedding, I just kinda quit... Not great meal planning, not great workout schedule... But I want to change that. I want to sport a bikini I am comfortable in at the resort, not one I am trying to hide in. I want to be a hottie at the swim up bar, and feel STRONG and CONFIDENT in my skin again. Project Honeymoon has the following goals: EAT BETTER: Track food in MyFitnessPal I have been eating decent enough, but still heavily relying on carb and eating far too little protein. I need to get back to being mindful of what I consume, and tracking what I eat so I can reevaluate my dietary needs and get things back in balance. Track food in MyFitnessPal again MOVE MORE: 6,000 Step Goal Sitting at home and working has been great. But it means I move WAY less than I did at an already sedentary job. I sometimes only get 1500 steps in. My kitchen is 10 feet away. My bathroom is 15 feet away. I've gotten SO immobile that even though I eat ok and work out daily, I've gained my 15 pounds back that I lost at the start of the pandemic. Unfortunately it has be SO hot here. My lunch time walks have been hard to get in, but I need to start even just using the treadmill in the basement if that is what I can get in. 6,000 steps may not seem like a lot, but it is double what I get in most days, lately. If I can get to 6,000 in this challenge, we'll up it! BUILD MUSCLE: Start 645 Phase 1 I needed a new program to motivate me and I know 45 min will be hard with how tight my morning schedule already is... but I need it. Lifting with functional strength and movement... So I am taking on the new BeachBody program, 645. TRY TO RUN: 1 at least 3 Mile Run a Week I'd really like to get ONE run in a week. The heat makes it hard, but I miss it and I need to make it a goal. I want to run a half marathon this year, but I haven't run in MONTHS. So I have to start again. Again... It's been like starting at day one 8 years ago every time I lace up. But I want to be strong by winter so this Frost Archer can go kick some winter trail butt.
  13. Round up for yesterday! It was upper body and then a mile walk with the dog. My husband's grandmother passed away, so he has been home for a few days and it's been nice to go for a walk together before the day is too warm. Food was ok - a bit carb heavy as we are still working through some comfort foods that were sent after the passing, but it's been nice to not have to think about food and also not have to eat out.
  14. I'll start out with today! It was hard to get out of bed. I managed to get Full Body Tempo done and a mile dog walk before work. Foods been ok, but I had a little treat after lunch of leftover Hershey minis. Lunch was an edamame salad with feta and cranberries and currently dinner will be leftovers. I'd like to get more movement in tonight but I have stream at 5pm, so I'm not sure I'll get much done before then, since I am working a little later than planned.
  15. Thank you, friend!!! We get Hello Fresh... but I am in a spell of being SO food bored and not wanting to prep on weekends and Door Dash is so easy...
  16. I probably should have tagged this Ranger, huh. Welp.
  17. You know, it's just like me to want to start something in the middle of a current challenge, But you know what? Who cares. I'm here. You're here. Let's do this. I'm currently working on trying to run 2-3 days a week, life 3-4 days a week and get a daily walk in. Working from home has meat WAY fewer steps... and despite being consistent in diet and exercise, that lack of movement means I haven't really seen much progress. So let's slap dash the next 14 days together and try to round this out: Goal 1: take a walk 5 days a week Goal 2: lift or run daily Goal 3: only one take out day a week
  18. *waves* gonna slip on in here and say hey.
  19. *waves* gonna slip on in here and say hey you're doing awesome.
  20. STILL HERE. Last week I reached 7% on the Everest challenge and completed Week 4 of the 5k trainer as well as completed my four lifting days. Revamping the diet a tweak.., realized I accidentally set my MFP to maintenance and not loss so OOPS on me.
  21. Upper body with #MBFA is done. It was heavily triceps and chest focused... Not sure how I'm going to wash my hair today. Afterwards it's a 20-minute cycle on Zwift but I forgot to check to see how far I've gotten on the Everest challenge. I will likely check tomorrow when I ride again after core day. I also have a goal to finish the whole lot of lava track in one go... in Zwift you can collect badges for completing routes. Oftentimes I don't have time to finish an entire route in a ride. But I bet I could do this one if I really wanted to someday soon. It's only 12.6 km.
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