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  1. it's become apparent I can't hack this challenge... I just need some mental space right now. We'll take a break and return next go.
  2. ♪♫‘Cause therealkat is STRONG AS HELL.♪♫ BASIC GOALS - keep shit up to get faster and stronger! And now it’s time to lay down the rules! HEALTHY EATING! 21 Day Fix meal plan. I just… want to reclaim my ownership of food. Husband cooks nearly all the meals and I miss making things. It makes me feel like I have no desire to eat. MENTAL EXERCISE! Duolingo 15 minutes a day. Practicing German has made me happy lately. So I am going to make it a goal to try to keep it up because do more of what makes you happy right? PHYSICAL EXERCISE! Continue the run/walk streak. Also working on 21 Day Fix again. FITNESS SIDE QUEST!! Reach 200,000 Steps during this challenge. LIFE SIDE QUEST: Prevent Bunker Madness The house is driving me effing nuts. So here is to making a cleaning routine and doing something about it. Get that shit cleaned up and get things off to donation. Week 0 - Bathrooms (up and downstairs) Week 1 - Kitchen Week 2 - Bedroom Week 3 - Living Room Week 4 - Laundry Room LET’S DO THIS! This is, uh, gonna be a, uh, fascinating transition. ♪DAMNIT!♫