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  1. therealkat

    therealkat :: Massive Chalice Year 0-49

    WEEK 3 - DAY 1 CADENCE ATTACK - 150 Min Yoga Got home late, but still got in Les Mills BodyComabt #69 Express. It was new to me and it was a big challenge on the legs, but I loved it. No run yet -- tomorrow. Logged my food -- trying to stick to a 21 Day Fix type balance to make sure I'm hitting all of the food groups. It went well yesterday. DRANK ALL THE WATER! I had a ton of water and tea. I've been switching to tea after 2 cups of coffee and it's been going ok. I just like warm beverages....... No Personal Devlopment and No Yoga.
  2. therealkat

    therealkat :: Massive Chalice Year 0-49

    And shocker of all shockers... I immediately dropped 5 pounds in the first week I started. It's like putting in more effort with the things you love make a difference or something... I look forward to going home and punching and kicking things. I'm actually disappointed tonight is my rest night lol.
  3. therealkat

    therealkat :: Massive Chalice Year 0-49

    WEEK THREE SET UP THE CADENCE HAVE ATTACKED! Bulwarks – DEX – 17 HP – 70% Success Rate Needed – Lose 2 Heroes if Lost – Gain 1 CONS if Won I rolled 7 - so my additional battle is to complete 150 Minutes of Yoga over 7 Days.
  4. therealkat

    therealkat :: Massive Chalice Year 0-49

    WEEK 2 - DAY 3-7 CADENCE ATTACK - NONE SO! As I stated. I gave myself through Thursday to recover -- I won't take a hit on any points those days due to illness that was out of my control and honestly felt like death was waiting outside for an invitation. So how did Fri, Sat and Sun go then? Not bad. Friday I caved in and got a subscription to Les Mills OnDemand again. I have... personal bitterness toward Les Mills because my ex husband's unhealthy obsession with his fitness started here and it killed our marriage in a slow, painful way. BUT I realized I've been longing for it. I LOVED it when we had it. BodyCombat makes me feel so god damned good that I can't WAIT to get home and do it. So... because I've been struggling to find my mojo, I tried it. And I dove right in to an hour long MMA workout and I LOVED IT. I was exhausted about half way through, but still energized enough to finish. Not wanting to over do it, I took Saturday off, and did another on Sunday. I logged my food (though not on MFP, another new thing I'm trying...), made a meal plan, and got my water in 2 of the three days. I think this coming week will be awesome.
  5. therealkat

    therealkat :: Massive Chalice Year 0-49

    Ha! Yeah... I only say idiot originally for myself because I felt it coming on and I was like "BUT I HAVE TO GET 7 MILES IN I'M ALREADY BEHIND!" and at mile 3 I was like "I should stop I don't fell well" and then at 5 I was like "no, really, like... I feel really shitty" and at mile six I was like "am I being dumb? I'm being dumb. I am so weak and slow and I have a fever... go home..."
  6. therealkat

    therealkat :: Massive Chalice Year 0-49

    WEEK 2 - DAY 1-2 CADENCE ATTACK - NONE Ok, so I hardcore had the flu and still ran 6 of 7 miles on Sunday like an idiot (warrior) and so I'm giving myself the first three days of this week because there is literally NOTHING I could have done to move any limb on my body the last few days. It was awful. Today will be my last recovery day and I hope to get back to everything Thursday. Yes, I DID beat the Cadence last week. I needed a 60% of goal to pass and I damn near reached the full goal, so GO ME. +1 Strength to my stats! 48,469/50,000 steps. Ok. So... that's all I have for today. Healing is important. More workout to be more better soon.
  7. I’ve been yearning for a challenge to actually challenge me for a while. My motivation has been lacking and my interest waning. So, based on the game Massive Chalice, I’ve developed a 7 challenge series that will hopefully get me back on track and back to kicking butts and writing names in an alphabetical list. It’s gonna be fairly complex… So strap in and hold on to your butts. In Massive Chalice, you need to manage fending off the Cadence from taking over all the regions on your map with Heroes you train. You also need to manage researching items (to increase stats, strengthen armor, train heros, etc), population growth (cause you can’t keep battling if all your heroes are dead), and in-game battles. All of this is going to happen over 300 years – you see, it takes the Massive Chalice 300 years to power up for the Final Battle against the Cadence. Your role as the Immortal Ruler is to make sure the society lives long enough to get there. In each challenge, I will manage the growth and development of my regions. There are 10 regions total in the game – on them you need to build Keeps (where you can marry heroes and turn them into rulers to *ahem* create more heroes), Sagewright’s Guilds (to increase your ability to research and increase stats and armor), and Crucibles (to send your heroes to train at higher ranks at). Sagewright’s Guilds and Keeps remove heroes from being able to battle. You can send up to 5 heroes into battle any time the Cadence attack. You can see how this gets a little complex, yea? I’m going to manage building the regions, getting heroes, and even battling Cadence to keep the land from being turned by the Corruption. Would you believe the game is even more complex because it has even more components to it that I have here? Yeah. It’s hella fun. As I set up each challenge, I will decide what each of my 5 goals will do if I achieve it at a decided percentage rate or higher. I will have to be strategic in what I choose, because everything will lead up to the FINAL BATTLE and I will have to have enough heroes left to defeat the Cadence and let the Chalice do its thing saving the land. The Cadence will attack once a week based on a heads or tails flip of a coin. Heads, they attack. Tails, they don’t. I can only lose to the cadence 3 times per challenge, otherwise one of the regions is lost to the Corruption. If the Cadence attack, I will randomly draw the challenge for the week and the specific breed of Cadence I am up against to determine what percentage completion will mean a win for me. Each type of Cadence has a different gauge, as some are stronger than others. Here’s where it gets EVEN MORE COMPLEX. Each Cadence also has a reward attached to it. I also have stats rolled for my base Wisdom, Strength, Constitution, Intelligence, Charisma, and Dexterity. Based on my rolls and any stats gained in previous challenges, I can decrease the percentage each Cadence attack takes to defeat by 0.25% per stat point. I will GAIN or LOSE thing based on winning the battles with the Cadence. I can also LOSE HEROES if I fail – and if I lose too many, I can’t battle the Cadence with no army! Ok, I think that’s as complex as we’re gonna get for now. I could do more, but hey… someone has to track this all, still. Here is the breakdown or things that can occur or in-challenge events: WEEKLY CADENCE ATTACK & CONDITIONS Filp a coin – Heads attacks, Tails does not Roll to determine which Cadence breed is attacking TYPES OF CADENCE, STAT TIED TO IT, HP, SUCCESS RATE, WIN, LOSS Seeds – NONE – 14 HP – 55% Success Rate Needed – Lose 1 Hero if Lost – Gain 1 INTL if Won Lapses – CHAR – 15HP – 60% Success Rate Needed – Lose 1 Hero if Lost – Gain 1 STR if Won Ruptures – CONS – 16 HP – 65% Success Rate Needed – Lose 2 Heroes if Lost – Gain 1 WIS if Won Bulwarks – DEX – 17 HP – 70% Success Rate Needed – Lose 2 Heroes if Lost – Gain 1 CONS if Won Wrinklers – WIS – 18 HP – 75% Success Rate Needed – Lose 3 Heroes if Lost – Gain 1 DEX if Won Cradles – STR – 19 HP – 80% Success Rate Needed – Lose 3 Heroes if Lost – Gain 1 CHAR if Won Twitchers – INTEL – 20 HP – 85% Success Rate Needed – Lose 4 Heroes if Lost – Gain 5 Heroes if Won CADENCE ATTACK TASKS – Roll to determine which is used 1. 350 Kettlebell Swings Over 7 Days 2. 30,000 Steps over 7 Days 3. 300 Burpees over 7 Days 4. 400 Kettlebell Cleans Over Days 5. Run 15 Miles Over 7 Days 6. 5 DareBee WODs over 7 Days 7. 150 Minutes of Yoga over 7 Days 8. Reach 10 flight stair goal 5 out of 7 GOAL ACTIONS AVAILABLE Build Keep (+5 Heroes) Build Sagewright’s Guild (+3 Wisdom) Build Crucible (+3 Strength) Refine Armor (+3 Constitution) Refine Weapons (+3 Dexterity) Refine Tacticle Skills (+3 Intelligence) Train New Heros (+3 Charisma) IMMORTAL RULER (hehe me) INITIAL ROLL STATS HEROS 10 CONSTITUTION 10 WISDOM 9 DEXTERITY +1 8 STRENGTH +1 9 CHARISMA 7 INTELLIGENCE 10